You Have To Understand


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Scene Title You Have To Understand
Synopsis Magnes calls on Abby and has her play messenger when she doesn't approve nor want to participate in his plan.
Date June 17, 2010

Central Park

Not wanting to stand up and talk for the whole time, when Magnes comes to the park with Abby, he brings a red checkered picnic blanket and lays it out under a large tree. But this is definitely no picnic, considering he brought no food with him, and simply leans against the tree in his black long-sleeved shirt with a Superman symbol on it, blue jeans, and old black sneakers. He stares over at her, sighing as he hunches slightly. "I spoke to Eileen, and apparently Rebel did hear us talking in my apartment, because a man named Rupert Carmichael, who's like Messiah's PR guy, called me over to his mansion to talk."

It would be a pretty scene, if either of them were sitting. Instead she too is standing, arms crossed and squinting at Magnes, sunglasses parked on top of her head, holding pink hair at bay. EMT uniform, ready for shift again but hair yet still down and not captured and intricately woven back, she's listening.

"Rupe Carmichael?" She's never heard of him before.

"I'm sorry Magnes, how did it go?" I mean, obviously you're not… you know, perished, since you're here in front of me" Her own cellphone was left in her car and magnes has chosen a pretty remote spot.

"He's against Messiah too, he's like me. He joined because they sold it as a good idea, and then they started this extremist stuff. He wants me to help take the group down from the inside out. The problem is trying to figure out how, which is why I spoke to Eileen." Magnes shakes his head, shrugging his shoulders helplessly. "She doesn't have an interest in destroying Messiah, she doesn't understand how dangerous they are yet. But she also made a good point that we can't start a war between both groups, that'd leave us all too vulnerable. She's going to meet with Rupert to make arrangements for the Ferry to co-exist, but that won't get rid of Messiah. Gabriel's also in the group, so there goes one of my trump cards."

He thumps his head against the tree once, just downright seeming stressed out. "My remaining options are limited at best, my last resorts are risky and I don't intend to go to those unless I absolutely have to. Messiah isn't something we can fight head on, I'm gonna need to go to Raith. Eileen was right about one thing, some people are probably going to have to die or this is never going to end, but I don't want anyone innocent getting in the way. I don't want anyone to die, but Messiah could kill thousands if we don't put an end to this…"

"So what exactly are you asking me to do Magnes? Give you permission to kill? Walk side by side with you to bring them down? Gabriel's in with them, Peter's in with them. Eileen is right, the Ferry won't fight a two sided war, and they have issues of their own that have nothing to do with Messiah and nor will they likely want to play patty cakes with them Magnes" She frowns, looking around.

"Rupert doesn't want this to turn into a bloody massacre, that's why we can't tell the government… I don't know what I'm asking you, but, I guess I'm just informing you, to hear your thoughts so I'm not just mauling this over in my head on my own." Magnes runs both hands over his face, shaking his head a few times. "We can't kill Peter, he'd just turn into a martyr and Messiah would be even stronger. We need to put together a team that can preemptively stop Messiah's attacks, and meanwhile try to find Gillian. When we have Gillian back, I'll need to use John Logan or someone with a similar ability, possibly even a telepath, and strike a devestating blow to the group mentally during a large meeting. That'll cause the group to fracture and destroy itself, if everything goes well… Failing that, if we can't find Gillian, we either take Peter and replace him with a shapeshifter, or alter his mind and cause him to slowly make the group lose faith in him…"

"I think magnes, you're mistaking me for a memeber of Teo's team taht he pulls together when he needs to apply boot to ass, or Eileen and her friends. I'm not the kind of person who forms a group and raids some unknown facility that is really dangerous to even think of doing, nor will I go near John Logan. I told you that I would ferry messages back and forth and be your pepper potts. Last I looked, pepper potts didn't go putting on the iron man uniform and fighting beside him. She was always telling him what a stupid idea stuff was and trying to get him to do what was right instead of harebrained"

"I guess that's kind of why I'm telling you all this, I'm feeling like Messiah's my responsibility and if I screw up a whole lot of people die. But at the same time, I don't wanna feel so hopeless that I instantly go to my very last resorts and pull a trigger that doesn't need to be pulled…" Then, something else registers in Magnes' head, and he raises an eyebrow. "And since when do you know anything about Iron Man? I'm a little surprised you're even aware of who Pepper Potts is."

"I've seen the movies" Not read the books. "And I have a laptop too, that can access google, but don't you go all crazy comic.. little kid giddy joy on me that I know that her real name was virginia and pepper was just a nickname. Magnes, you can't do this. I know you don't want to hear it, but this plan… this plan is crazy and you can't touch Peter. A shapeshifter? Really? Alter his mind? Nice to know you're so liberal with screwing with other people's minds Magnes with little regard for what that might do to them and their health much less mental stability"

"You think I like it? After getting my own memories altered god knows how many times, after Claire? Altering Peter's mind is possibly the least dangerous option we have. Sacrifice him to save the rest of our kind from whatever Messiah's actions could bring down on us. The sad thing is, Adam Monroe said a long time ago that I'd have to do something like this one day." Magnes leaves the geeking about Abby for later, sliding down until he's sitting on the blanket. "There's this person claiming to be Cardinal, he came into my apartment the other day. If I could find a way to confirm, I could possibly go to him…"

'You have got to be kidding, so you take advice from a dead man and the immortal who has questionable morals and pretty much nice things so that you end up owing him big time. Fabulous Magnes, just fabulous, you have such great taste in accomplices" Spoken by the woman who lives with the midtown man, has some pretty powerful names on speed dial that are questionable in motives and is asking a serial killers help for control.

"That is Cardinal Magnes." a shake of her head. "And screwing with a persons memories, is never an option. That you're thinking of it makes me not really like the person th-"

At that Hiro's eyes cut up toward Abby and he looks at her again directly this time. "Are you sure you want that changed? The man he becomes may be somebody that makes you hurt inside."

"I'm sorry, Abby. I have to consider everything, you have to understand, I just… can't let people die. But I promise, if this guy is Cardinal, I'll go to him. Hopefully Messiah hasn't gotten to him yet, and hopefully he's not as indecisive as Eileen. And fyi, I don't take Adam's advice, he's someone I tolerate for various reasons." Magnes watches her as she cuts herself off, starting to reach over before quickly pulling back. "I'm not much of a great person anymore, Abby. I don't like to compromise, but sometimes… sometimes I have to compromise my soul if there's no other way."

"No Magnes. You never need to compromise your soul" Subtle heat once more rising off her in all directions with a shake of your head. "Hiro was right, he was so right and I was stupid and naive back then. I'm passing messages Magnes, only that. I'm not participating or helping you plan out whatever plans you're going to do. Like I was when I healed, i'm neutral ground. Do you have anything else to say or is our picnic over?"

"I need you to tell Cardinal to stop by my place late at night, whenever he can, while my girlfriend's asleep." Magnes doesn't argue with her any longer, but he does give her a curious stare. "What was Hiro right about?"

"Something Magnes. I'll deliver the message to Cardinal. I need to go, before I ignite" Before he gets her really angry. "Try not to kill anyone or anything of that sort and be careful who you trust, even in Messiah Magnes. You never know" Really, that's what it boils down to. You never know.

"You know how you said you wouldn't do anything if you wouldn't be able to look your parents in the eye after? Well, I kind of feel that way about you… I don't feel comfortable making these sorts of choices without talking to you, because there's a line I don't wanna cross and I know what I and every other human are capable of when they get desperate." Magnes stands and starts collecting the blanket, watching as she begins to walk. "I just want you to be my anchor, Abby. I don't wanna lose myself in all of this, I don't wanna be a different person than my friends know."

"I'm the moral compass for a lot of people, but you magnes, it's not me you have to look in the eye and be okay with what you did" She pauses in her departure, looking over her shoulder.

'It's the people you kill, that you have to be able to look in the eye"

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