You Kick Like A Girl


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Scene Title You Kick Like A Girl
Synopsis Dinner turns to something else entirely, as Len and Tamsine wake up in bed the next morning.
Date November 3, 2009

Tamsine's Place

Morning comes with a gray light that slowly chases the darkness out of the room. Tamsine is curled on her side facing the window, one hand dangling off the bed, the other burrowed beneath the pillow — not the pillow her own red hair spills over, in a sharp contrast to the crisp linens. No doubt the fingers of that hand are asleep, beneath the weight of the head of the man who lies next to her. She makes a soft sound of near-waking, as the dim gray light makes itself known.

When the morning comes, Len can sense it. He's always had an internal clock that probes his mind whenever it's time for him to get up. Of course, on those days when he might have one too many beers, an alarm clock is his second best friend. His eyes blinking open, his heart almost skips a beat as it takes him a moment to recall where he is. The scent in the room is all Tamsine as he reaches up and covers his mouth as he yawns and turns to his other side, which would face him towards the center of the bed and allow his eyes to fall on the lovely woman in bed with him.

She isn't all that used to sharing her bed; she has had it to herself for so long, with a few nights' exceptions more recently. She stretches slowly, her small form lengthening, and that arm beneath his own pillow moving beneath his head. It takes her a moment to remember she isn't alone, and her breathing stops for a second before resuming. She slowly pulls her arm out from beneath his pillow, then rolls over so she can face him. "Well, hi."

Well, if the cowboy could blush, and it's entirely likely that he could, it would be this moment. He was actually rather content watching her back as she slept, but when she rolls over his breath is taken from him as it was the previous night. "Didn't mean to wake you. I was quite happy to just watch you sleep." His hand drifts across the bedding to interlaces his fingers with hers.

The redhead can blush, and it's rather evident when she does. "You didn't wake me. I still wake up at the crack of dawn, even though I don't really have to," she says, her usually high-ish voice a touch huskier with sleep. Her fingers curl around his and she smiles up at him. "Did you sleep all right? I didn't kick you too hard, did I?" The first few hours of sleeping with someone unfamiliar are difficult — once one actually is trying to sleep, and she tossed and turned a little, with whispered "sorries" each time she moved.

Len isn't a heavy sleeper, however, when he finally slept last night, he slept. "You kick like a girl." he teases her, also letting her know he was just fine. In fact, everything about what happened after dinner last night was fine. Unexpected, but nearly perfect. He lets is thumb brush over her hand as he watches her. He can't even recalled the last time he spent time in bed with a woman. Even most of the time when he was married, he was away from home. This all, while not entirely new, feels new to him.

"In this case, I'm glad," she says with a grin, and tilts her face to give him a light kiss on the cheek. "Can I make you some coffee, breakfast? There's fresh towels in the bathroom, feel free to use whatever non-girly smelling soap or shampoo you can find if you want to take a shower. I'm not going to make you late for work, am I?" She rambles a bit, nervous like the girl she seems to be, instead of the woman she is.

"A sandwich to take with me, perhaps?" Len is almost sheepish as he asks. "I have a drive ahead of me today, but perhaps I can come back…" He starts to say 'tonight', but he doesn't want to seem too… something, "this weekend, perhaps? I'll cook." he grins. He hasn't actually cooked a meal in a while.

She smiles. "That long of a drive?" she teases, since it's only Tuesday, and the weekend seems so far away. "That would be nice," she adds, sitting up and reaching for the short chenille robe she wears around the house. "Where are you going?" she asks, tilting her head curiously.

"I spend most of my time at a military facility, to be honest. I actually have quarters there." It's the most honest he can be about that at the moment. "But I've been thinking about getting a place in the city." Okay, so he has a place in the city, but some other woman lives there and he can't kick her out just yet. "For now, I just come into the city when I want something." Len pulls her hand towards his face and places a gentle kiss on her palm. "Though there is one more favor I could ask of you."

Tamsine listens, nodding though raising her brows a bit with curiosity at his words. "Nope. Only one favor allotted, and if you want your sandwich you can't ask for another," she teases, but her fingers trace his jaw as he kisses her hand. "What do you need?" she asks more somberly.

Len laughs, the bass in his voice chuckling as he shakes his head. At some point he's going to need to come clean with her about what it is he does. But for now, he's going to enjoy her warmth, her humor, her beauty. "To borrow your shower."

"That one doesn't count. I already told you you could," she says with a grin. "Just be careful with the hot water. When you go to the left it will be warm, then hot, then if you like it really hot — you're out of luck. If you go too far to the left, it gets cold again, even though you're clearly on the hot side. Old buiding." She shrugs. "So all I can offer you is steaming hot, but not piping hot." She smirks again, then kisses his cheek. "You go shower. I'll go make you some breakfast and a sandwich to go."

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