You Lost Me


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Scene Title You Lost Me
Synopsis Kojo questions Big R's logistics in the question about who would win the ultimate fight.
Date February 23, 2011

Studio K — Sound Booth C

The conversation with Big R and the rest set Kristen's wheels turning. November sweeps aren't that far away in production land and in order to get a jump start, she wants to talk to the man himself. Of course it's around noon, Smoov and his entourage should be milling around somewhere in the studio, either in the television studios or radio sound bouths. Smoov is multi-talented.

Having checked the studio warehouses already, the clip of Kristen's high heels can be heard coming down the halls of the booths. She's dressed up in a semi-professional looking grey chiffon skirt, and a pink knit top. An odd combination but the stylist was sure that this look is a big hit. She has her doubts. Oh well, it's not Xena armor at least.

Finally getting to the room assigned to Smoov and his entourage, she peeks in the window and waves to the former (and making a comeback) celebrity. She can't see Tic or Big R just yet, they might be getting coffee or playing a prank on Dirk, he's good for that sort of thing… or maybe they're making friends. Who knows. Regardless, she lets herself into the little room and quietly takes a seat in one of the chairs near Smoov.

"Anotha' day, anotha' million dollars. New York City, get up!"

The sound effects follow Smoov's voice immediately, a loud connecting sound like the sound of a car getting in a head on collision. Immediately pursued by a long monotone deep bass, which is gradually filled with a beeping like beat to give some consistency. The ambience grows until a shattering noise like broken glass goes out, followed by a deep voice growling,


"That's me time, New York City. You know I got love for you. See me this week, filmin' me new show. You see me in the club, you see me at the park, you come talk to me. You know I would not be extendin' that invitation to any other city in the world. New York City, the toughest, the most gorgeous city in the world. Show me love New York. And do me a favor show your neighbor love, yarra mean? Times are hard, but only in New York do we still be wearin' shirts wit' our 'earts right on em."

Smoov is leaning back in his chair, the red ON AIR sign blinking incessantly. When Kristen enters, a little finger wave is sent out from inside his booth. One headphone balanced on the side of his head while the other dangles on his shoulder. His ridiculously expensive sneakers are on top of his table as he speaks into his microphone, custom adjusted ot be near his laid back and lounged mouth. A light smile is given to Kristen before he continues.

"Let me close you out strong, my people. By remindin' you what we can do as a people with just these two hands. This is Two Hands by the late, great, my personal friend, Vincent King. Rest in peace Shard." His hand flings forward, pressing something before his head phones are thrown off. Another switch is flicked before he waves Kristen in.

"How it is, boss-man?" The Jamaican asks with a light smile playing on his features. "What can I do you for?"

"I was looking for Big R originally but seeing you in action…" The producer smile and pitta-pats a flat palm hand over her heart, like fangirl appeal. "The show sounds good, Kojo." The added compliment is made with a small adjustment to her seat, making it just a little lower so she can reach the lower bar near the foot with her heel.

"So… I do have something to ask you though. When are you doing edits for your show?" A slight rise of one eyebrow makes her look a bit mischeivous, the ulterior motive in the question quite plain. "Annnnd~ what are the chances of me convincing you not to put me on the air?" A Studio K production, but his contract is fairly air-tight. Tic made sure of it. Kristen is not allowed to interfere in the editing room. Thank god this isn't the editing room.

"Big R?" Smoov's brows raise up in a somewhat shocked manner. Who ever wants to talk to Big Ruff. "There a problem? He doesn't like just stompin heads for no reason." He explains trying to sound a little gentle in case that's exactly what Kristen had planned. "He don't really like fightin' no more. But.. Have you seen 'is videos?" His feet leave the desk, going to plop on the ground. His wheelie chair scooted forward a little bit as he turns to face the laptop on the desk. Without waiting for Kristen's answer he starts typing. Though it's clear that Smoov isn't an excellent typist. He has to consistently look at the keys then back up to the screen. Back and forth. Finally he types it in.

Scooting back some he beckons for her to come to his side of the desk. As to her request, it causes the side of his lips to yank up in a lopsided manner. "You need to ask Tic that. As far as I knew the show was airin' in the Summer but… That's your job, innit? Tic would know. He's gettin' lunch, I reckon. Big R went to see 'is lady." Smoov leans back in his chair as he waits for her. "What are the chances of you telling me where you were goin' in all that mess? And what are the chances of you tellin' me when you're going to be dressed that way again?" He smiles mischeivously as well. She has her answer right there.

Sucking a hiss between her teeth at the mention of Tic, Kristen puckers her lips off to the side, letting them squeak just a touch as she round the corner of the desk. Rather than taking a chair there, she leans back against the large piece of furniture, a foot or so away. Not so close as to invade persnoal space, not so far as to discourage friendly conversation. Space is an art. "There's no problem. I just talked to him a little last night and I wanted to see if he was interested in meeting with some writers about a holiday special." She's really not trying to scoop the big man from Smoov's employ, just letting him branch out.

"As for where I was going… that is going to stay a secret." Her lips quirk into the same lopsided smile as his and she raises her chin just a touch as if to say 'gotcha~'. It's lowered almost immediately when she turns her head toward the laptop, curious to see what he's typing or pulling up. "I'll let you know when I wear it again though, it's the least I can do."

"Writin'?" Smoov arches his brow a bit at Kristen. "Alright.. Well if 'e'n want to.." He gives a little shrug. "Man 'as a lot on his plate. But if he wants to 'elp you out I aint got no problems with it." Back to the laptop. Click. A video begins to play. One of the men is Big R, fighting another man in a backyard. There are plenty of curse words and yelling. Smoov smirks up to her as she leans against it, "This screen aint so big to see from." Scooting a little back in his wheelie chair. "Y'can probably see better if y'sit 'ere." Gesturing to his lap, his attention goes back to the video.

"Well then I probably can't help you with the whole editin' thing. My bad, shorty." A little smile twinkling before back at the video. "Watch this part, this part…" He points a little excitedly as Big R ducks under the other mans punch and bam. "Good Lord, I love that part. Now y'got to wait til the end. Look at his eye. Look at his eye." His own hands come up to cover his own eye.

"Maybe I'll have Dirk talk to Tic then, if you can't help me." It's a great threat against the thin man, all she has to do is make sure that Big R is otherwise occupied. Dirk has a pretty girlie scream, he can probably deafen the Tic before any real damage is done. Besides… he lived through cannon hands.

Letting the subject drop, she pushes to a stand and pivots to face the screen. Not sitting in Smoov's lap but standing a little off to the side of his chair. Her arm rests at the top of the headrest as she leans a little closer, trying to see the OH!! There's a little scream from the producer at Smoov's favorite part and she ducks her head around to hide her eyes.

Hiding his own face, he quickly reaches forward to close the laptop. Then back to guard his face. Slowly they drop down to reveal a large grin on his face. "Unbelievable, right? Hard to think Big R used to do things like… that." Pushing the laptop away a little, Smoov glances up to Kristen. "Tic doesn't like Dirk." Kojo arches an eyebrow at her. "Tic also gets angry fast." One hand goes up to poke gently at his lips.

"Why would you do that to 'im?" Smoov turns some in his chair to peer at her. "He's the stubborn kind. You won't win this fight."

Kristen stares at the wall until she's certain the images are gone, her chin lifted in a way that it makes her look like she's considering a new paint job for the star's room. "Tic doesn't like me either," she muses, mostly to herself but loud enough for Clark to hear. "Besides, I think Dirk likes the challenge. He's a little odd." An understatement.

urning her head to look down at Kojo, she gives him a little smile and nods. "Anyway— yeah. Big R doesn't have to meet with the writers, it's just an offer. He made a relly good arugment last night about why Buffy would win against vampire Santa Claus and zombie Easter Bunny. By the way… Why was he carrying a giant stuffed animal around the studio? Did you guys go to a fair or something last night?" Maybe the question would sound more like 'why didn't I think to go?'

Kojo reaches over to his desk, his candy dish reached into. A small handful of jelly beans are retrieved before dropped into his mouth. Peering up at her over his mouthful his brows crease some. Vampire what. "Would Santa Claus' elves be vampires? I don't know if Buffy could beat 'im. He has an organized operation. Defences. Getaway reindeer if the battle went south." A little shrug is given. "Big Ruff doesn't think about logistics."

"Tic likes you." Smoov disagrees rather quickly. "Tic likes who I like. And I like you." The word is leaned onheavily as he leans back in his rollie chair. A mischeivous smile cropping up his lips. As far as the bunny goes. Kojo's answer is. "Hmm?"

"Santa's elves are a half demon horde. Let's saaaayyy… Oh! They're Kailiff demons, from Angel." Kristen's challenge to Kojo in the new scenario comes with a large smile attached. This time, she swivels his chair in order to sit on the right arm. "So you have one vampire slayer teamed up with a zombie rabbit who turns on her during the fight with Santa Claus. Go."

Angling her chin to gaze down at Smoov, K shakes her head slightly disagreeing with his disagreement. "Tic doesn't like me. I know these things. Probably because of that whole— renegotiating your contract thing that never happened." The one that suggested Kojo make public appearances with her at almost every opportunity. "What are you doing for dinner?"

"Your woman's intuition is wrong on this one, sweetheart. Trust me. Tic got nothin' but love for you." He counters. And it seems like he's going to give this thing up. He tilts his head thoughtfully at the new scenario. "Well the elves would ride in on reindeer in an aerial assault. She would have trouble with that, but she could 'andle it. The zombie rabbit would take her off guard. She would be in trouble. Be close to dyin' really… But then of course, her one true love would show up. Revitalizin' her with a kiss of great passion and she would find the strength she needed to take them all on."

As she sits his hands go to steeple in front of his chin. Smoov tilts his head to the side at her, half smiling. At the question about dinner the smile becomes sly once again. "Hopefully?" He asks, letting out a little bit of a laugh.


She chokes at the answer and lets out a soft laugh, shaking her head while rolling her eyes. "Seriously, Kojo," her voice is a little shaky with nerves but she manages to keep her cool exterior. "I was trying to be discreet about asking you to join me." Then he turned the question around and flustered her. Awkward~

"Elves don't get the reindeer," she says, trying to save face after her little falter. "Okay the kiss from her one true love; would that turn Angel into Angelus and would he join forces with Santa Claus before betraying Santa and taking over the South Pole?"

"I'd love to join you." Kojo shoots back with a bright smile. "If'n you wear your armor." Slinking out of his chair, he goes to straighten fully. Eyeing her for a long moment about the reindeer and Angelus and bla bla bla… "You lost me after kiss, darlin'." Smoov's hand climbs up to give her cheek a little pat pat. And with that he's stepping away, "When should I pick you up?" He asks, waiting at the door.

"Seven o'clock, my place," Kristen says with a small smile as she slips off the chair and comes to a stand. Brushing her hands down the front of her skirt, she smooths it and then lifts one eyebrow in a sly expression all her own. "The armor is— negotiable."

With that, she twists on one heel and clips out of the sound booth, leaving the former star alone.

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