You Lost My Respect.


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Scene Title You Lost My Respect.
Synopsis Magnes find Abby to apologize and there's a heart to heart that follows.
Date April 24, 2019

Brooklyn - Dean Beauchamps House

Where's Abigail! Is she… at work? Nope!

Is she… at home? Nope!

Is she at … Old Lucy's? Nope!

It's like a game of where's spot only instead of a dog, it's a real live human being. Eventually though, Magnes succeeds much like the mother dog in the storybook. Just that she's in Brooklyn, coming out of her fathers townhouse instead of hiding in a laundry basket. Blonde hair blowing in the breeze scatters curls here and there, making the cardigan she's wearing flutter, and draw it closer around her. Oblivious to her stalker.

A wild few hours with Isabelle can clear a guy's mind, and he's had more than enough time to think about his actions a few weeks ago. Magnes still hates Deckard, he still wishes he could break the guy in half, but it was no reason to yell at Abby and ruin her entire night. He finally finds her though, seeing her come out of the townhouse just as he arrives, swooping down about five feet in front of her like Superman or some other idol from ten years ago. "Abby, I've gotta talk to you. Will you give me a few minutes?" he asks, sounding rather apologetic, no cigarette in his mouth today.

It's a look that frankly in his life so far that Magnes has never seen from the blonde in regards to him. "Give me a damned good reason why I should Officer Varlane" Not 'Magnes' or 'Magnet' this time around. The keys to her car firmly in hand, Abigail's not got a friendly look on her face.

Magnes eyes her wedding ring, swallowing deeply, then taking a deep breath. Between her tone and that new observation, he seems to be having a bit of an internal struggle. "I was wrong, the other day, for treating you the way I did, and throwing Flint Deckard. I do not apologize for hating him, but if somehow that guy makes you happy, if your life is really where you want it to be, then all I can do is be happy for you…" he apologizes, staring down at his feet. He certainly doesn't look or sound happy, he sounds more crushed than anything, but he's trying, hard.

"Throwing" There's such a wry, incredulous look on her face. "Throwing. Nice, that's what your calling it these days Magnes? When you send a guy off spinning into gravity where his own son has to actually fetch him. Do you know the damage you did? I bet you didn't even check did you?" Forgiveness right now, doesn't possibly seem to be the available option. "You nearly gave him a heart attack. Broken ribs, a broken leg. He couldn't breath because you were crushing his organs. Gabriel had to reverse the polarity on his gravity after Baxter broke a sweat bringing him down. The balcony had cracks in it. you tried to murder my husband and you want me to accept an apology?"

"I didn't try to murder him! I didn't intend for any of that to happen! I just, I…" Magnes turns around, unable to face her, he's just rubbing his forehead with both hands, staring at the ground as he takes deep breaths. "Damnit, Abby, I didn't want everything to get this fucked up. I wasn't thinking, I was just pissed, hearing him talk about you that way. It wasn't just that he said you had sex, it was the way he said it. I'm only Human, I wasn't thinking, I just acted on impulse, I was pissed…"

"He had piss poor manners is what he had, but at least he didn't try to beat the ever living holy spirit out of you. And yes Magnes, what you did was attempted murder. Only because your a cop and your Gabriel's partner, you got away with it. If it were up to me, i'd have had them clamp handcuffs on you and drag you down for battery and whatever else they could throw the book at you for. Then i'd demand a psychiatric evaluation. Because you need help Magnes. You have an alcohol problem and you can't get into a decent relationship from the sounds of it if you think a first date means you need to buy condoms"

Abigail turns away, walking a little more to the right, towards her car. "That and I know about a certain something you said to a guy as you were flinging him up into the air. That enough, Magnes, combined with what you said in the walgreens and others could probably get you comitted for a few days" In other words, someone blabbed about what Magnes said to the criminal he tossed in the air, headed straight for mars.

"So that's it, Abby?" Magnes asks, voice beginning to waver as he watches her go to her car. "No matter what I do, we're just completely finished, in every way?" As he's asking this, he starts to float into the air, apparently getting ready to fly away.

"We were never finished Magnes. There was never anything to start. How many times did I tell you that I never wanted a relationship with you? I wanted to just be friends, I could use friends. And you did, but then I started dating Johan, I married him, I had his children. And you changed. You became this man that I don't even recognize the real Magnes. The dorky guy who loved super hero's who believed in them. Who wouldn't even hurt a fly, would make a really really good bacon and pineapple pizza. Who showed me the stars"

Abigail stops at her car door, arms crossed, looking up. "Who I taught how to try and practice using his gift without needing the skates. That's the guy I know. The guy I liked and loved. I did love you Magnes. Not in the way you wanted, but I did. But when you resent what makes me happy" Abby's lips purse and her head shakes. "stop putting us on pedestals. Find your happiness instead of worrying about my happiness. About Bebe's happiness. We both didn't get what we wanted, but we forged ahead and found a new happiness. But you, you're just.." Abby shakes her head again. "You don't want happy. If you wanted happy you'd get out there, and you'd take it. You'd do like you used to, get your skates on and go. Find it. Take it, cherish it. Not sit in self pity, drinking, and wallowing. Tenth commandment Magnes. You shall not covet your neighbour's house; you shall not covet your neighbour's wife, or male or female slave, or ox, or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbour"

Magnes frowns with a shamed look, staring down at himself as he floats there. "I came here because of Isabelle, I slept with Isabelle, I realized that you, Bebe, and Gillian aren't the only women out there. It's just…" He flies over to her, gently landing a few feet away. "I made a mistake, I know it could have turned out more serious than it did, but I swear to God, Abby, it was a mistake. Don't stop being my friend over it, I'll turn myself in, I'll get whatever help you think I need, just, I don't want this to be the last time we talk…"

"Then get your help Magnes. Cut out the alcohol. Go to church, go to AA. Get on anti-depressants, and anger management. Prove to me Magnes, that your worth still thinking about. Because we don't know how long we're bound for this earth and if tomorrow, the world ends Magnes, can you really stand before God and say that you're happy with how you turned out? With your life? Because I know I will be." She will be. And the end of the world, one that can't seem to be averted, is coming sooner than he can imagine. It scares her to death. "I married Flint. We went to Vegas and eloped Magnes. I love him. With all my heart. As much as I loved Johan, if maybe not more. And i love you. Not in the way that I love them. But I love you enough to tell you that you need the help, but that we can't help you unless you take the first step to help yourself. You can be happy, but you need to want it, and start on that road yourself before we can help you"

Magnes isn't the most happy about Abby marrying Deckard, but that was a revelation he's already had about ten minutes to come to terms with, as much as he hates it. "I'll do it, Abby, just, I'm sorry. I'm not talking about the other night, I'm just sorry for the last ten years. Dropping out of your life, ignoring you, avoiding you, not being a good friend at all. God, I missed so many years, and now look at where I am, looking in from the outside…"

"Then take that first step Magnes, get help" The button on her car key is pressed to unlock the doors and she opens the drivers side. "I still love you Magnes. Even when i'm so angry with you. But you lost my respect. Earn it back." There's a sound from the house she came out of, a man who bears a passing resemblance to Abigail. Her father standing at the door with that ever familiar shotgun in hand. He doesn't know what's passing out here, but he can see the looks that have been passing across Abigail's face.

"Put it away dad. He's someone I know. He's just leaving"

"I will, I promise, I don't wanna lose you any more than I already have…" Magnes sighs, giving her a smile before he starts to float again. "Your friendship means more to me than you'll ever know." Then, he darts off into the sky, not as fast as Nathan, but still fast enough.

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