You Made Your Bed


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Scene Title You Made Your Bed…
Synopsis … now lie in it. Magnes comes to deliver some news that doesn't go over well, receives some news that doesn't go over well, and is told to grow a pair.
Date May 13, 2011

Elaine and Quinn's Apartment, The Verb

It's been a while since either Elaine or Quinn heard from Magnes, but finally he shows up in the middle of the afternoon, knocking on the door. He's wearing a completely white suit with a black buttoned up shirt and a white tie under it, with some black leather shoes.

He knows they might think it's a bit odd if he shows up in a suit, considering the other him, but… "It's Magnes. Good Magnes. Umm… me and Elaine, the Harry Potter thing, she knows what I mean."

A suit? What is he going to go do, go to a job interview? One can only hope. Hearing his words, Elaine opens the door, red-faced. "Magnes, we do not talk about Harry Potter. Okay? Um, come up with a better thing to prove you're not the evil one." She rubs the back of her neck, looking utterly awkward.

Quinn is walking out from her room with her iPad in hand at the sound of the knocking on the door and of Magnes' voice. She's dressed in what could almost (but not quite) be mistaken for a business casual manner - long pleated black skirt and a matching black lace button up shirt in specific, though her stocking feet are bare as usual.

"Harry Potter thing?" is echoed as she lowers the tablet to her side, an eyebrow raised at the two of them. "What, did you two spend a lot of time watchin' the movies?" She smiles a bit, angling her gaze over towards Magnes. "What's up? You… doin' better?" As in, better than the last time she saw him

"It was more like a thing involving costumes." Magnes closes the door behind him and locks it, then nods with a slight smile at Quinn, reaching out to wrap his arms around her for a moment. "Right after that, I met up with Monica and we skipped down and spent the weekend in Atlantic City, then I came back and kinda broke down to Elvira. One thing led to another and now I'm officially on 'courting' status with her, so I have to clean up my act a bit."

He steps back from Quinn, then looks between the two of them very seriously. "You two… don't want to change me or anything, right? I mean, like, I'm not the White Knight anymore, so you wouldn't want me to be someone else? I don't plan to become someone else, other than maybe getting better manners and tact, but you two wouldn't want me to be different, would you?"

"Waitasecond…" Elaine does an almost-authentic-genuine double take. "Did… you just say you're courting Elvira?" She looks at Magnes intently, moving to take his shoulders. "I don't want you to be anyone else. I want you to be you. I don't want anyone telling you what to do."

"Uh… huh." Quinn just quirks and eyebrow as she looks between Elaine and Magnes, giving the latter a kind of strange look. "I stopped thinking I could change you a long time ago, Magnes," Quinn jokes, moving over towards the dining table. "So, I'm certainly not trying t' change you. Who made you think we were." She turns a chair, sitting down in it with her legs and arms crossed. "You're still on this Elvira chick?" Quinn sounds a bit disappointed at this.

"No one had to make me think anything, I was just asking…" Magnes says a tad defensively, then sits on the couch and rests an elbow on the arm rest. "And yeah, we had a discussion the other day, and the nature of our relationship is officially no longer teacher and student, now I'm courting her and she can no longer give me advice or be as available as before."

Elaine's jaw drops. She moves (and rather speedily) towards the couch to stand in front of Magnes. She's there, it appears, so she can be in good range to shove Magnes, hands connecting with his shoulders. "You idiot! Magnes, you fucking idiot! You fucking idiot!" Her hands ball into fists as she stares at him. "She's playing you, Magnes. She's using you and making this all a game and I am so angry that you're just letting people set you up to be hurt! You're a lemming walking right over the edge of a cliff. I don't mean to insult your intelligence, because you are smart… but you've got no common sense. You're going to get yourself hurt and this kills me!"

"Oh, come off it, you wouldn't be askin' that unless-" Quinn had eally just sounded amused, rather than accusatory, but when Elaine suddenly goes on the offensive Quinn's rising a bit out of her chair and to the other woman. She waits until Elaine's rant subsides before she places a hand on each of her arms, running them down to take her hands as she speaks. "Whoa, whoa, whoa," she says somewhat softly, hidden from Magnes' view as she stands behind the taller woman. "Okay, okay, I don't think we need t' have outbursts, guys…" As she says this, she looks over to Magnes, hoping he won't do the same and make the whole thing worse.

"From what little I know about Elvi-" she pauses, wrinkling her nose. "Yana." She just can't say that name and not want to crack up, "I'm inclined t' agree with Elaine here. Everything I hear about this chick… I think she's just messing with you."

"You guys don't know her." Magnes stays calm, reaching up to try and gently take Elaine's hands. "I know she doesn't have feelings for me, but she's genuinely giving me a chance now, to take everything she's taught me to try and get her. She's not the type who'd just play games. I mean, after that trip with Monica, I'd finally come to terms with the fact that I really had a thing for her, I even confessed to her with a song, but when I came back Elvira made me realize that Monica will probably never see me that way."

Elaine allows herself to be held, at least, but she pushes a little away from both of them, hands clenching again. "No, I know enough of her. And I know what you've said yourself. I went to see her because I was worried about you and she agreed that you shouldn't be too attached, that she didn't want to encourage you. Why would she tell me that and then go and allow you to court her? She's playing games!"

The redhead looks frustrated and on the verge of tears. "What makes you think that Monica won't see you like that? What makes you think courting Elvira will do anything? Did she tell you that she'll ever even potentially have feelings for you? Why would you even court her? Why would you bother! What do you even think that you will achieve with this?"

When Elaine pushes away, Quinn gives her a bit of space, though she refuses to release on of her hands. She frowns a bit as she looks between them. "I dunno who Monica is. but, I mean, not every girl is going to like you back like that. And just because one person says so doesn't mean it's true anyway." She shrugs a bit, looking over towards Monica. "Either way, even if she isn't, there's probably better for you than some haughty, domineering woman who tells you what to do all the time." This is said a bit more matter of factly.

"Elvira is a good woman, she just has a few issues, and does some things that she can't help…" Magnes releases Elaine's hands, frowning as he stares down inbetween his feet. "You broke up with me Elaine. Elvira knows what she's talking about, she says things for my own good. Pursuing her makes me feel like someone could maybe love me some time, I mean I like being Monica's friend, but I'd rather pursue the woman who'll actually let me."

"Magnes! You fucking moron! This isn't about me! I broke up with you, yeah, but it doesn't mean that love is impossible for you and that you have to pursue her of all people. She's kind of snobbish, she's making you into someone you aren't, and honestly you're becoming less of the Magnes I loved every day," Elaine says, visibly trembling. It's a good thing Quinn's still got a grip on her. "Are you trying to hurt me, Magnes? Because you're doing a good job of it. This isn't you. This isn't right."

Quinn gives a gentle squeeze of Elaine's hand, attempting to pull her back close. She grimaces a bit when Elaine is brought into the mix, unsure, really, of what to say. "What the hell does 'does some things she can't help' mean, anyway? Because from the sound of it, she's lying to someone. Or had a bizarre and random change of heart that, from how you describe, isn't really a change of heart. I don't know, Magnes. It sounds like she's 'letting you' just to appease you? I dunno."

"You know I don't want to hurt you Elaine, but if I consider you in all of my decisions, I'll never be happy again. I just… I need to do this. You know, when I came back from Atlantic City, I was sure I was over Elvira, I was ready to get to know Monica, if it worked out or not, I didn't care." Magnes crosses his arms, no longer looking at the two. "But then we had this long discussion, and I started to realize a lot of things. Like this new happiness I had was false."

"Why is it false? Magnes, she's playing with your heart!" Elaine bursts into tears, looking frustrated, her free hand still balled as she looks like she genuinely wants to punch something. "Magnes, don't let her tell you anything. You need to decide for yourself. Did she tell you Monica was the wrong decision for you? Did she tell you that your happiness was false? Because that's how people manipulate other people. They convince them that they're truthful and then fill them full of lies."

She lets out a deep breath. "Fucking hell, Magnes. If you do this… I don't want to see you again. I can't care about someone who just throws themselves into the path of pain like this. This is exactly why I broke up with you. I broke up with you because you threw yourself into the path of danger and it broke my heart every time. I can't stand the people I care about getting hurt and you're doing it again."

Any other comment that Quinn might have had is lost in the shocked look she gives Elaine when that ultimatum is delivered. Her mouth might even be a little agape. There's a bit of irony to the fact that she's finally gotten to the point where she barely questions what Magnes does about most things, and now the person who helped get her there is threatening to excise him from her life. She looks sheepish, a helpless glance moving between the other people, and this time she doesn't really give Elaine much of a choice as she pulls her close, attempting to lay Elaine's head against her shoulder.

"What happiness was false?" she tries to ask more calmly, but the tension in the room making her sound a lot more uneasy. "And why are you so sure she can fix it? Because she says so, after stringing you along and telling you what to do? That's a horrible basis for a relationship."

"You and Elaine are happy! What do you expect me to do? How can you understand what I'm going through?" Magnes stands, sounding upset himself now as he starts to head for the door. "I don't wanna hurt anyone, Elvira doesn't do anything but help me come to the right decisions. I just… I feel like this is what I have to do, do you know how much it hurts to see you two together and to feel like I'm on the outside looking in? How lonely it makes me feel?"

"Magnes, if you think that she's helping you come to the right decision, then I can no longer trust the decisions you make. You're becoming someone I don't like. You're becoming someone who doesn't think for himself. You aren't being true to yourself either," Elaine says, leaning against Quinn just a little bit. Her hands are still a bit clenched. "Magnes, just because I'm with someone else doesn't mean that you have to go be with someone who isn't right for you out of spite. It doesn't mean you have to be unhappy. Just don't go searching it out. Romance isn't everything, and who said that Monica chick isn't right for you?"

"Have you considered that I might understand?" Quinn says, eyes narrowing a bit. "I had a good twelve years in the States before I met you guys, you know. An' five here in the city. I've been through a lot of heartbreak, Magnes. Shit, there's a girl I didn't finally get over until this past fall!" Granted,she is- dead, so it's not quite the same thing. But it makes a point nonetheless. Reaching out for Magnes' shoulder, she shakes her head at him. "I'm sorry if we make you feel that way, Magnes. You should know we don't mean to. But that doesn't mean you should run after the first person you can. Or that's willing to let you think you can."

"Elvira said that Monica is most likely setting me up for the friend zone. I don't mind being her friend, it's just disappointing." Magnes turns around to give Quinn a brief hug, then tries to release her to walk to the door. "I'm sorry, but I can't just live to make you two happy. I understand that you're trying to help me, but there's a void that Elaine left, and I have to fill that. I guess that just means…" He closes his eyes, looking down. "I won't be seeing you guys, if it bothers you that much."

"That's entirely up to you, Magnes. Don't be a dumbass and suddenly decide that you've got to quit the band or anything, and don't let her tell you that you need to, since clearly you listen to everything she says. Did you even see if Monica was interested?" Elaine sighs heavily, stepping back so that Magnes can hug Quinn. She rubs her arms, tears streaming down her cheeks. "Just do what you have to do, I'm just not going to care any more. I can't. I broke up with you hoping that you'd stop hurting me and this is the only way it's going to happen. I don't care if I see you… I just don't plan on going out of my way to interact. You've made this bed, Magnes, and you'll have to lie in it. I'm sorry."

"No one's asking you to live to make us happy!" Now Quinn's getting emotional, only she - with Elaine stepping away - is glaring angrily at Magnes. "No one's asking you to be unhappy either! We're asking you to think! We're asking you to look at more sides of the situation that just the one that fucking suits you. To think for yourself. So what if Elvira thinks you're setting up to be friend zoned? I got told similar stuff over the years that turned out all right. Why don't you find out instead of trusting what someone who's never even met Monica thinks might be the case. She's not making right decisions for you, Magnes. You're just letting yourself think she is to fill a hole she won't be able to fill."

With that she gives a flippant, dismissal wave of her hand, turning away from the two and stalking back towards her room, scooping up the iPad as she moves along. "If you're going to be that way, I'm sorry. And it really hurts, after how much I've tried to make sure we could be friends. But I guess I'll see you at the next band meeting, whenever that is."

"I do and can think for myself, and I don't want to hurt either of you, or lose you. But this isn't about Monica, I just know that Elvira's what's best for me. I'm sorry that I made you cry again, Elaine, but this is the last time." Magnes walks to the door, shaking his head. "There won't be a 'me' in the band anymore. I can't… do this, I can't watch my decisions hurt Elaine like this, and I can't take making either of you worry about me so much. I did fine without friends a few years ago, I'm just sorry I had to hurt you all… say goodbye to Sable for me, I can't face her."

Elaine's suddenly darting for the door, moving to shove Magnes violently towards it. "Is that your answer to everything? Cut off everyone else who cares about you because you feel hurt? If you want to ditch Sable as a friend, if you want to quit the band, have the fucking balls to do it, Magnes. Don't you fucking run away and feel bad for yourself." Her fists seem permanently clenched at this rate.

"Don't be a fucking asshole, Magnes. Don't you run away from a band you care about and Sable, your fucking best friend because you feel hurt and you're upset and you don't feel good. I don't care if you're around, Magnes, but I'm not going to care about you any more, do you understand? Because you do this every time. This is what you do every time and this is why you can't goddamn keep a woman in your life. If you're so hung up on Elvira being the best for you, what do you think she'd say if she saw you acting like this? I bet you she'd think you're a coward and an asshole."

She moves to get close, to get right up in his face if he doesn't back off or move away. "I don't care if you want to run away from me now, that's your decision, but your relationships with other people are not contingent on me. You look Robyn in the eye and you two determine if you want to be friends, and then you go look Sable in the face and tell her you want to run away and not be her friend and not be in the band you love. Do you understand me? Be a man for fuck's sake, Magnes. For the love of god, just have the balls to not run away for once!"

Quinn's at the doorway to her room when she hears Elaine start her tirade, and somewhat reluctantly she turns and looks back at Magnes, glancing over at Elaine, and there's a few tears sliding down her cheeks as well. "You wouldn't even tell Sable yourself?" she says sadly, a contrast to Elaine's anger. "I'm not telling her. And I don't want you to leave the band either, Magnes. Imagine how much that'd hurt Adel." Yes, she went there. But she wouldn't put it past someone to use Jolene against her in that position, so…

"You can go today. But please. Don't be stupid. Don't just walk away from us. That's not fair to anyone. You, me, Elaine, Sable, or Adel. I know Sable wants to do something soon. I expect you to be there. If you're not…" Her eyes close, one hand slipping in her pocket. "Then I don't even know, Magnes. I care about you too much to consider it." And with that, shes steps into her room, closing the door.

"Just… give me time to think. I feel like I've been broken up with all over again." Magnes starts trying to open the door so he can slip out, the pained look clear on his face. "I just can't talk about this anymore, I need some time."

"Fine, go think. But don't you fucking dare abandon Sable or Adel without even giving them the news straight to their face. You can fuck with how I feel, but you don't fuck with people I care about," Elaine says, sternly, her fists slowly relaxing. She lets Magnes unlock and open the door, though she catches his eyes before he leaves. "Don't run away from them, at least."

"Stop acting like I'm doing something bad to you!" Magnes closes the door and turns around to face her again, a mixture of hurt and anger in his eyes now. "What the hell do you want from me Elaine? You left me, I tried my best, I let you burn that costume, I fought every instinct in my body and stopped being so impulsive! Elvira helped me with my behavior a bit, you even went there and asked her to change me, don't think I don't know! What do you want from me? I've done nothing but rip my heart out trying to make you happy, and then when I try to make myself happy everyone just says what I'm doing wrong! You all just basically tell me that I should be alone while you're all… just… god do you have any idea how I feel? You say you don't want to see me in pain, well what do you see now? I am lonely and sad and fucking empty inside, Elaine. Elvira aside, why can't you just… see how much pain I'm in, not even just about women…"

"I thought this was about you, Magnes. I'm not your girlfriend anymore. You weren't changing for me, Magnes. And if you were, then I'm sorry that you have been thinking wrong this entire time. You're wrong about Elvira, though. I didn't ask her to change you. I asked her to try and discourage you from hanging around. Because I don't think it's healthy and even if we aren't fucking together you mean a lot to me. It's why I've even bothered trying to reason with you and help you and point out when you're being an idiot," Elaine says, staring back at him. "I don't want anything from you other than to keep you from hurting yourself. I'm sorry you feel bad, but courting Elvira is not going to make anything better. It's not even a real band-aid for what you're feeling. You might think it'll help, but it's just a distraction and it's going to bite you in the ass in the long run. Magnes, don't listen to her. Just… see how things go with this Monica woman, take things one step at a time and don't focus on what you don't have. Focus on what you do have and what you can do without changing who you are. That's the only advice I can give you."

"Elaine, I don't know what I'm going to do, but please remember that I'm going to think of you, that if this courting thing turns into some big manipulation, I'm going to stop it as soon as possible. I just…" Magnes sighs, walking over so he can try and take one of her hands. "Can you just give me a little while to try this, so I can see for myself if this is some sort of game? I don't want you to just not care about me anymore, all I'm asking is that you let me find out for myself, not let me be hurt, but let me at least dip my foot into this situation so I can test the waters. I won't give up on Monica, but if you love me… just trust that I love you enough to not just put my entire heart into this courting thing, I love you too much to keep making you cry…"

He raises a finger to try and wipe her eyes. "A part of my heart still belongs to you, so trust me to be more careful with it, now that i know how concerned you are."

Elaine shakes her head a little. "Magnes, if she told you that I came to her and wanted you to change, she's already manipulating you. She told me she'd not encourage you and yet you come back and somehow are now courting her. She's, at the very least, lied to us both. I don't know what that says to you, but all other evidence aside, that's pretty bad." She frowns, blinking away what tears are left. "Magnes, can you please just… not do this? I just have a really, really bad feeling about this and I'm tired of seeing you hurt. Please."

"I want to answer this in a way that makes us both leave happy…" Magnes frowns, trying to slip his arms around her waist completely. "I mean that, I just want to say yes and no, and I can't, I don't know what to do right now because I genuinely feel like I'd be giving something up. I know she lies and manipulates, though I need to ask her not to drag my friends into it. But this choice you're giving me… I want you to be happy, and I want me to be happy, I don't want to go back to just sulking alone in my apartment with the first thought in my mind being that you're here with Quinn, away from me, and it's my fault. I like waking up and thinking of what I'll do for Elvira today. I used to think of what I'll do for Elaine today… I don't know how to answer your request, and it tears me up inside because I just want to do what you tell me to…"

Elaine heaves a sigh. She hugs Magnes for a moment before pulling back and looking at him. "Magnes, I don't want you to do what I tell you. Don't do it because I'm asking you to do it. Do it because you believe it's right, because you believe what I'm saying. You said it yourself, she lies and manipulates. So are you really going to risk someone like that being close to you? What if she decides to stab you in the back?" She shakes her head. "I can only advise you not to risk it. I can't tell you what to do and I don't want you to do what makes me happy. If you're dead set on doing this, just know that I can't have a hand in this and I have to keep my space. I can't worry about you being stabbed in the back."

"I'm only going to do this for a week at first, just to see what she has in mind. If I decide to go all the way with it, I'll tell you, then we can work it out then and I really will decide." Magnes runs his hand over her cheek, smiling. "Can you live with that one week before I decide? She won't break my heart in a week."

"I don't want you to decide to go 'all the way with it'," Elaine shakes her head. "Do what you want, I just want you to know how I feel about all this, okay?" She frowns just slightly at the touch on her cheek. "Magnes, you shouldn't…"

Magnes shakes his head, sliding his hands back down to her hands. "Just one week, Elaine. If I don't at least get this one week I might regret this decision for a long time. If you still think this is bad for me in a week after I've seen what this courting stuff is all about, then I'll stop. Is that reasonable?"

Elaine looks back at him. "I can't stop you. Do one week if you like, but one week isn't going to change my mind. She's not going to treat you any better. I don't like people treating you like you're a dog or something, Magnes. You need to really weigh if this is actually good for you or if you're just looking for a filler. It's not going to be good in the long run. I honestly think she's manipulative and thinks very little of you."

The creaking sound from the back of the room is Quinn's door opening back up, the Irishwoman stepping back out with headphones still blaring music from around her neck. She's changed from what she was wearing into what looks like a very oversized t-shirt that reaches down past her waist and- not much else. It takes her a moment, but after a step or two she stops, eying Elaine and Magnes carefully, and somewhat apprehensively, eyes drifting a bit downwards. "Sorry. I thought you were leaving," she mutters as she comes to a stop, scratching nervously at her arm. The music stops, and slowly she starts back towards Elaine, looking both sheepish and a little embarrassed, keeping her eyes on the pair of them as she approaches.

Magnes looks to Quinn, maybe a bit too long, then pries his eyes away and looks in the opposite direction. "Maybe, Elaine. I know she's manipulative, but she's told me things, things I can't tell you anymore than I'd tell your secrets. But yeah, just… give me this week, and then we'll talk about this again, that's all I want." His eyes shift to Quinn quickly again. "Er, sorry, my eyes, they're… they move sometimes."

"I don't know what kind of secrets she's hiding, Magnes, but be careful. And know that I do not approve of this." Elaine looks back towards Quinn. "Yeah, I guess we kind of got talking longer…" She notes the shirt, then smirks a little. "I can't blame you there, Magnes." She looks back towards him now. "A week, if she gives you that, but I'm telling you right now, you start pursuing something and I don't want to see you."

"Oh, we're still on this," is said even more sheepishly. Clearly Quinn was at least somewhat hoping they had moved on. She offers an embarrassed smile to Magnes as she moves behind Elaine and wraps her arms around the woman, pulling her back to her. "'s okay. Not like I'm naked or anythin' I guess." She offers a bit of a laugh as she looks out around Elaine and at Magnes. "Just don't get used t' seein' it."

A look is exchanged between the pair of them and Quinn lets out a sigh. "Oh, I get it," she says. "A week's a shitty length of time. It's not going t' change anything. That's like me tryin' t' get over someone in a week. It doesn't happen."

"I just don't want to leave Elaine worrying for longer than that. I'm gonna… get going. I don't like the idea of choosing between two people, but I don't have a choice, so I need a week to do it." Magnes leans in to kiss Elaine's forehead, then he's headed for the door again. "Sorry for ruining your night."

"You don't have to choose between two people. I mean, you don't know for sure that Monica's setting you up for friend zone, but you also don't know if she has a future in mind. You need to let things go their own pace," Elaine says, pausing after a moment. "If you're talking about not having a choice between her and me, that's not true. You're choosing to take the advice of several of your friends or to go against their better judgment and 'court' a woman who we all disapprove of. You aren't choosing between me or her, because I'm not an option. I haven't been, and I'm definitely not now." She leans against Quinn slightly, then holds up her hand with the ring for Magnes to see. "Robyn and I are engaged."

"You're always in such a hurry to leave, Magnes," Quinn grumbles, eying him as he kisses Elaine's forehead. It's something she's said before, and something she'll continue to say. "I mean, I know we're all not in the best of moods, but you haven't ruined our night! An' besi-"

She stops, like someone just tagged her in freeze tag or something similar, when Elaine reveals their updated pre-marital status, and immediately her face fills with red, the musician moving to hide her face behind Elaine. "Yeah," she says quietly, "we are. But your not really choosing between people, Magnes. No one said we're going to all stop being your friend. We just… this doesn't sound any good at all t' us. An' I don't understand why you're takin' everything she says as law, when she seems tot ell other people different stuff and has no real proof. I think you should at least keep a bit after this Monica girl, until she makes it clear she's not interested, instead a' someone who's never talked t' her. She sounds like a much healthier option."

"I meant choosing between being your friend and pursuing Elvir—" Magnes is quickly cut off and informed of their engagement, and then Quinn is talking but he barely hears the words that come from her mouth. There are a lot of feelings he often deals with when it comes to Elaine and Quinn's relationship, so when this bombshell comes he says, "C-congratulations… I should go, I forgot something." He immediately opens the door behind him and closes it, marching down the hall as fast as he can.

"Magnes, stop!" Elaine frowns, moving away from Quinn as she hurries towards the door, opening it and peering down the hallway at him. "Don't just run away! That's not the way to handle this, okay?"

Quinn's fingers curl in as Elaine moves from her towards the door. She makes no effort to stop the other woman, in fact she follows after her. Well, to the doorway, at least, she's not dressed for much else. "Magnes, please!" she shouts after him, also frowning. "You don't have to be happy, but please don't just walk off!" she pleads.

"I'm not running away, I just have to go do something." Magnes, instead of waiting around for an elevator, leaves through a fire exit and jumps down the stairs, getting far away before they can really catch up with him.

The unfortunate thing about his ability is that it makes it a tad too easy for him to run away, even when he really shouldn't be.

"You liar!" Elaine hollers after him before retreating fully into the apartment and shutting the door. Neighbors, perhaps. Don't want to disturb anyone that might be home. She hugs her arms a bit, just moving so she can sink into the couch. "Dammit."

Quinn steps back a bit as Elaine retreats back into the room, hands curled around her midsection. She waits a moment, before following Elaine over to the couch. Silently, she sits down enxt to the other woman, and pulls her into a hug, a sad look on her face as she remains silent.

Leaning in slightly against her fianceĆ©, Elaine shuts her eyes. "I didn't want him to take it like that. Fuck… not like he could take it any other way, knowing him. He runs from everything now. He'll probably go run to her, too. Dammit." She leans forward, putting her face in her hands as she rubs vigorously. "I just fucking hope he doesn't do anything stupid because of this. I guess that's all I can hope for now."

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