You Need To Be Cool


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Scene Title You Need to Be Cool
Synopsis Harmony goes to a moping Warren for help understanding her ability, and she ends up pulling him to unwind with her wild ways.
Date November 20

Shalegate Machine Factory

//Constructed in the 1700s the foundation for the Shalegate Machine Factory is a red-brick mill building that at one point in his spotted history served as a production plant for ammunition during World War II. Much of that original ammunition production equipment still resides within these factory walls, along with an assortment of newer metalsmithing tools in the factory floor. While a large building, much of the interior space is in high ceilings laden with tall windows that let in rich amounts of daylight and ambient strete light at night.

The interior of the favtory itself has a workshop area for the production of hand-made metal components, lathes and assorted tool benches, while a second floor drafting room has tables designed for the design of blueprints and other mechanical schematics. While modern electronic security systems give the factory an overall defense against ordinary breaking and entering.//

When Harmony wants to meet up, Warren gives her directions to Shalegate, and tells her to go to the second floor of the massive structure, where his office is. She'll see a great deal of workers making god-knows-what, and when she finally gets to the newly refurbished halls of his floor, she'll see the metallic door that says Warren Ray on the plaque. When she enters, it's an office with shelves of his inventions, a name plate on the large oak desk, and Warren sitting in his chair with his black suit on, tinkering with some sort of watch. "Hello, Harmony. Glad you got out of the 8th alright."

Harmony had no idea that he even ran a factory. Wonders never cease, she imagines as she carries herself past the various workers, up the stairs to the office with his name on it. "Huh.." she comments to herself, with her backpack slung over one shoulder, her leather jacket left unzipped with the half shirt underneath. The sight of the large metal door makes her chuckle at an inside joke, and rather than blasting it down, she knocks before entering. The curly haired blonde peers across the desk with an arched brow at Warren sitting and looking important. "Hey. Barely." she comments, "Thanks to Richard of course. Sorry about ditching you back there. But the officer gave me a go, and if I would have gotten caught? I wouldn't be here right now."

"Don't worry about it, it's fine." Warren motions to the comfortable looking chair on the other side of his desk, looking up at her with his currently-silvery eyes, then back down to the watch that he's tweaking with some sort of thin, metallic instrument. "Elle broke up with me. But anyway, what did you want?" he sounds like a mixture of casual and serious, but not angry, just… immersed into his work.

"Yeah.." Harmony wrinkles her nose and scratches the bridge of it with a finger. "Kinda heard about that.. Really sorry it went down." she crosses the distance and takes a seat in the indicated chair, relaxing back and resting her arms on the sides of it after dropping her backpack on the floor. "She doing better, I think… Maybe. I just saw her the other night, at the mall. She.." Harmony's brows pinch together in a frown, "She got upset about Richard, because I know where he is, and I wouldn't tell her. But he really asked me not to so.. Annnyway." she gives her shoulders a shake, getting comfortable, "I need that big squishy brain of yours. I need a bit of help with something."

There's a crown when she says Elle is upset about Cardinal, but Warren doesn't comment on it, twisting intently at some sort of gear in the watch after a spring pops out. "Yeah, so, what did you need, again?"

She catches the frown, pulling her bottom lip into her mouth to chew upon. Thinking that it is probably a good thing she doesn't mention the guy she saw Elle swooning over. Complicated situations.. Her life is full of them. "So, I've been sorta wondering about my ability, and how to better use it? And then I realized that I don't know a thing about radiation, which could very well be what is setting me back. So.." she reaches over to her back, unzipping it and pulling out a heavy looking text book, "I've been studying a little, and from what I've seen, I've shown at least 3 of the different types of radiation in this book. I want to learn more.. If I understand what I can and cannot do, it should help me in the long run." she gives her shoulders a shrug, "You're the most brilliant guy I know, so.. I figured you could help."

"I'm way ahead of you. Are you aware that many of the pictures we see of the universe, are simply different radiation frequencies we're tuning into, and not necessarily what they really look like? It's simply all put together and overlapped for the best image." Warren brushes the watch aside so he can focus and continue explaining. "I've built a camera, following blueprints I've read of numerous NASA telescopes, and minimizing some of the things I've seen into a simple camera. What we'll do is have you use your radiation on something I'm still working on, while I record it, this way we can visually see the output, and the way your radiation affects things, and better figure out what types you're using."

A brow raises curiously, impressed by his insight to her quest before she had even come to ask it. "Okay. That's.. unexpected. You're already working on it." Harmony nods, pursing her lips together. She leans forward, reaching to tap the book she has and place it on his desk, "Well, if it helps, I've highlighted the types that I've exhibited so far: the dangerous ones, the ones not so dangerous, and the ones that I had NO idea I could even do.." She is reminded of something, her brows raising, "Oh! Get this.." the thought of it makes her give a single chuckle, her fist covering her mouth for a second. "Just the other night? I was out with a friend of mine, and I got really excited. Really really excited. We were running from these guys shooting guns at us, and after the C4 went off, I felt.. I dunno, aroused I guess? Well.. next thing I know, I give off this sphere, a shockwave kinda thing that blacked out all the lights in the area, and it also knocked out my friend's cell phone. I think that's what you call an EMP? It was amazing.."

Warren reaches for the book so he can start thumbing through. Her story gets a raised eyebrow and he looks up at her, coming to his own conclusion about that. "So, let me get this straight… you have EMP orgasms? Guess I wasn't very impressive."

Harmony smirks, "Hey.. yeah, I guess I did kinda have an EMPgasm.." the girl wets her lips at the thought, finding it amusing and even chuckling as she rests back in her chair. "Mm. It did feel kinda.. I dunno.. But there wasn't any sex involved. Sex is something else. It was.." Harmony thinks about it for a few moments, remembering the other night, "When that explosion happened, I felt the vibrations and the heat from it wash over me, and just.. go right through me.." she looks like she is perhaps a little compromised in her say right now. The very thought of it possibly exciting her. "And then it was just like.. WHOOSH.. Like a big sense of inner relief being let out all at once." There is a smile on her face, it is partially sheepish, "You were perfect, okay? It's just.. sex doesn't really bring that kind of thrill. But if it makes you feel any better, if anyone could actually make me do that, it'd be you."

"Actually it does make me feel better." Warren casually agrees, making his own little notes with a blue pen. "So we can definitely agree that you have some sort of electromagnetic radiation, it's just a matter of getting you control over the different types. With enough work, it shouldn't be impossible."

Harmony lifts a brow at his comment, smirking and reserving her comment that comes to mind for a little later. "Yeah.. Electromagnetic, um.. gamma rays, neutron radiation.. a few other types of ionizing radiation too. I can already do a particle beam, so.. essentially, I could probably learn to fire an actual laser as well. I think if I understand how these things work and what they are, I might be able to produce them." another shrug from the girl. Always so casual and fly by the seat of her pants. She's just as wild and often unchecked as radiation itself. "Okay.. Since you've had a bit of a bad spell recently, and you could use some cheering up. I guess I can pamper your ego a bit." Harmony leans forward, her elbows resting on her legs, "You're really cute, Warren. Dangerously so, and you're amazing in bed. You're smart, have a good heart, but you're also a little on the crazy side too. Don't beat yourself up over what happened. Just.. screw in another lightbulb."

"Lasers are concentrated beams of light, but I guess if you can learn to control solar radiation, it would count as a laser. I could actually build you a weapon or some sort of device powered by small solar panels…" Warren seems to be getting into the brainstorming, but when she leans forward, the silver in his eyes receeds, and she can see his natural blues. "I don't think I'm crazy anymore, just stupid at times, not used to having this life. And um, screw in another lightbulb?" He doesn't seem to get that part.

"Light.." Harmony tells him, holding out her hand to one side. Her skin begins to glow dimly, which increases over the course of several moments, until her whole hand is a bright source of white light. " electromagnetic radiation of a wavelength that is visible to the human eye, or up to 380-750 nuclear mageton." she smirks and then wiggles her fingers, dispersing the light away. "Says so in this other book.." Harmony reaches into her backpack and pulls out a second text book, tossing it on his desk. "So how is that for a potential laser, hmm?" she grins.

"Speaking of lights.." Harmony pushes herself to her feet, "When one lightbulb goes out, what do you do? You screw in another one. It's a metaphor.. meaning get out there and live. Don't wallow and see this as a terrible ending, look for a new beginning." she shrugs as she starts to pace about his office, looking at things, finding things to touch. "And yes.. you're a little on the crazy side. Not mental, but your personality is just a little wonkey in some spots. It's perfectly normal."

"You really need better choices of words. I took 'screw in another lightbulb' in a completely different way." Warren shakes his head, snickering lghtly as he reaches for the other book. "I think you're doing your research, which is exactly what I need with this group I've put together. I have a lot of very useful people, people willing to change this city, repair it, make everything better."

"Or maybe you need to cool yourself up a little bit." Harmony grins at him over her shoulder. "You were pretty charming when we first met. And thanks to you, I've really gotten myself out there a lot more. I was able to open up and live. Which.. you should do rather than mope." she turns to peer at something sitting on a shelf nearby. "I dunno what kind of boyfriend you made for Elle to give you the boot? But.. I'm not really one to talk. I have a huge book of broken hearts. A lot of which still hang on with every thread of their being. That's why I like to drift as much as I can. Stay hard to catch.." an impish grin pasting across her lips. "And you're right, I have been doing my research. That's why I came to you, for all that scientific knowledge in that genius brain of yours."

"I don't have any scientific knowledge, I have to study just as hard as you. My ability makes me very intuitive, it makes things like engineering come to me like breathing, but studying, knowing about what I'm doing, it makes it all that much easier." Warren sits back in his seat, sighing with his gloved fingers tapping the arm rest. "I'll live when it's convenient. So, what now?"

Harmony gives him a look. It is a look of disbelief. "You'll live when it's convenient? Did you seriously just say that?" Her eyes roll and she laughs, shaking her head, "Really? Okay.. that's kinda it.." she moves over to where he sits, the blond sliding in front of him and planting her hands on the arms of his chair, leaning him back and leaning in closer with a smirk, "We're gonna go do something totally crazy. We're gonna take you out of this office.." she reaches up to his suit and flips open his tie, "Get you out of this suit and into some regular clothes, get you totally trashed, and make you forget about work and all this seriousness for one. Wild. Evening."

"Are you…" Warren looks down at his tie, shaking his head. "You really are serious. Alright, if you really think I should. As long as I don't use my ability, I don't need to take my medication, so it won't hurt to drink for one night." He smiles with a bit of a docile expression, standing up so he can head out of the office. "I'll go change."

She moves back so he can get up, "Good." Harmony nods, reaching to her back pocket and pulling out her cellphone to take a look at one of her apps. "Where is the closest place for us to go get drunk. After which.. Well, we can make that up as we go along. I'm sure I can find something wild and crazy that won't go against your 'moral standards'" she makes air quotations while grinning.

"I'd have thought I convinced you that I have pretty lapse moral standards." Warren grins back at her, then he's gone, somewhere. It's a few minutes before he finally comes back, wearing a dark blue tanktop, a pair of black jeans, and the same brown boots. "This work for you?"

"Lapse?" Harmony pfts, "Trust me, you're nothing compared to me, Warren. You got better. I've always been a bit of a bad girl, but very good at it." she winks, and turns to a reflective surface, pulling out a tube of lip gloss from her back pocket and applying a fresh coat onto her lips while she waits. As he comes back, she gives him a look over, and a smirk. "Perfect, you look normal now, at least." she moves over, "So.. your car then?"

"Sure, my car. I'm not sure where to go, but we'll find something." Warren leads her down through the factory, and soon they're in his red 1969 Cobra Jet Mach 1, rumbling through the streets as daylight quickly fades.

He finally stops at a small club in the midst of a bunch of stores, the building painted purple and neon letters that say 'Cage'. He walks around to her side, then lets her out, offering his hand to help her up. "This place looks good."

Harmony is along for the ride, as usual. The girl is known for hanging on no matter how wild things get, and sometimes taking them a bit father than she needs to, if she gets too drunk that is. She takes his hand as he opens her door, stepping onto the sidewalk, "The Cage.. hmm, I'm pretty impressed so far. Maybe you're not so square, Warren. The night is still young."

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