You Never Saw Me


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Scene Title You Never Saw Me
Synopsis Brennan comes across someone that would be better served not at the suresh Center.
Date December 8, 2010

St. luke's Hospital - Emergency Room

It was a sight, the two women - well, woman and a teenager - and a Humanis First member all glued together thanks to Tess's unique ability that they are starting to become aware of. They had managed to get the man off first, cutting away his jacket and trimming his hair to turn him loose, off to get medical treatment and then to the police station with him.

Tess and Koshka were a different story. There's paint everywhere, blonde locks colored red and blue, not to mention the two girls were stuck cheek to cheek and breathing difficult thanks to all that they had inhaled. The man had screamed about being stuck to &#$&^@# Evo's the whole time. But eventually with some acetone mixed with a little liquid soap, the two were separated. Tess off be unstuck from her clothes, and Koshka to be take to be taken elsewhere.

Refusal of any name, her age, her lack of registration - not mention a positive SLC test - and not to mention that she had been in a scrap with people, cops, social services and a great deal more people had been called in with regards of what to do with the blonde teenager currently labeled as Jane Doe.

In a room in the ER, a nurse has just left to get more remover for the paint that coats and speckles Koshka's face and hair, the side of her face red, but will go down to normal. She's been left to her own devices for the moment.

It hadn't been a fun experience. Besides being stuck to a pair of strangers and the paint that burned, the police coming in and the shuffing and questions that were met at the ER were far less than enjoyable. Koshka's refusal had been adamant, she gave no answers and offered nothing of herself willingly. Even small talk with the various nurses were met with apathetic glances or flat out refusal of acknowledgment.

Finally left alone, the youth scowls at the back of the retreating nurse until she's out of sight. Then with a sigh, she leans back and stares up at the ceiling. "Good job," Koshka says to herself, quietly in sardonic congratulations. Now what is she going to do? Unlikely they'll just look the other way and let her go. Blue eyes tilt toward the door, as though considering her chances of making a run for it while she's left alone. "Probably a bad idea.."

"Maybe, but I heard that Humanis First guy is just livid that some evo got stuck on him and now he's caught and his buddies are all gone leaving him behind" Comes from the door. A guy, older, probably old enough to be her father maybe and he stands at the door, hands in his pockets of his suit this late at night. "I'd say you did pretty good"

Surprise flits across Koshka's face as someone seems to reply. But the expression is quickly covered with the same unpleasant expression she'd been sharing with everyone else once the man appears in the doorway. It borders on aloof, with a glower and just a bit of wariness. And as before, the teen clams up. Lips press together into a firm line and she looks up to the ceiling.

Brennan is old hat at that look. He gets it enough from Marlena at times. "Can I come in? Sucks to be alone and I don't think the nurse is going to be back for a bit. I was here looking in on a patient of mine and overheard them discussing your case. Pretty brave of you. Jumping that guy when he was fighting with that other woman. Guys with baseball bats?" He looks down the hall then back into the room. "Not the cops, just a visiting doctors" Assuring her that she's not in any trouble, at least not from him.

"He ran into me first," Koshka replies defensively. She glances toward Brennan and then beyond to the world beyond the doorway. "And besides, I couldn't let that lady get hit with a bat. Not by one of those zealots." There's a pause, the girl's eyes returning to Brennan's. Lips press together again as she appears to have decided she's said too much.

"You won't give them your name, they can't find anything about you on record, they're about to search missing kids." Brennan eases into the room, closing the door almost all the way but leaves it open enough to make her feel safe. There's a rolling stool that's snagged and he eases down to sit on it.

"Do you need help? You're evolved, I don't know what your ability is. but I know people, who can help you, if you were unregistered for a reason. The opposite of the Humanis first folks." He offers his hand out to her. "Doctor Harve Brennan. I work for the Suresh Center. They'll probably be calling the center later, to transfer you there till they figure out what to do with you. Between now, and then, I can offer you a way to get to people, who can help you."

Koshka blanches at mention of the search. She's fairly sure nothing would turn up, but all that fuss? Why can't they just pretend it never happened? Without speaking, she watches as the doctor seats himself, eyes moving to follow his motions. Door opened or closed, she's still with the uneasy posture and guardedness to her expression.

"I got help," the girl continues, eyes dropping to the proffered hand then lifting again. "…Sort of. But I can't go there. I… It wouldn't be a good idea." Why, she's not entirely sure, but the Suresh Center sounds like the opposite of what she should be doing.

"Do you want me to contact them for you?" It's an offer, he keeps his voice low, digging into a pocket as he tilts in the seat, producing a business card after a bit. Harve Brennan, MD. "I'm not with the hospital, I'm not here officially on behalf of the Suresh Center. I have a few friends who work there and they got called in for something. You just happened to pique my interest." Brennan digs out a pen, scribbling on the back a name and a number, before holding the card out to Koshka. Ferry, a number from one of the people he knew that he hadn't heard any news about being taken in. "If you need help, if you take off, contact that number. They can help"

Koshka takes the card, taking her focus from Brennan to the bit of paper and the number on the back. "Can they get me out of here," she asks, attention returning to the doctor while she pushes the card into her own pocket. "Can you get me out of here? I'm not registering, and I can't go home." The youth pauses and looks toward the door as though expecting something to happen. "Someone was going to help before this happened, find me a safe place to sleep. But now I'm here. I was suppose to be putting up fliers for her."

"I can't take you out" There's an apologetic look on his face. "But I can make some calls" Brennan offers, regarding the teenager. "Can I know your name? I won't tell the nurses or anything, but it would be good to have a name, to tell the folks that I will call. You won't be moved from here for hours to come, you'll be safe and fine here. I promise."

Everyone seems to want a name, and while it's easier to feign anonymity as 'Jane Doe' help should probably have something more viable. "Koshka," the teen says haltingly. "—Koshka Ruslan." She turns back to Brennan, then looks up to the ceiling. "Hope you're right, that they help." That trouble doesn't find her here, as well, as it seems to be lurking around every corner of late.

"You'd be surprised" Brennan smiles. "You never saw me Koshka. If anyone asks, it was an orderly at the hospital. You don't know me, hide that card" He juts his chin to the card. "Don't touch the eggs, if you're still here by breakfast. Ask for the muffins. They're good, but the eggs are horrid" The corner of his mouth turns up in a smile, pushing the chair back to where it was before he came in.

The comment about eggs draws a faint grin from the teen. She nods, and pushes the card further into her pocket, crumpling it to be passed off as a bit of trash. "Never saw you before," she agrees, arms folding across her chest. "Thanks, Doctor Brennan who wasn't here."

Brennan winks she's playing along. And as quietly as he came, the negator is leaving, easing out into the hall to find a payphone and make a call. Pass the message down the line that there's a brunette with multi-colored hair in need of rescuing.

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