You're All I've Got


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Scene Title You're All I've Got
Synopsis Brother and sister catch up on things recently. Brother is desperate to cling to family.
Date February 17

Dorchester Tower Apartments - Harmony's Apartment

Long strips of polished wood merge seamlessly together and run through the foyer like a sheet of black ice. The mirrored finish pools into an open living room, drowning the adjacent kitchen in sunless hues offset only by a wall of burnt sienna cabinets glowing hot and bright as candles against the contrast of dark wood floors and onyx countertops-with a marbled obsidian finish so thirsty that even the three dangling lights directly above the kitchen island seem to be soaked up In the absence of daylight.

But the dark tide stems at the borders of two bedrooms, where thresholds mark the separation from public living spaces to private, beige carpeted, floors. The nearly-white tone that neutralizes the rooms is only a few shades cooler than the near-white painting every wall in the condo. The room to the right of the main space is small and simple: elegant - sharing a floor to ceiling window with the back wall of the living room, its own private bathroom and walk-in closet - but nothing compared to the master bedroom just to the right of the common room.

Another miniature foyer leads into this room, passing a den that's been converted into a musical storehouse for an army of instruments-although the vague remnants of a trophy room can be seen in the glass cases and wall mounts which now hold guitars and autographed records: somewhere in the back of the en, a single football poster remains, but it's been tattered and dirtied beyond recognition and obscured beyond notice.

Across from the den is the guest bathroom and a set of closets. Farther on is the master room itself, a wide space with ample room, a king size bed, enormous private bath, and terrace-the view from which is no small thing, given this fifth floor bungalow has been recently remodeled and still smells like fresh construction materials-which is to say, what it lacks in penthouse floor stature, it more than makes up for in penthouse floor accommodations.

A few sofas and some rugs invite guests to wait in the living room. There's a large plasma screen mounted to the wall opposite the bar, and an astounding view from the large windows overlooking one of the few functioning places left in New York City.

Room Plan Here:

Harmony is in the bathroom by the time he comes by. One of those days where she doesn't feel very well, so she hasn't so much as stepped outside of her door. It has been one heck of a week for her, since the party that they had gone to. Her neighbors have complained about ghosts and evolved being rather belligerent, though with no real indication, they don't know that the harsh thoughts they received were Harmony. Just the presence of another mind makes her jaw set firmly, angrily, regardless as to who it is. She has gotten exceptionally irritated with this telepathic ability. Coming out of the bathroom and moving to the door, she opens it, and the look on her face as she looks at her brother shows just what she is going through.

As his eyes fall on her, he can't help but smirk, "Someone had a rough night? And in your state should you be all on your feet anyways?" As he walks into the apartment, he releases the bags they float into the kitchen glowing that dark aura around them. Nate moves to wrap his arms around Harmony's waste and begins to direct her into the livingroom towards the couch.

She tenses when she is touched, almost like she is ready to toss her cookies all over him, her fists tighten and she takes in a long, dramatic breath. It takes her a second to keep from losing it, and as tired as she is, she doesn't really struggle to move to the couch. "I'm going nuts. I almost couldn't even get out of bed this morning. But trust me, I did, in a hurry. Don't even get me started." she waves her hands a little and flops down on the couch. "What did you bring?"

As he sets his sister on the couch, Nate walks into the kitchen and begins to take out the things from the bags. "I stopped by the Piggly Wiggly. I got you some tea to settle your stomach. I got you baby tylenol for the cramps since you cant really take anything too strong but it will help with the edge. I got some fruit, fluff, and a few others things that should comfort you." As he begins to set a few things in the fridge Nate asks, "When was the last time you have eatten?"

She firmly places one hand over her face, squeezing her entire nose and closing her eyes, clearing her vision so things stop spinning for a bit. "Honestly? I think it was last night, just before bed. I'm not hungry in the morning, and after a certain period, if I don't eat, I usually won't." she reaches for the television remote at the other end of the couch. But it is a little farther than she wants to go right now, so she only ends up reaching helplessly. Groaning and giving up after a second. "I feel like complete and utter crap. And I'm so tired of this emotional shit. People's thoughts just set. Me. Off anymore."

As he turns in time to see his sister want the remote, Nate doesn't have the finesse to grab it with his telekinesis yet he can tip the couch upwards so it will slide down to her. "Hold on." As the couch raises up slowly the remote should move towards her as he sighs, "You need to eat or try too. I will make something that will be easy on your stomach and this way I know are ok. It should settle your stomach too. Mom always had me eat it when I needed comfort food."

When the couch starts to move, Harmony makes a face, and she reaches out quickly to hold onto the back and the cushions, half expecting it to go flying and make things worse. The remote sliding and falling at her feet before her, now within grabbing range. She suddenly doesn't want it as badly, and just shrugs and leaves it there, flopping back on the couch. "Ugh. Mom.." she sighs and shakes her head, "I totally wish I could talk to her right now. She could really have been a big help." Even thinking about her mother illicits a response from her. The girl pursing her lips rightly, a tear escaping down her cheek. "I'll try. If I start eating, I'll be able to finish it. It's the starting that is the issue."

As the couch end lowers, Nate says, "Some oatmeal with honey and slices of bananas it is then." He turns and sighs softly seeing the reaction he causes Harmony when he mentioned their mother as he begins to gather the needed materials to make her some food. "Besides the morning sickness which will pass from what I understand…how are things going? Have you told the father yet?"

"Yep." she says while drawing in a long breath through her nose, a reverse sigh of sorts, "I have. Just as soon as I was sure what was going on. The doctor, puts me at about three months, which means this happened before the power swap. So, as radioactive as I normally am. I guess it doesn't effect me terribly. Which.. makes sense, seeing as how I'm normally immune to radiation, my cells." she rests her head back on the arm of the couch, her hair hanging down the side. "We've discussed names, actually. Even if— Well we have to kinda keep it a secret."

Nate cocks an eyebrow as he pauses in the making of the food and asks, "Is it who you think it is for the father and how can you have picked names. You don't know what your having or….do you with the telepathy and all?"

This question sits with her a little uneasily. Her shoulders rising and tightening as she makes a wince, "That.. that part is what makes me a little weird. So far, I haven't picked up anything, but I know it's coming at any time. How— how do I deal with that? Being about to hear my own child's thoughts way before they're even born. I don't imagine anyone could be prepared for that. But yeah.. The father is just who I suspected. We were sitting around, picking names for boys and girls, for whatever it will be. He was partial to Victor for a boy. I thought perhaps Jesse initially. For a girl.. well.. I considered Kyrie, or even Lily, after mom."

As he pauses and smiles at Harmony a sincere and warm smile. "I like Lily. Mom would be honored that if you had a girl you would name her that….not crazy about Victor. Sounds like a bully…Jesse." As he does a spin he begins to sing Rick Springfield's Jesse's Girl! He stops and shakes his head, "Its ok yet not my favorite. Why not Lyrik or Bastian?"

Laughter comes from her in the form of a chuckle. After which she finds that she is a little sorry that she did it, the room spinning for her a little. "Lyrik? That is a little presumptuous, don't you think. Harmony and Lyrik. We're already apart of rock legacy, don't want to add a musical theme on top of a musical history. But Bastian is a name I thought about myself, yeah. Well, of course it'd be Sebastian, but you know how that goes. I'd go with Steven, but you kinda already got dad's name, so that'd be redundant." All the talk of names brings her mind off of things for a moment, but then, she recalls a discussion that was had, and her mood darkens a little. "My life and or the baby's life could be in a bit of danger." she mentions.

As he walks slowly back into the livingroom holding a bowl that smells amazing of oatmeal, honey, slices of banana with a touch of cinnamon. He plops down on he couch and holds it out for Harmony to take as he asks with a slightly raises eyebrow, "What are you talking about. What did Cardinal do now?"

Her brows furrow together with a small twitch on one side, the subject going from sketchy to very sensitive for her. "This whole thing is just a complicated mess." She reaches to take the bowl from him, using her spoon to stir it around a bit and stare into it. "I thought that.. you know.. I'd do it right: meet someone nice, get married, then have children. Not end up pregnant because of irresponsibility, passion with someone that has a much more complicated love life than I do. Plus.." she frowns, "There are a lot of people who want Cardinal dead, and a future version of himself, from an alternate timeline, wants to do things to turn him into some kind of monster like him. He is certain that these people, if they knew he were the father, would probably try to kill me or the baby, out of some attempt to get to him. I'm— inclined to believe him. The person who swapped my power? It was that alternate future self of his."

Nate runs a hand through his hair as he takes a deep breath and sighs, "Well shit. I thought I had issues not knowing what to wear this morning or the coffee guy is gay or not by the way he flirts with me." He looks at Harmony with concern, "In your state you cant go play super hero until you have the baby then…what is Cardinal doing to protect you? What is this Skyler or Syler of whatever comes at you again? Something tells me that he doesn't trust me enough to watch you at his office…maybe I should be protecting you here."

A thought does make her smile, as slight as it is, "He told me if I needed anything at all, just let him know. It sounds like he is willing to be there, which is a little more than I could actually have hoped for, given how things have turned out." she shrugs with just an idle gesture, "And yeah, you're right, I shouldn't go zooming out to safe the day, nor should I use any of my more intense stunts when I get my ability back. The baby might not be as immune to radiation as I am. As for Sylar, I think I'm safe. He wasn't after me to begin with, so I don't think he even knows of my existence. Which is good." she starts in on her oatmeal. "But Richard doesn't trust very mean people, but he is trying to get you connected with some people, so that is a good thing."

Nate snorts as he says, "I am staying here for awhile and your hot roommate will just have to get over that until I know your safe." As he stands up he walks back into the kitchen , "Eat…I will make you some tea to settle your stomach." As he moves to get the tea, "What kind of people are you talking about?"

She wrinkles her nose a little as she looks up at him. "You know.. I haven't seen Jason in a long while. I'm half convinced he moved out actually. Which I guess, is fine really. He had a tendency to get on my nerves." She takes another few bites of her oatmeal. "You're welcome to stay around if you want. He can get upset if he wants. Richard might feel better about it too." Indicating that there is a bit of concern on his part. "And I'm not quite sure which people. He just mentioned something about people he knew, something about a Ferry."

Nate shrugs as he says, "Richard has no say in the matter. I am your brother and I am staying to make sure your safe." As he continues to make the tea he pops his head over the counter and says, "A Ferry for the fairy? He has a sick sense of humor that man. Anyways…what did you think of the concert the other night?"

"I think it might be a little more important than that. At least from how he made it sound to me. Knowing Richard, it is. He is pretty on the level when it comes to things." She gets through about half of her food before she really doesn't want it anymore, despite how she hasn't eaten much. "You can call him and ask him if you want. I guess it would be better coming from him, rather than me. I barely know much as it is."

Nate nods and shrugs, "You want me to call Richard and tell him that I am staying with and acting as your bodyguard or ask him about this Ferry? I am confused. You know the blonde and all." He smirks as he brings in the tea cup and sets it down and says, "At least eat the banana's. It is good for you."

"Obviously. I'm talking about the Ferry thing. There isn't much say he has when it comes to family matters, at least not with me and you." She shrugs and sorta starts picking through the oatmeal, rather than eating it. "It's just that at some point, I'm gonna have to stop being the middle man, and Richard is really so busy with saving the world, that it is probably best if you go ahead and contact him yourself." To her, the bananas look gross now, all mushy in a bowl of mush. Her taste changing that quick. "So what about your ability? Have you been practicing?"

As he shrugs, "On and off. I cant do small things. That is why I lifted the couch. If I try to grab the remote it will crush it, fling it, or make it explode. What I lack in finesse I have gained in strength I guess. It has always been that way. I pushed a Prius once out of the way from getting hit."

Harmony hrms, "That is a little different than mine. I mean, in comparison to Ted Spargue, someone who had the same power as I did, I have more control, but I lack a little in the power that he had. Of course, he ended up losing control of his power and wound up killing people around him, so I guess I can't complain." she shrugs her shoulders, "But maybe, with a little help from me, you can fix that. Your powers are obviously emotionally activated, but so are mine, and I've learned to control my emotions pretty well." she pauses and frowns, "Well.. right now they're a little out of whack, but that's hormones."

Nate shrugs as he sighs, "When I have lost my temper I did lose control of my power badly once." The images of Nate crying with a beautiful black man dead at his feet. A second man lifted into the air and slammed into an oncoming train flash in Harmony's head. Nate looks down at his lap as he says softly, "However, most of the time I have it under control. I have not ever intentionally hurt someone if that is what your curious about."

Harmony is quite familiar with what happens to people close to you when you lose control of your powers. She didn't really describe to him the gory details of the day on the plane when they lost their parents. Sure, it was her power, but she could describe every single moment rather thoroughly. Which she has spared him of so far. "No, that isn't really what I mean. Thought I guess it should be a concern. Accidents happen, and it'd be nice if we could limit them occurring." she sighs softy, "But I guess it's okay that you haven't intentionally used your power on someone. I have.. On a guy I knew, actually. I attended an underground pit fight for evolved, and I won my match."

Nate cocks an eyebrow as his sister reveals that information, "Why would you do that Harmony? You could have seriously gotten hurt." His tone starts to grow in anger, "How do you know if the power he might have could not have killed you instantly." Nate growls in frustration.

For now, she is pretty relaxed and nonchalant as she tends to be, with a small lift of her shoulders and a smirk, "Because I was immune to his power. Luke had the power to emit microwaves, which is something I can do, and is also a form of radiation, which meant it didn't affect me. He was a bit better than me in the fighting department, but I still was able to win." she pushes a hand back through her blond curls, "Besides, it wasn't a fight to the death. It wasn't allowed. I am a big girl, you know. I can afford a little trouble every now and then."

Nate snorts like canvas ripping as he looks at her with annoyance. He sits back and says, "No your not. Your my only family left and I would be devasted if I lost you. I would not know what would happen. Do you understand me?" As he sighs and stands up he moves to lean over and kiss her on the head. "I am gonna run to my apartment and get a few things so I am comfortable while I am staying here. You need anything else while I am out?"

Normally, she wouldn't put too much of a worry on his concern for her, seeing as how reckless she can be, though these are hormonal and very emotional times, so his words sorta cut her the wrong way, and her face twists like she might start to cry for a moment. She bites her bottom lip to keep from breaking down, just slowly nodding her head. "I'll be alright." she shakes her head in response to his question. "The spare keys are hanging up near the counter."

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