You're Forgiven


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Scene Title You're Forgiven
Synopsis Koshka continues feeling the effects of poor choices and Brian offers some fatherly advice.
Date February 22, 2011

Bay House

It's a sleepy hour, bakeries might be up and working, readying for opening, coffee shops will be starting business soon. But houses are still sleeping, for another hour at least. The Bay House is no different. Normally. While assumably everyone else is still sleeping, the resident teenager is awake and working.

Still in the same clothes she'd had on the day before, Koshka doesn't seem to have gone to bed. Though she had been doing all she could to dodge notice, her presence is in evidence. A couple of rooms have turned up clean, scrubbed and dusted and left ready for the next course of fixing up. But this morning she's in the kitchen, doing the simple task of tidying, running a rag over the counter tops and other surfaces.

"Have you spoken with him?"

The question comes out from the darkness, Brian eventually appearing in the kitchen. He's dressed better this morning, a thick sweater pulled over his chest. Hands tucked into his jean pockets. A black beanie-cap pulled down to his brow. The young man takes a few languid steps into the kitchen before going to hop up onto the counter. Hands spreading out to grip the side of the counter. Bringing up a fist he stifles a yawn with one fist.

The cleaning efforts continue, Koshka's head lowering a little further at Brian's appearance, not quite a nod. "Yeah," she says quietly. She turns slightly, lifting the rag to work it over the front of the fridge, particular attention paid to the detail around the handles. "…He called. We… we're not…" A shrug, a small lifting of her shoulders, finishes the sentence.

Sitting there for a moment, Brian slides off the counter. "What? He disappointed with you?" Winters asks gently, moving away from the counter to circle the woman quietly. Standing in front of her with his hands climbing up. Folding his arms over his stomach, he dips his chin down to his chest.

"Yeah." Koshka's hand stills on one of the fridge handles, recalling the phone call. "He hates me now… and… It's over… All of it. It'll never happen again." She picks at the fridge, finger rubbing over a small dimple in its surface.

Brian's hand falls on Koshka's, pulling her hand down. His other arm wraps around back pulling her into him. Both arms pull her into a tight embrace up against him. Though there are reassurances to give her, they are stayed for now. A deep breath is taken as he wraps her up in a hug.

"I'm sorry I let you and Sam down," Koshka says as she's pulled into an embrace. "I'm sorry I was stupid and… for everything." The hug isn't exactly returned, feeling too disappointed with herself to allow herself that much, though she does touch her forehead to Brian's chest. "You were right and… I was stupid, I didn't listen."

"You're alright Kosh. You're alright. If he is mad at you, because you're not going to break the law. Because you're not going to do things how he wants you to do them. And he can't understand that? He's an idiot." Brian holds her in the embrace before finally letting go. Straightening up. "You're forgiven Koshka. And you're always going to have a place with us, alright?" He reminds with a light little smile. Bringing up his hand he goes to give her head a little ruffle. "I don't want you to worry about that at all."

Koshka nods, sinking back a partial step to lean against the fridge. "He didn't understand that… why I'd choose this over stealing. He… I don't know." Drawing in a wavering breath, she brushes the back of a hand across her eyes. "Sami told me she wants me to stay here with you two and the other kids."

"I want you to stay too." Brian murmurs, going to lean against the counter. "You're safe here. And Kosh… Stealing." He shakes his head. "Especially when you're one of us? You won't go to regular jail, Kosh. No lawyers nothing. It's called a black bag. Dangerous Evolved are black bagged and they disappear? You don't believe me. Ask anyone who was at Moab. A secret prison for Evolved." Brian explains gently. "You don't want that Kosh."

Tilting her head slightly, Koshka looks up at Brian. "I didn't… it didn't seem that bad. Wallets and… it wasn't big, wasn't going to be…" She folds her arms across her chest, gaze turning downward. "It's never going to happen again. Ever. Even if it's the only way of survival it'll never happen again. I'll… I'll register first."

"Do you have anything that you need to give back?" Brian asks, placing his hands on the counter, leaning back some. "And.. I appreciate your sentiment, Koshka. But you promised me this once already. I've forgiven you, and I want you here. But you have to prove to me that I can believe your word, now."

A wince responds to the broken promise. Koshka raises a hand slightly, enough to brush against one cheek. "I know," she says quietly. Then smaller still, "I have a wallet from some guy.. It's got …I didn't take anything out of it."

"We're taking it back." Brian tells her cleanly. Casting her a sidelong glance. "And.. Don't kill yourself cleaning okay? You're grounded, not sentenced to Cinderella duty. I'm going back to bed, alright? But.. later today? We're taking the wallet back." And with that Brian is headed for his room.

"Can't we just mail it," Koshka asks too softly for anyone but herself to hear. She already knows the answer, though. With a sigh, she leaves the rag on the counter to find her own room and the stolen goods.

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