You're Homeland


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Scene Title You're Homeland
Synopsis Magnes checks with Carrie to see if there is anything she can do to help find Bella
Date October 19, 2009

Magnes' Room

Not wanting to be seen talking about this by any officers, Magnes chose the most secure area he knows to meet Carrie, his place. It's still early in the evening, and she'll recognize most of the stuff in his room. The posters, the two beanbag chairs, all the comics in bookcases, and the video games. He sits in the Superman beanbag, wearing a dark blue Superman shirt with a neon blue S on the front, some black jeans, and a pair of black sneakers. The door's unlocked for her, and all she was told on the phone was that he needed to discuss something important.

Given the time, it smells very much like pizza in his room, despite not actually having any in there.

Admittedly, Carrie should have refused… made up some sort of excuse, but the older woman has a bit of a weakness for the kid. So she decided to do as he asked, curious about what he needed to talk about. There is a soft knock on his door before she lets herself in. "Varlane?" A quick search finds him quickly enough. "Alright. You got me here." She shuts the door behind her and quickly locks it."I feel a bit weird coming to your place like that…" She sniffs. "How can you stand living over a pizza place all the time?"

"I've lived here off and on for almost three years, so I guess it's like how sewer workers don't really notice the smell anymore." Magnes holds his hand out to the black Batman beanbag, both in front of the entertainment system. "Alright, so, my therapist, Bella, she's missing. I filed a report, but I just can't sit on my thumbs waiting for them to do something. You're Homeland, isn't there some way you can help me?"

Eyeing the beanbag like he's crazy, Carrie moves to sit where he's indicated, landing with a soft oof. Shifting about to get comfortable, she finally settles with a sigh. "You need to be some real chairs kiddo." Fingers tap lightly on her knees, "Bella? Not sure what I can do… I can probably check with a few people to see what they have heard. But beyond that not sure… I can't make any promises I'll find out anything."

"Her full name is Isabella Sheridan, she's a psychiatrist. She's not married or even dating from what we talk about. She's missed an appointment and I can't get a hold of her at all. She'd have told me if she had to change appointments or was sick or something." Magnes sounds genuinely worried, suggesting that Bella's moved beyond therapist and into friend/mentor territory. "Is there anything I can do?"

"I.. wish I knew what to tell you." Carrie says softly. Her teeth catch at her bottom lip and worries it a bit in thought. "Have the NYPD gotten any clues at all?" Carrie seems genuinely stumped. "Without at least some sort of lead. Maybe video footage somewhere like near her apartment building or place of practice? Beyond that, I'm not sure, Maggie boy."

"I filed a report, but that was only this morning, it might be days before there's an investigation." Magnes quickly stands, holding a hand out to help her up. "I'm gonna go check for cameras. You're homeland, you have my authority than me, can't you like, I don't know, flash your homeland badge so we can view tapes? I mean there's the Patrioc Act and all…"

"Truth be told.. I have wider jurisdiction, but not anymore authority then you." Carrie takes the hand and lets him pull her up, easier then looking like an idiot getting up on her own. "My suggestion to you." She lightly pokes a finger against his chest, "Go to the detective in charge of the case. See what they are planning. I can tell you now, the NYPD tends to get their backs up when it comes to Homeland hedging in on their territory."

"I can try and see if they've got someone on the case tomorrow. Sorry, I don't mean to like, go outside the system or anything, I'm just worried about her." Magnes heads for the door once he gets her up, holding it open for her. "Sorry for dragging you over here, I know you barely know me, but I figured if I know someone from Homeland, why not? But we should probably go, my girlfriend might whip out her shotgun if she sees a strange woman up here."

There is a small smile on her face as she follows the young man to the door. When he looks at her, she gives him a big grin and rests a hand on his shoulder. "Magnes… From you I don't expect any less." The hand drops away after giving his shoulder a squeeze. "Your a good kid. Keep your nose clean and try to get shot less."

"I've started using this thing called cover, it's much better than doing cool Final Fantasy flips." Magnes jokes as he sees her down to the second door, smiling as if she's an old friend. It feels like that for some inexplicable reason. "So, I'll see you on the range. Oh, and totally put a good word in with FRONTLINE if you've got anything to do with that!" he's only half-serious, but he's doing everything he can to get in good with them.

"Yeah, not sure I have much pull there." Carrie say with a chuckle. "Keep up with the cover, it'll keep you alive to hopefully see your first kid." Stepping out the door, she gives him a soft smile, an affectionate one much like he got when he was her trainee. Of course, he wouldn't remember that."I'll see you at the range." She fishes out keys and turns to head for her jeep.

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