You're So Good To Me


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Scene Title You're So Good To Me
Synopsis Kaylee stops by Doyle's theater to say goodbye and apologize for the fact she won't be there to help him refurbish the place.
Date September 29, 2009

Puppet Theatre (Under Construction)

Leaving her apartment, Kaylee decided last minute to drop in on the puppet man. Being late, she doesn't plan on staying long, but she feels bad that she's up and leaving after offering her help on getting the little theater up and running. As the taxi pulls up the to curb, she leans forward to ask him to wait before slipping out of the vehicle.

Letting herself into the theater, Kaylee walks softly since it's later then normal, but she still calls out. "Jason?" She still uses his cover name out of politeness. Moving towards the stage, she pushes blond hair behind her ear, though some of the strands clings to her damp cheek. The walk from the taxi obviously working her out. She looks worse then the last time. Pale, possibly thinner from the lack of steady diet.. and dark circles around her eyes.

The lights are on in the theatre, flourescent lighting that's been carefully shuttered to shine on the stage rather than the rest of the room to keep the focus upon the show that one day will be held there. The stage's reconstruction is finished, at least the facade, a fantastical framework of wooden 'towers' rising up to either side and a crosswalk between them hidden from view by woodwork. Painting's begun, the framework's bottom on one side painted in matte grey and darker lines are being drawn with more careful brushes to form 'stones' that make it up.

As the door's opened, Eric Doyle sits in the midst of the curtain of light on the stage, his legs swinging off the edge and one hand holding a flatbread sandwich that he's just taken a bite of when the door opened. Eyes roll upwards from his dinner to the young woman who's entered, shoulders hunching briefly and then relaxing once recognition sets in. He chews, swallows, and then holds up his other hand, which holds a fuzzy blue hand-puppet with googly eyes.

"Hello, Kaylee," states a squeaky voice as its mouth moves, proving in the process that Doyle isn't the best ventriloquist in the world, lips moving a little, "What brings you by?"

A small smile tugs at the corner of her lip, when she sees him there. She doesn't attempt to hop up to seat on the stage like normal, she only leans on it. "Hey. I came by to apologize, actually." She glances at the puppet and them him, looking amused. "I'm kind of… disappearing for awhile. I'm not getting any better, so I'm getting away till I can figure it out or something." She nods to the puppet. "Newest?"

"Disa— disappearing?" Doyle leans forward slightly with a furrow to his brow, pulling the puppet off his hand and lovingly folding it up to set to one side, "But why? What…" His brow smooths, and he leans back, gaze hooding heavy as he observes grimly, "…it's Adam, isn't it?"

"Possibly him, yeah." Kaylee affirms, her eyes watching him with the puppet. Her arms move to rest on the stage, taking a lot of weight off her feet. "Not totally for certain, but better safe then sorry. And since I'm sure Adam won't just let me walk away.. I'm disappearing on the suggestion of Dr Lynwood, cause I'm getting a lot worse. Especially when it comes to Adam… So she told me of a place to go. So we'll see what happens."

One hand lifts up to rub against the side of his face and temple, Eric's eyes closing as he rubs at the headache beginning to form somewhere within his skull. "I doubt he'd just let you walk away, he won't let me walk awa… wait." The movement of his fingers on his face pause, one eye cracking open to regard Kaylee in sudden surprise, "…Doctor… what?"

"Exactly.. hence why I'm leaving without him knowing. And why I'm not telling you where I'm going. I just feel bad since I promised to help…." Kaylee trails off watching him, an hand lefts so she can prop her chin on her hand, fingers curled. "Doctor Lynwood. Brook Lynwood? Adam hired her. I like her. She's been really nice.. and has been keeping my illness a secret."

The puppeteer just stares at her for a long moment… and then his shoulders shake in quiet laughter, his hand sliding down from his face to rest on the stage's edge. He pushes off, sliding with a rasp of paint-spattered pants on wood to land beyond its edge with a slap of his shoes against the polished wooden floor.

"Brooke, Brooke, Brooke… oh, I should have known, I really should've," a grin curves its way across his lips, head cocking to one side at Kaylee, "…will you be meeting the good doctor where you're going, then?"

"Didn't sound like it?" Kaylee offers with a shrug, uncertain. Her hands slap on the stage and she pushes away from the stage. "But who knows. Though if she tells Adam it was her that sent me away, he might have her tailed." She turns to lean her backside against the stage, brows lifted. "You know her?" She asks curiously, though his reaction seems to give her the answers.

"Oh, we're old friends," Doyle replies with a broadening grin, seeming more… alive and energetic than she's seem him to date, his head cracking to one side, then the other as both hands come together in a clap, rubbing against one another, "You should call her, have her meet you there. I'll come along, make sure there's no problems. Monroe's little friends— " One hand lifts, fingers wriggling in a dismissive brush, "— you won't need to worry about them if they show up. I can take care of them."

Kaylee thinks about this and looks uncertain, head turning slightly as she regards him. "I could give you her number, if your friends." Her head tilts slightly, hands moving to rests behind her back, pressed against the side of the stage. "I mean as it is.. I have no idea what I'm walking into."

"Oh, come on, now…" A throaty chuckle rises up from his gut, trailing off in a fading note as he offers her a wide half-grin, one brow arching, "…think of it as an adventure. Besides, if you're worried what you're walking into… wouldn't you want a friend along?" He takes a step over, leaning a hand on the stage's edge and leaning in, giving her wide doe's eyes, "Please?"

You'd think the blonde would be smart enough to lean away, but Kaylee holds her ground giving him a smirk. "I just don't think it's a good idea tonight." The looks she gives him is significant and then she leans over a bit as well. "How about this….." Her eyelids drop a bit, her smile widening a bit. "I'll do my thing. Meet this person. I need to call her and let her know I'm safe anyhow.. then I'll arrange a meeting. Hmm?"

"Just don't tell her it's me, blondie," the puppeteer implores, that sad-eyed look crinkling a bit at the edges as a smile curves beatifically on his lips, one hand raising up to tap a fingertip to her nose as she leans in a bit towards him, "I really want this to be a surprise…"

He gets a chuckle as he taps her nose, Kaylee straightens with a smirk. "Alright, Jason. I'll get back to you when I know something more." She smiles brightly, which is marred slightly by her sickly appearance, and lifts a hand to cross her heart. "Cross my heart.. Scouts honor and all that. I'll get back to you." She turns her head to look at the door and sighs. "The cab is waiting for me, I better go." Turning back to the puppet man, she gives him an apologetic smile. "I am sorry i won't be here to help. I'll make it up to you later."

"You're so good to me," Doyle replies with a beaming smile, his head briefly touching her shoulder in a lean before he pushes away— just as she does, hands spreading in a vague wave through the air, "Oh, it's all right." A smirk curls his lips, brows lifting, "I'm really used to going it on my own anyway. Let me know."

"Only cause I like you and what your doing." Kaylee teases a bit, before sighing. "Alright. Take care, I'll call you later." Hands get shoved into her leather jacket and she gives him a bright smile before turning to leave. "See ya later alligator." Her words echoing in the empty hall as she reaches the door and slips out.

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