You're Wrong


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Scene Title You're Wrong
Synopsis Two artists meet in the park, one afraid of doing it, the other encouraging.
Date December 26, 2009

Central Park

A close sided little tent is up on the grass beside the walkways in central park. To block out the wind and keep it a little warmer in the shelter from the cold, the sides have been put down. There's signs, portaits, 30 bucks. It's christmas and people might feel like splurging and while it's not like she needs the money, she could use some distraction from the itch in the back of her head for that little syringe of blue.

Wendy stands at the one open side of the tent, arms crossed and watching people walk by. Now and then staring at someone who goes by - someone with an evolved ability that catches her attention. She's not invited any of them in to talk and touch though.

Kendall has been turned out of the house to go 'get some fresh air', since he had lately had a tendancy to hide in his room all the time. He whined, he complained, but eventually out he went, and decided to go wander around Central Park. Apparently, fresh air is a sideaffect of freezing to death. Regardless, he notices someone displaying art in the park, and heads that way, taking a peek. He avoids looking at the artist, however, hands shoved deep in the pockets of his coat.

Maybe in Kendall weren't evolved, she might be willing to let him go unnoticed. But he shines like a beacon in her extra sense when he hits her personal radar which only intensifies when he's near. "Hey. You're welcome to look around" Her hair is back, black hair in a ponytail with trimmed bangs. very pin up. "Names Wendy. Anything catching your eye?" The tall artist asks, offering her hand out to him.

Kendall jerks his gaze away from one particular piece of art to stare at Wendy's hand. Huh. "Ah… not really. I'm studying to become an artist myself, but… not recently." he lifts a hand halfheartedly to shake hers, flickering a look up to her face before looking away. Maybe he's shy…

There's a sense of seeing, seeing something that isn't there. Not that she see's something that isn't there. Eyes narrow a bit in thought before she lets go of his hand from the firm shake. "Another artist huh? Why haven't you? You need to keep practicing or it'll rust. your skills that is"

Wendy's hand swings towards the tent proper, an invitation to enter and see everything else, and the easel with pastels and charcoal and pencils within.

Whoa. He just met her and she's inviting him into her tent? Kendall shrugs his shoulders uneasily. "I have other things to do. I still do stuff on the computer, so it's not like I don't do anything at all." his gaze goes to the drawing supplies, and he nibbles on his lower lip. "I… well, I'm a bit busy with school and such, so drawing isn't as important as trying to get into college." didn't he just say he aspired to be an artist?

"Oh, oh, now I cry bullshit at that" Wendy grins, dipping into the tent leaving him outside. He can either come in, or take off. "I tried college, hell I did art college. Did nothing for me. But just because you're going to school, doens't mean you can't still indulge in a good old fashioned session of pencil to paper" She talks loudly.

"Well I've got a block on it. Nothing I draw turns out good." Kendall replies immediately, taking a step back. "Everything I've drawn lately has been crap so I'm taking a little break." He doesn't move beyond the step, though, still looking at the easel as if reluctant to leave because of that.

"Is ti because your drawings just aren't up to par with the illusions you create?" Wendy settles down on a stool, opposite the easel, and a gesture for him to take up the seat in front of the business end of the easel. "I Want a picture of myself, enlighten me, draw me. Hell, i'll pay you the 30 bucks I charge others. I wanna see how good you are"

"With the /what/?" Kendall exclaims, tearing his gaze away from the easel to stare at Wendy. "I don't create anything but stuff on a piece of paper." he's also a terrible liar. "I can't… it won't be good. At all. Most definitely not worth thirty dollars."

"Hey, i'll determine if its' worth the thirty bucks. Sit, come on, humor me will you. I'm Wendy hunter. I got sculptures parked in buildings and I'm sure as hell not parked out here on a cold day for money. I'm doing it cause it's fun. So humor me and i'll tell you why I know what you can do" There's pause as she crosses one tight covered leg over the other, skirt hitting mid thigh. "And I promise, I haven't been stalking you"

"Kendall Cunningham." he admits reluctantly as he shifts from foot to foot. He sneaks a glance as she crosses her legs, then hastily averts his gaze, pinking slightly. "Well, I suppose it wouldn't hurt.. just a portrait. Don't be offended if it's not attractive…?"

"Look at these eyes" Wendy points to her face. "And these lips. I am not a super model." She could have been a model. Tho overall combination. "My brothers call me 'fish' so don't worry, I won't be offended. Come on, I want to see your talent"

Kendall reluctantly steps into the tent, looking at all the art supplies. His hands hesitate over several different types, before settling on the different grades of charcoal. With another glance towards her, he clears his throat and moves towards the easel. Staring at it, as if by doing it'll draw itself, he nevertheless starts sketching, studying her face and then switching to the easel. Every so often he'd falter and look away from it, then gradually starts again, continuing where he left off. Finally at the end, he sets the piece of charcoal down and absently rubs the dust off his fingers, looking at the picture. Reluctantly, he turns it to face her. It's almost professional level, but he left out a big part: the eyes are nothing but white spots in the face. "Sorry, I… can't do anymore."

"Why can't you finish it?" Wendy eases up from the stool, glancing at the portrait, studying it. Lips are pursed here and there an a hmm comes from said lips before she grins. "It looks like a mask, without the eyes done up." WEndy crosses her arms, looking at kendall. "Don't want to put the eyes in? Nervous about doing them? Not your strong suit?"

"I just don't feel like I should draw a person's eyes because I can't ever get the expression right. It doesn't make them come to life." he gulps a little at the last admission. "Figuratively speaking, of course." Kendall hastens to add.

Ohh. See, he added the 'figuratively' at the end of that. "That how it works?" Wendy gestures with a finger to the painting. "Your evolved ability. This your trigger or your focus?" She bypasses Kendall, rooting around in her purse for a few moments before she comes out with a compact. Down into the seat he just occupied, and the same pencil he used. The mirror held up so she can see her own eyes.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Kendall shifts his feet nervously. "I'm not one of /them/." he takes several steps away from her. "My dad thinks they should all be rounded up and, well, locked away or something." aha.

"That's what some people think. Others really like it. Some don't give a flying fuck. Me? Me I say embrace it. It's another thing to make you unique. Know what I felt when I shook your hand? Heck, right now, you Kendall, are lighted up in a sixth sense the moment you walked within about.. fifty feet of me. When I touched your hand it was like, a sense of seeing things that weren't there. I got that before, when I touched another illusionist. So I'm betting, I'll lay it down, that you, you are an illusionist" All this without glancing at him, drawing in her eyes instead.

"It's what I do, my ability. I can sense evolveds and when I touch them, shake their hands, I can figure out what it is that they do"

Kendall takes another step back, shoving his hands in his pockets as if they betrayed him. "That's a lie, I can't do anything. Nothing at all. You must be seeing things. I can't… I don't… I'm not a freak!"

And here's another one. Denying. "Fine then, I'm wrong" THe mirror is clapped shut and tossed towards her purse. "Because I know, that I'm always right." She fishes around in another bin, digging for a little square of paper that's printed with her name, number, buisness card really and offers it up. "Here, for when you realize that i'm right"

The business card is stared at, then Kendall snatches it and runs off. Totally in denial.

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