You Seem Familiar


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Scene Title You Seem Familiar
Synopsis Brian advises Helena of another Vanguard turncoat.
Date January 9, 2009

New York Public Library - Rooftop

Roof. Again.

Except now it's Brian trying to get away from everyone else. He's dressed snugly, coat and scarf, he doesn't control the temperature like Helena. He's sitting against the barrier of the roof. A gun is held in his hands, it's taken apart. The young replicator seems to be attempting to put it back together. It's evening, the stars.. if they could be seen are just coming out.
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Helena of course is not expecting anyone to be up on her sanctuary. She recovered well from Conrad getting her completely plastered and save for the sobered surprise though not entire dismay of the new decor on her shoulderblade and a faint queasiness in the morning, she's been managing just fine. Oh, and of course, a sore shoulder. She's wearing one of her lightest shirts, and warm temperature comes with her, at least for a twenty or so foot radius. She blinks in surprise when she sees who's keeping company with the stars. "Hey, Brian." she calls amicably.

"Hey." He calls back in return.

With her arrival he starts to unwrap the scarf from around his neck, letting the pieces of the gun remain in his lap for now. "How you feeling?" He asks, patting the ground next to him, indicating that she should take a seat.

"I've been to see Abby." Helena confesses. "Teo was the Smithers to my Burnes, and all that's left is a bit of a scar." She folds herself into a seated position by his side. "So a lot better. And Conrad took me out last night. Which is kind of hazy, but I think that's indicative of a good time."

Nodding in approval, he moves one arm up to go over her shoulders. Wrap her in a sidehug just for a second before he brings it back into his lap. "Good." He says softly. "You saved me, you know." He confesses in return, arching a brow at her. "You don't have to feel guilty about getting me killed anymore." Even though the topic is deadly serious, a playful smile accompanies his words.

Helena makes a little whimpery sound when he hugs her as he lays that arm right across her newly tattoo'd shoulder. It doesn't smart too badly, but she wasn't expecting it. She gives him a faintly puzzled smile. "How's that?" she asks, and then suddenly. "Oh. Well. As long as there's another you about, but I wouldn't want to be so callous about putting any of you in mortal danger for the sake of convenience."

A little smirk, he gives a little shake of his head. "Anyway. I was going to come lookin' for you in a minute." Brian says softly, tilting his head back. "I got something to tell you."

Helena's eyes widen a little. "Sounds serious. You're not quitting, right?" She smiles faintly, but it does set off a little panic alarm in her head.

A little chuckle is let out at that. "Wouldn't that be a relief for you?" He asks with a grin. "No, no good news like that." Brian informs, turning his head to look at her fully. "I was approached by one of Volken's guys."

Helena gives him a scowl at the first query, and then blinks in surprise. "Approached." she says carefully, and then, "Tell me everything. Every little bit of detail. And understand you may have to repeat it."

"The Teleporter." Brian informs. "He said Eileen got attacked. That Kazimir is targetting his own people. He says Volken has these big disastrous plans. But, we already know about that. He wants to kill Volken. And he wants our help." Brian says, slowly glancing over at the young woman.

Helena nods. "We're already aware of that. I need you to speak with Cat and give her everything you know so we can update the database. How did this guy know who you are to approach you?"

"I tried to tell you before." Brian says lightly, giving a little shrug. "He was one of the ones who fought with me at the church. Elias." The young man informs. Though the name is not said with distaste. Just another guy. "How are we aware of that if he just came to tell me?" He asks, with a little confusion.

"Because more than one of the Vanguard have been waving flags of semi-truce." Helena says. "If you've been keeping up with the database," she chides gently, "You'd know that."

"I.." There's no defense for that. Not paying attention is not paying attention. "Why can't we just be old fashioned and tell each other stuff?" He asks, giving a little hm. "Well, maybe Elias doesn't know the other guys are going rogue too?"

"Because there's so much information that no one but Cat can honestly keep up with it all." Helena says frankly. "When we went only by word of mouth, people felt left out of the loop, so now there's a means by which everyone can be kept up to date." She waggles her finger. "So send one of you to go read up, yeah?" Then quietly, "You seem…kind of familiar about him. Are you telling me everything?"

"How do I seem 'familiar'?" He asks a little increduously. Tell her that Elias is his next door neighbor? No thanks. Though it hurts him to deceive her, he isn't quite swayed to come clean yet. "Yeah. I will."

Helena shrugs. "The way you say his name." She leaves it at that, and doesn't push the topic. "I'm guessing you haven't seen Dr. Ray's write-up on the strategy to take down Volken? You feature prominently.

He gives a little shrug, "He fought me on a church roof. I guess I'm familiar with him." He shakes his head once she talks about strategies and his prominence. "What? What do I have to do?"

Helena admits, "I don't know yet. But you're on every team he's designed for his scheme." She lets out a soft laugh. "You really need to go check out the database. Especially with us relocating very soon to the Dispensary. And if the next words out of your mouth are 'What's the Dispensary' I'm going to poke you."

"Well you'll be glad to know that is not what I was going to say." Brian says smugly, folding his arms over his shoulder. "I was going to say what's a dispensary?" He gives a little grin before moving his eyes to look up at the sky. "Yeah, I'll go take a look."

Helena grins. "You'll see." she says, rising to her feet. "I'll talk to you later. I have to go put lotion on my shoulder."

"Seeya." Brian says casually, going back to fiddle with the disassembled gun in his lap.

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