You Shook Me All Night Long


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Scene Title You, Shook Me All Night Long
Synopsis New years eve at Old Lucy's
Date December 31, 2008

Old Lucy's

New Year's Eve at Lucy's is a similar affair as to any bar on the same day; it's louder, more crowded, extremely colorful and potentially a ruckus-filled evening. That is why Huruma is here. Isabelle seems to have brought the African on board just in time for that last holiday swamp.

While most bouncers will stand outside or inside the door, arms crossed, looking like someone stuck something where the sun doesn't shine- Huruma's methods have been different all evening. She'll hang around one part of the bar for a term, then get up and weave through the tables up to the bar, where she'll stop again; Izzy has no idea, but when Huruma is given a territory to guard, she guards it, guards it well, and looks great doing it. That is what Old Lucy's is all about, right?

Her most recent pit stop is at one corner of the bar, perched on the edge of a stool with one elbow propping her up into a curved, lounging position on the customer side of the counter top. The New Year for Huruma comes and goes like any other night, but she does make attempts to be content enough to enjoy the atmosphere itself. Gold is for Christmas, Silver is for New Year's- her dark skin contrasts with the silver of a fitted, low-cut vest, looped in a halter around her neck and matching the belt and laces on her pants and boots. Even the lids of her eyes and the sheen of her lips are tinted metallic, subtly and only enough to set off her features. Silver hoops rest on each wrist and in each ear; in a fit of dry humor, there is a choker around her long neck with a small gem bowtie with a pair of hanging satin tails. See? She can be…festive. If she so wants.

Abby's not anywhere near as prettied up. Or silver. Just a simple red tank top with 'Happy New Year' in crystals across her chest, jeans and boots. Save that she's got a new years cone hat perched on top of her head. Concession to the holidays, same as Christmas she wore reindeer antlers. "They seem to be behaving with you around Huruma" The blonde tries to offer some small talk when the silvered woman perches on her end of the bar. Like a lion, hunting and watching over the watering hole somewhere in the African desert. "Need anything to drink?" She pours a beer from the tap, tilting the glass just so, before passing it to a customer in exchange for money.

"I happen t'think it is b'cause they jus'don'want t'see wha'happens when they do /not/." Huruma has figured out quickly that to survive in this atmosphere, she also has to socialize, and socialize normally- not so much socialize to her personal specifications. She replies to Abby in her telltale velvet drawl, the stool underneath of her and those long legs swivelling just enough so that Abby can be kept in view with the rest of the bar. A lioness at a waterhole is rather accurate, considering. "No, Abigail. I am fine." Any other day, perhaps.

"Not even a soda?" She takes a moment to survey the festivities for that night that are keeping the woman hopping. Her mood on entering this evening has disappeared, and she's much better. "I don't think i'd enjoy seeing a shot glass embedded in someones forehead again either" The young baptist confesses. "You enjoying working here?" Curiosity compels her to ask that as she carries on with filling orders. Alot of beers tonight.

Huruma seems to coo with her next breath, lips curling in amusement. "He will b'picking glass ou'for weeks." Oh, yes he will. Pale eyes settle on Abby again, and the older woman pauses to go over the question in her head. "I am." She finally answers, more certain after a few seconds. Compared to other jobs that she has had? This is an absolute cakewalk, and she gets to beat up rowdy interlopers. "It is easily th'most enjoyable I've'ad for…a long time." Ever, now that she keeps thinking about it.

Isabelle has arrived.

The door that leads to Izzy and Vivienne's upstairs apartment is opened and out comes Isabelle. Dressed in a black tube top and leather pants. Her hair is down as usual and she wears a little dark makeup around her eyes. She smiles at the regulars and slaps Brenda's ass who yelps as she is yet again flirting with another customer. "Be careful that your boyfriend doesn't show up." She warns good-naturedly and that's when she sees Abby and Huruma. "Hey girls. Packed tonight."

'Really? Your last jobs haven't been this enjoyable?" More beers shuffled out, Abby looks over to Isabelle as she appears. "Yup. It is, and so far Huruma's kept most from trying to pat my rear or take a grab. Here you go sir. Next order" There's people inches deep around the bar and looking for drinks.

The least that Huruma can do for The Nun has been just that. She is just as liable to bite some fingers off as she is swat them away. It only took a couple of turns for that fact to be known. Innocence and naïveté? To be frank, it is a guilty pleasure to associate herself with it, and Abby is the picture of such- a contrast that Huruma will forever find humorous. "They'ave not." Huruma affirms, voice slower as Isabelle appears from upstairs. Her lips purse slightly and a tilting nod is offered, the hint of a smirk at the edges of her features. Packed, yes. Like sardines in a tin can just for kitty.

Isabelle nods and gets to work sliding drinks down the bar left and right. She dances to the music as she goes along. "So you guys don't have any plans after this? The parties are going to be on /all/ night long!" Izzy winks.

"Home. That's all. Nothing much. Just a quiet night after this all" Abby answers to Isabelle. "I have some movies at home to watch. Hopefully this new year rings in quiet and good. How about you?" Abigail looks to Isabelle and then to Huruma. "Or you?"

If Huruma hears the questions, she does not immediately pay attention. At Isabelle's, she stares out into the space of the bar with arched brows bent slightly in the middle, and as Abby doubles up, Huruma sighs through her nose and turns her head to peer over at the pair. "Nothing." Nothing of note, technically, but even so- she has a few ideas that the ladies will never hear anytime soon.

"Not sure yet." Isabelle admits and leans against the bar. She whips up another drink and then looks up to the ceiling.

"Vivienne's up there?" Abby inquires, reaching below the counter to take two minutes to crack open a red bull. The contents of which she quickly guzzles, as everyone who works there has seen her do. The blonde smiles as the can's put on the floor and stomped on to flatten and toss into the garbage can. "You should grab her and Huruma and go out and do something. You both don't seem the sit in an apartment and watch a movie type"

Huruma has only met the second tenant of the above home in passing or hardly at all- but regardless, Abby's insistence on 'you three should go do something' puts a slightly off taste in her mouth. Nobody 'grabs' her for much of anything, and Huruma is not always company-friendly; but there is of course, the chance that all three would get along more than Huruma seems to be expecting. "…I don'watch movies." Is all she has to say about that.
"I don't know where that girl is. She was suppose to be here." Isabelle grins at Huruma and then shakes her head. "Neither are we, I'm sure we could find something fun to do."

"Maybe she's out saving the world" Abby jokes as she once more dives back into the swing of things. "Was jsut a suggestion. I certainly likely don't enjoy that same activities that you both do" that's likely a gross understatement. But look, there, within the mob of people is a really impatient guy. "Hey chickie, you, the one with the cross. Think you can stop talking and start serving? I've been waiting for a few minutes here"

Abby looks over from where she's pouring a glass of beer, then to Isabelle. "Don't look at her. Look at me. I want a beer, i've been waiting. hurry it up already" Blink blink, goes the blonde and she glances to Huruma.

Huruma isn't going to save you immediately from Every Single kook that comes up- plus, he's right. Abby needs to learn how to multitask better. As a primary warning, however, Huruma leans herself down a short length of the bar, one long arm reaching out to pluck an abandoned shot glass from the polished wood. During this simple act, her eyes train themselves on the man that has been talking back. The hoops in both ears swing beside her neck and shoulders, contrast to her face and eyes, which seem to speak volumes even in their stillness. Huruma does not even need to say she has her eyes on you, does she?

Isabelle sneers, "Get a move on Abby, or I'll break his nose." Is all that the bartender can get out as she grabs the top of a bottle as if she is going to pour a drink. Who knows what is going through Isabelle's head as she tightens her grip on the bottle's neck.

God. Talk about pressure. The guy eyes the shot glass in Huruma's hand, a smirk when Isabelle speaks up. That consequently fades with the way Isabelle is gripping her bottle. Abby though, looks to the guy. Then she looks to the guy she was pouring the drink for. "Sorry, he should get his first" He jsut raises his eyebrows and asshole just sneers, reaching for it sliding the money across the counter. Abby takes it, the money that is, sliding it out of reach before she upends the beer on his head. The golden liquid spills on him, and splashes onto those adjacent. Some outcry's, disgust at the guy who managed to get this all. "Bitch!"

" Abby looks at him innocently. 'you wanted your beer, right now? Well, you go it. Sorry, we seem to be completely out of cups. you'll have to drink it off the bar and your shirt" There's a completely unamused look on Abby's face before she turns away from him to pour another beer, a little quicker and pass it to the guy who was the original owner of the now spilled beer. "Don't worry Issy, he pay'd for it" A gesture to the bill on the business end of the counter.

It is like watching a trainwreck- she can't look away. Huruma watches Abby as she finds out how to fend for herself, though of course she is ready should she need to literally step in. Her long fingers twirl the shot glass on the counter, and it works side to side with a clink-clink-clink. At the end, Huruma is showing teeth with her smile, watching the incident unfold and the poor man at the bottom of it. "…Excellent, Abigail."

Shock and awe are fixed on Izzy's face. She grins widely. "Wait til Viv learns about what the Nun did tonight." Iz laughs loudly and nods at the man, "Best be on your way sugar, you got your drink." Iz winks at Huruma. "I think we're rubbing off on her." To Abby, "Abby, you are officially one of us now."

Heat rises to Abby's face, and there's some cheers from the crowd and people who are happy to see a little bit of action. "I don't condone violence, but thank you. Now, who else wants a drink without a cup!" The bottle of tequila from Isabelle, popping one of the pourers into the neck of it when it's open. A few men step up to the bar, waving their money. 'Collect Issy, I'll feed em" and she does, once Isabelle's collected the money, all of them lining up with open mouth. No shot glasses, she's pouring it straight from the bottle into their mouth, relaxing and easing up a bit. Getting little by little, shift by shift into finding her comfort zone in the bar.

One of us, one of us. It's almost as if Huruma stumbled headlong into a pride of lions, all without a preening male. It's somewhat refreshing, yes. "Mmmhmmhmhm…" The sound of yes turns into a low, rolling laugh. "Better us than someone inept, hmm?" Huruma lifts the side of her lip just enough to run her tongue over the tips of some sharp teeth.

If Izzy was shocked before, then she is just? at a lost for words until the money starts rolling in. "Woohoo! Go Abby!" Isabelle grins widely and then assigns one of the other bartenders to collect the money as she grabs a mic and hops onto the bar, "To congratulate our dear Nun here growing into a full lioness we have a little ol dance here we like to do. Come on girls!"

That's when some hardcore rock song comes on over the speakers and two of the girls including Isabelle dance to a few beats of the music, men are still lining up to be poured drinks by Abby. The owner of the looks like she's lost in her own world as she hangs onto the pole above the bar and then swings her legs up so she is hanging upside down. She holds her top so that she doesn't expose herself and cheers loudly. The crowd is going wild, clapping and cheering is heard over the loud music. Izzy lets go of the pole with her legs and falls back to the bar. She grins as she stands and then hops back down. "Abby, you get extra tips tonight sugar." As the song ends the two other girls hop back down and begin to sell drinks again.

'That's all, no more" when the bottle of tequila is dry, not enough to even keep a worm alive if there was one in the bottom of the bottle. There's a collected groan and Abby, flushed from the heat from bodies and the lauding from Isabelle just nods. "Could use em. Thank you" She glances over to Huruma to see how the dark skinned woman is faring. "Are those contacts Huruma, or are those your natural eyes?" Abby continues to pour new drinks, exchanging them for money. The night is crazy, that's for sure" her speed placating people. 'Isabelle, I have tomorrow off right?"

Talk about taking the words right out of her mouth. Huruma settles back into her seat, shifting her legs aside when the bustle seems to crowd closer to the bar. There does seem to be a zone around her, however, where only elbows pass by and nobody particularly dares to try and get closer. Perhaps it is her doing this, or perhaps it is natural caution. She seems to have joined up not only with lionesses, but climbing ones at that(for once, in New York, something feels strangely familiar)- Huruma's dark pupils follow Isabelle and the others that get up to dance for the next few minutes.

The dark woman cannot help but keep a smug smile on her face even as it finishes and Abby sees an opportunity to try and buddy up. Leaning onto the bar, Huruma peers carefully at the girl past a lean, smooth-skinned shoulder. "Wha'do you think, Abigail?" That is not a rhetorical question- she is really asking.

"Of course you do girl!" Izzy says to Abby and she begins to serve more drinks as well, looking at Huruma and grinning. "I think those are real. Wicked too."

"I don't know. I can't really tell. If they are real…" Abby leans forward to peer at Hruuma's eyes. "They're very interesting if they're real. Very heart stopping" but then there's money slapped on the counter and back to work the blonde goes. "Yes yes, i'm working fast as I can! Be content that you get to enjoy it! I'll do more pouring in an hour!"

Huruma purposefully does not look Abigail straight in the eyes when she peers closer, but not out of aversion. Just because some people do find them… too strange. As a result, she seems intent to lid her eyes down at the empty shot glass. It was abandoned, and was likely used, but Huruma has had worse things holding consumables. "They are real. I've brown contacts.. just in case." Her hand lifts the little glass closer over the counter, and when Abby gets a free moment, Huruma beckons a fill with a white-tipped finger. "Give me a bit of something…?"

Isabelle stretches out as she finishes talking to a patron and slides some more drinks. "We are making a hella of a lot of money tonight." She says to Huruma and Abby and comes to where they are to lean against the sink and grin. She has been working hard. "Business is booming. I didn't know we were going to be that successful when I opened this place. I just wanted a place of my own."

"It'sa concept that it seems, was in need of" Abby answers to Isabelle. Huruma's shot glass beckons. Abby switches it out for one that's new and unused by a previous customer. She looks behind her at the various bottles, trying to think what to choose before she reaches for a bottle of johnny walker, filling the shot glass and pushing it back to Huruma. "Here you go. And sometimes, different isn't that bad. I think it suits you in truth" and it's the truth, the womans nervousness around Huruma is starting to fade, once she's been around the woman. Not quite set on edge anymore. There's some worry, worry that Huruma won't like what she's chosen for the woman and while she's filling glasses and shooters for other people, the dark woman is watched to see if she likes the choice.

She's eaten god-knows-what out of god-knows-where and Abby is giving her a new glass and filling it. Good girl! Huruma smiles at the corners of her lips again, pulling Abby's choice for her closer and up to her lips. Generally, Huruma will drink anything- barring that it comes back with disgusting results in the form of its effectiveness on her. She does have quite the tolerance. "You are right. It is no'bad. No'at all."

The pyro takes a bottle of tequila and takes a long drink of it before setting it down. "Abby! Give me a new years resolution!" Normally Isabelle isn't in all of that but she is in a /very/ good mood. She looks to the healer as she serves a few more drinks.

Utter pride, just zooms through Abby, washing off herself in waves. She's not the kind of person one expects to find in a bar serving. As Conrad once stated, the holy virgin is serving alcohol? She looks over to Isabelle and has to think while filling up the shot glass with something else for Huruma, namely the tequila. "A new years resolution? To get hurt less?" no, that wasn't likely to happen. The blonde takes a deep breath. "To swear less, enjoy my birthday, visit my parents and… kiss a man"

"Dreaming big, there, aren't you..?" Huruma doesn't mean to scoff, but it does come out that way. It seems good-natured. As much so as she can get, really.

"That's what I like to hear!" Izzy grins at her fellow bartender and winks. "Do it."

"very big dreams" Abby grins, taking the scoffing as just teasing. Though it falters just a fraction at Isabelle's prodding. 'Right now?!"

"I don'know, Isabelle." Huruma drawls, leaning her chin on a pair of fingers. "Maybe she is covering for'erself, 'iding in a chick-bar, be'ind tha'mask." She even says 'bar' with the breathy 'h'. Bahh. "Besides- it is no'quite two-thousand and nine, yet."

"Covering for wha-" Then Isabelle cracks up with laughter. "Abby, what is your stance on gay people. Being so religious." Izzy fixes Abby with a stare. She knows the woman isn't gay but she is just teasing.

Abby looks between the two. "What a person does, between the sheets is none of my business. But if you really want to know. I live with two of them, and It don't bother me none whether it's a guy, or a girl that is invited to their bedrooms. Just so long as their bed mates don't leave their underwear around my living room" A coke adn rum is slid to someone. "And no offense, but neither of you would be in my bed. I'm firmly in the man camp Though her cheeks flush with the thought of even saying that. There's a reason she's called the nun. "After midnight Isabelle, you can auction off a kiss, proceeds to my rent while I get an education in using god's gift"

Huruma just laaaughs her smooth laugh, creepy, strange and powerfully female all at the same time. "Mmmmm- 'Ou woul'no'want m'there, anyway.." Her lips purse together in an attempt to hold back the fact she tickles her own funnybone. "I woul'tear'ou apart." Huruma's eyebrows lift and her lips adopt a teasing, pouting tone for about three seconds of this.

Isabelle yet again gapes, "Abby, I like this side of you. I must admit." Izzy grins and nods to herself. "You had my respect before, even more so now." She grins and shakes her head, "I love the good old burrito. No tacos for me love."

"No, no i'm sure you'd rip me up in a heartbeat Huruma and i'm glad. This.. this is a place my parents would faint to see me, but it's good work. Doesn't violate my principles, and I like the pressure. I'll miss having to cut back my hours, but, You save dme when I needed it Isabelle. Becuase of you I can afford to be where I am and do what i'm doing right now" Abby grins, an aw shucks look on her face. "Just.. you know, make sure the winner is nice?"

Magnes has arrived.

Maybe it is her sense of newly found camaraderie, or maybe that Johnny Walker. "Abigail'as an idea, doesn't she. Put m'in too. If one'a these pussies have the balls-" Isn't that hilarious. "-I'll give what I get t'the bar." Technically Isabelle- but the bar in terms of extra money for bonuses. She doesn't personally need it. Huruma crosses her black-clad, silver accented legs, and arches her back just enough to stick her chin out a bit. Plus, that vest does a good job by itself, if you get the drift.

"Well hot damn, this will be great." Isabelle looks around the bar and tilts her head at the two. "We'll start the bidding for a kiss with the Nun and Panther of Old Lucy's." She grins a wide grin.

Magnes was just walking in when he heard the announcement, then he looks around at those guys who possibly grab Abby's ass… "I only have my rent…" he whispers to himself, reaching into his pocket.

Taking a deep breath, he walks up, then yells with terribly red cheeks. "Twenty dollars for Abby!"

Abby's rolling eyes and for once, the blonde gets up on the bar. palms on the metal, she heaves herself up, stands there, hands on hip, a nonchalant pose. But enter magnes and he's pushing his way to the front with his yell of 20 dollars. "Magnes!" Her eyes dart to Isabelle.

Even Huruma knows that awkward little bitty connection from Abby to Magnes and back again. Not that she cares much. Thus, she ignores it, swinging her own self from the seat she has occupied, then in a fluid set of movements, the tall woman lifts her foot first onto the stool- then the other to the bar, one arm lifting up and over to dangle a hand from the metal horizontal pole. There is pretty much just enough room for her to stand. Unlike Abby, when Huruma's hand goes to her hip, it goes to her hip- she knows what she's got, and that's the difference between their auras. They're quite a contrasted pair, hm?

As if for some strange morale boost, Huruma's arm that occupies the bar slides down again, moving in order to slink up behind Abby- but only to brush blonde hair from her back and over one shoulders. In a dark alley, this would not be her Lucky Day- but they are in a bar, and up on that bar. Lucky Day.

"I hear twenty! Can I get a thirty? Someone? Anyone? Look at this hot nun just waiting for someone to kiss her lips. Come on boys!" Izzy says into the mic and grins at what Huruma does to Abby.

Magnes, well, has never been in an auction before, he's just anxious to win, so he jumps up and down on his skates and yells, "Thirty!" effectively outbidding himself. Good job!

What Huruma does to Abby is invade the blondes personal space. Which ratchets up the nervous factor with Abby. Most people know not to touch her. There was a time when god, wasn't so kind with giving her control. Now, he does, but it's been something stuck with the woman. It's in her posture, the rigidity of her back when Huruma's hand sweeps the hair off her shoulder and settles there. But now's not the time to speak up and ask the woman to please not touch her. Instead she tries to tamp down her uncomfortable feelings and twist, just a bit, just a hip out and sling an arm around behind Huruma and settle it on the woman's hip. In for a penny, in for a pound.

If Abby had reacted normally, Huruma would have paid no mind at all. however, her reaction is surprising- and Huruma's eyes follow carefully the tensing of her body. She can suddenly feel the girl's nervousness as if she had spilled it on the older woman's lap.

Things are about to get a little bit creepier. Maybe. In the recesses of Abigail's mind, subtle enough that it can possibly be attributed to fumes or the atmosphere- a bubble of courage, a relaxation of that rigid, serious nervousness.

Huruma, despite her frigid exterior, is just as warm as anyone else, with just the hint of an underlying energy. She even smells like something exotic, unpinnable and not quite familiar.

"How about forty? Come on boys! This is God's gift to men!" Izzy says and nods her head at Magnes, winking at him. The wink signifies that if he gives forty, Abby is his. No question asked. She looks at Huruma and Abby again.

Magnes scrambles through his pockets, awkwardly stumbling to the bar. He trips and falls forward, four tens rolling in front of Abby and Huruma. "Forty!" he weakly yells as he lifts his face from the floor.

It'll be attributed to the atmosphere, to some little thought in the back of her mind that says kick back Abby, relax, your safe here. God won't strike you down if you just… let loose a little. The trick of Huruma's is working as Abby leans against the woman some, muscles loosening, and her shoulders not so straight. The smile reverts back to 100 watt and she gives a flip of her head to make sure every strand of gold hair goes behind her and cautiously lays her head just lightly against Huruma's shoulder. Magnes actions making laughter bubble from the usually stoic blond. "He likes me. A lot" As if explaining the obvious to Huruma.

Plunk. Expertly, those bills that fall down on front of them are pinned underneath of the tip of Huruma's boot. "He does, doesn't he." Huruma smirks, her voice purring in her chest so much that Abby might even be able to feel it there. Her response is for Abby, but her eyes have lidded downward on Magnes. From down there? Huruma must look absolutely towering. Possibly terrifying.

"SOLD!" Isabelle grins at Abby and holds her hand out for Magnes, "Come and claim your prize Mags!" she laughs aloud, this is a awesome night indeed.

Magnes slowly stands as he takes the hand, trying his best not to make eye contact with Huruma, since it looks like he might be seeing her more often and doesn't wanna run away flailing. "A-ah, Abby, you don't have to really kiss me you know, I just didn't want one of those drunk guys to do anything…"

'Was a new years resolution. you paid 40 dollars for a kiss, you'll get a kiss. Isabelle, now Huruma!" She unwinds her hand from around Hruma's waist to help Isabelle help Magnes up. "Thirty dollars! start it at 30 dollars for our Panther!"

If her fun-time stance wasn't enough already, Huruma does add a little touch of ~that loving feeling~ for Abby's sake. She obviously likes him right back, so it won't kill her for a guiltless smooch. Meanwhile, Huruma herself has lifted both arms up towards the bar, hands hooking over and fingers playing onto the metal with silent taps of nail to steel.

Isabelle sees a guy raises his hand, nice looking fellow with long blonde hair and dark blue eyes lifts a hand for thirty and Izzy gestures towards Huruma, "Who can /attempt/ to tame this ferocious and exotic animal?" Izzy nods her head at another man who throws up forty dollars for a kiss with Huruma. "Come on, you know you /want/ all of that."

Magnes swallows hand, straightening his red Robin hoody, hood down, of course, then he nervously rubs the back of his head. "Um, how should we like… start? I mean, if you want to, 'cause if it's like, against stuff, then it's alright, I mean, you know, something…" he randomly blurts out, nervous and with no idea what even he's saying.

'Shut up" Abby answers, a smile on her face. "If it was against my 'stuff' I wouldn't have offered it for auction. I already poured beer on a guy who was back talking me" With some of her inhibitions lifted, thank you Huruma you bad influence you, Abby leans forward. Her hands rises to cup either of Magnes cheek as her lips ascend to press against his. No ladies, gentleman, no tongue. But neither is it a chaste little peck. It's a lingering kiss, courtesy of Huruma's gift.

Isabelle cheers loudly and sells Huruma over a span of a few minutes of heated bidding for a thousand dollars to a nice looking man who looks confident as he strides forward. Isabelle looks towards Magnes and Abby with shock. "Hot damn."

Magnes is, well, very into it, closing his eyes and sighing softly. And if anyone didn't believe he was genuinely enjoying himself, well… take note of his hands suddenly touching her waist, and the gradually floating until they're a good 5 feet above the floor, which likely wouldn't even be noticed until, well, they actually look at their surroundings.

Abby's eyes are closed, so she's oblivious sorta to the whole floating thing. Isn't that how first kisses are supposed to feel like? Like your ten feet off the ground and floaty, all warm and cuddly? For once, she's the clueless that everyone accuses her of being.

First things first, right? Abigail and Magnes have perhaps gotten too involved, because from where she is standing- Huruma is probably the first one to see them start to float off of the side of the counter top. Whoa, kids.

Her hands reach out carefully, and as Huruma moves to their opposite side, pulls the duo back carefully to the bar, hopefully before anyone freaks out or looks down- and then the dark woman steps expertly down from the bar one stool at a time. As she sinks down, knees bend just enough in those tight pants to catch her weight as she meanders onto the floor. All in all, she looks as if this is nothing new. My turn! Those two can keep it up if they want, they just need to not float away.

"Well that was hot!" she says aloud and hops back down from the bar, she notices that the two kids are still kissing. "I didn't think he really had it in him." She says to Huruma with a grin and gesture towards Abby and Magnes.

Abby's the one to break it. The whole pulling them down kinda of snaps Abby out of her reverie. A lick of her lips as the heat rises to her cheeks and a look at Magnes. "Happy new year Magnes. Worth the forty bucks?"

There's only one thing left that could really distract everyone in the bar going 'aww' at Abby and Magnes- and that is the fact a collective howl/whoop/what have you starts at where Huruma swipes a wad of bills from her personal winner- and literally pulls him up into a kiss. By his coat and hair.

Huruma is not Abby. Abby will never be Huruma. Because Huruma is just as much an animal as an animal is. That poor fella gets a kiss he'll not forget, to put it lightly. He gets his money's worth?

Isabelle blinks at Huruma and shakes her head, "Fucking crazy in here tonight." The pyro then puts the money up so at the end of the night she can give it out, two of the biggest portions will be going to Huruma and Abby.

Awkkkkkkkkkward! It's all rushing back to her. Right, on a bar. Fulfilled ONE new years resolution. She bends over, yes, ass to the crowd, who are focusing on Huruma and her intended target, to grab some ice. Ice which, when she straightens, is immediately slipped down the back of the hoodie. "You need some cooling down though, right now" She knows the reaction already in her mind and she's hopping off the bar to watch Huruma in action.

Magnes frantically tries to get the ice from his hoody, rolling backward and in circles. "Aaaah!" he yells as he practically does a little dance, thanks to the ice, and Abby.

As eager as he was to start, the guy is grateful all the same to swagger away when Huruma lets him go- she may have done something to his brain to make it go bonkers, but he'll live. Probably. Hopefully.

As she saunters back to the bar and drops off her monetary spoils, Huruma sidles behind it to the server side, though not to serve. That's not her job. "'Ou go'lucky, but I didn't. No scuffles." Sure, Huruma is mildly disappointed, but she'll get over it.

"Baby this was such a hit, we might do this once every month. There will be another chance for the panther to earn more money." Izzy winks.

"I'm sure you'll get to punch someone or kick them out" Abby's watching magnes with a quirky smile and his flailing. "I think, i'll go take him out for coffee isabelle, it's about my break time. Apologize for what I did. the whole.. ice thing. I'll be back in half an hour, Ring in the new year"

Magnes rapidly rubs his back once the ice finally falls out, sighing in relief, a bit too pre-occupied to pay attention to what the girls are saying.

The Panther(tm) settles in at the back of the bar now, eyes following Isabelle and skirting to Abby with the lightest of smirks. You do that, Abigail. We'll still be here when you get back.

December 31st: Irish New Year
December 31st: The Bianco Bash
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