You Shouldn't Be Here


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Scene Title You Shouldn't Be Here.
Synopsis Adam tries to drink himself to death while wallowing in self pity about past children, and Kaylee is there with her typical choice of man.
Date June 1, 2009

Shooters Bar and Bistro

A place that used to be a cafe and is making a slow progression towards being a dive bar. During the day, the balcony and a good portion of the sidewalk is taken up by outdoor chairs and tables, where people can enjoy a beer as well as a sandwich or whatever else is on their menu - a decent, if simply array of bar food. During the evening, unless it's a warm night, these are taken inside, and the kitchens are closed. A wide variety of beer is available, along with hard liquor and maybe a few wine labels, but nothing fancy. The interior decor is similar to traditional British pubs, with a hardwood bar and brick wall. There's an old pool table towards the back, along with a dart board. The building is actually two storeys high, but whatever is upstairs is inaccessible to the general public.

Adam takes a rest. Even God rested on the seventh day. He's been training. Swords, weapons, judo, languages, dancing…anything to take his mind in another direction. He doesn't even know for sure he can say what purpose. He just trains, even to the detriment of some of his social priorities. But tonight, he drinks. It's hard to say why, he can't get drunk and he's tried. Sometimes, if the liquor is bad enough, he can manage a buzz for a few seconds, but mostly it seems he does so just to seem a little bit normal. Which wouldn't be too bad if it weren't for the variety of glasses in front of him, which should have him passing out drunk.

It's Monday night and most good little college girls are home in bed sleeping for exams, not Kaylee. Instead of sleeping, she comes striding into the bar with her current flavor of the month bad boy. He's dressed in his ratty jeans, white wife beater and a brown leather jacket covered in various patches. His breath already reeks of alcohol as he drapes his arm over her shoulder pulling her close, even though her expression is one of boredom. "Oh.. come on, babe.. Just have a few drinks with me." He says, leaning down to nibble at her ear.

She ducks out from under his arm quickly, though she turns it into a playful action. "I told you I don't drink that stuff.. " She slides on to a barstool, a glance given to the amount of glasses piling up in front of one particular patron, as her companion moves to lean against the bar next to her. He calls out for a couple of Jack and Cokes, obviously not listening. She rolls her eyes upwards and sigh.

Adam glances up for a moment and smirks to himself before going back to the impressive study of his glasses. Kids. How old could they be? They shouldn't be here. He, himself, shouldn't be here. He should be training or…something. He is a man without a burning mission. Oh he has one, he has several, but now that Kaito's gone, it's more like mop up work. Had he only left Kaito for last. Had he only. He calls for another of whatever was in his last glass, only to put the glass down and go back to staring. How many children has he had? Dozens? Hundreds? Why didn't he stay? What if they were yours? a voice asks in the back of his mind.

Children? The word tickles at the back of Kaylee's mind, causing her to glance over at the man. She eyes him thoughtfully, but surprisingly she doesn't pry. What does she care that this guy seems to be drinking himself into the grave, possibly over children. She looks rather amused as he orders yet another drink, a small smirk tugging at the corner of her mouth.

The punk she's with, glances past her, eyes narrowing at the glasses and he gives a low whistle. "Dude.. that's some serious drinking you got going on there. I'd be flat on my ass if I drank like that." Kaylee gives the punk an annoyed look and starts to say something when the drinks arrive. She eyes the beverage, but doesn't even touch it.

Adam glances over as his glass arrives. This is where Adam Monroe gives a sarcastic quip. This is where Adam Monroe's wit dances circles around the drunken wannabe bad ass. This is where Adam Monroe tells him to mind his own business. But in the end, this is where Adam Monroe raises his glass in a half toast and drinks whatever liquid it was that was served to him. Names begin to go through his mind. Hans, Pierre, Betsy, Denise, William, Daniel…how many can he remember? Is he a better man if he can remember their names even though he eventually abandoned them all? He always muses on the worthlessness of the average mortal's life. They build castles of sand, but their children make the foundations. Why didn't he? Did he really think disciples would take the place of a child? Was it really too much to ask to clean up a little spittle for years of unconditional love? He might have ruled the world once. He might still again. How did he come to this. Drinking until he can't get drunk, taking compliments from strangers he can't stand on sight?

"Come on Kaylee.. You know it's bad to refuses a drink." The joke of a man say, nudging at her and pushing the drink closer to her. He of course downs the contents of his and orders another. Kaylee shakes her head and pushes the glass away.

"That's alright. I think I'll pass." There is a touch of disdain to her tone, even if there is still that small smile on her lips. She flags down the tender and asks simply. "Can I have a Coke?" There is a nod and he moves on. She turns her attention to the drinking man. "You know… I can't say as I ever seen anyone try to commit suicide in the middle of a bar." She knows he's not, but… well… appearances. "I mean.. seriously. It can't be all that bad. Chilllldra.." She almost says Children can't be that good of a reason to drink to death.. But that would kinda give away that she accidentally touched his mind. She leans over and gives him a grin motioning to the punk of a guy, who is currently leering at another woman. "Could be worse.. you could be him." She keeps her voice low as she says it.

Adam lets out a sigh. His quiet musings and self pity interrupted by the blonde next to him. His head tilts to one side as he considers side long for a few moments. She could be one…well, not one. She's too young, but she could be a grand child, or a great grand child or…well, so on. She's got the look and because of that, he reaches out and brushes a strand of hair back from her face to behind her ear and he says, in a soft, rather matter of fact way, "You shouldn't be here." he says, "Especially not with him." it's a sad sort of confession. A statement. Could he have saved her too?

Kaylee jerks back a bit, when he touches her. Whoa. "Hey now.. personal space.." She states with a matter of fact look. Though she takes a moment to glance over to make sure the idiot isn't looking. "What do you mean I shouldn't be here?" Said as she turns her attention back to the drink. "I'm over 21..Do do realize that's legal to be in these kinda places and I definitely do /not/ need saving." Oops. She turns her head away quickly as she realizes her slip.

The drink she refused is suddenly being held in front of her face. "Come../on/." The punk drapes an arm over her shoulders again. "This is a serious party foul." She tries to shrug off the arm, but he keeps it there, it becoming like a vise. "I mean.. I shouldn't be the only one drinking.. besides how am I gonna get in your pants, if you don't get shit faced too." Oh yes… another winner for Kaylee's long list of bad boys and bad calls.

Saving? Adam should be drunk, but he's not. He didn't say saving. But it could just be one of those things. The girl could think he's her daddy or whatever father figure it is she's trying to get back at. He lets it go as the punk drapes over her and shakes his head. He stands from his stool and tosses a few hundred dollars on the bar counter and says, "Night." to the happy couple. Maybe he'll go train some more. He should get better with the judo. Or maybe he'll shoot some target practice.

Kaylee's about had enough of this one… And ducks under his arms and off the stool. "Dammit Harold…" She she hisses out at the punk. Yes.. his name is Harold and by the look on the man's face he doesn't like it. He looks rather embarrassed and he scowls at her.

"Don't call me that, Bitch.. It's Spike."

Kaylee sighs and rolls her eyes. "Whatever… loser." She turns away as if to leave, but is stopped by the hand on her arm. She looks back at the punk, who has a firm grip on her arm. "You /will/ let go of me Harold." This time there is something about how she says those words. There is almost a weight to them a significance that say. 'You will listen and obey.' The hand on her arm releases her, his expression surprised and she takes a few steps away. "Fucking done with you." She turns away to try to leave again, when the punk reaches out to take a good strong grip of her hair. She gives a cry of pain as he yanks her back to him.

"But I'm not done with you." He practically growls at her. She glances at the drinks back and… maybe he'll hear the words.. 'Help me'.. in his mind.

There are nights that Adam wouldn't get involved. There are most nights Adam wouldn't get involved. He's not a white hat, he's not a knight in shining armor. Maybe it's his mood or maybe it's her voice in his head, but he turns around. He glances at Harold and the girl for some moments and says, "Spike, friend-o. This isn't the proper way to get in a girl's pants." he comments as he walks forward. And before any further conversation can be had, before the punk fellow decides to tell the man to fuck off or before…whatever, Adam ducks down and punches him in his kidney. It's quick. Even if Harold hadn't been drinking, one might lay odds that he couldn't have stopped it, but Adam's not down. His other arm snakes between Harold and Kaylee and he clotheslines the man down to the ground. And just for good measure, lands a fist at the boy's throat. Once he's grabbing his neck, Adam stands up. He dusts himself off and just turns around, making his way out of the bar.

It all happens so fast that Kaylee can't help but blink in surprise as her hair is free and the punk is on the ground. The only thing that comes to mind as she looks down at the man on the floor. "Holy crap…" She looks back at the drinker with a look of awe. How the hell can he even be doing that with so many drinks? She glances down at Harold and is suddenly very angry. She brings up a booted foot and kicks him hard in the side. "Asshole." She glances after the drinker and hurries after him. "Hey… hey wait up."

Adam is outside before the girl catches up with him. His collar's flipped up as if he's deciding which direction to go. He doesn't even turn around when she runs out. All he says, in a quiet sort of way, "You.." he pauses, looking for the right word and suddenly just said, "You're evolved." It's a statement, not a question. He then looks to his left and starts to walk.

Kaylee hurries to catch up, "I didn't get to say… What!?" She is caught off guard by the comment, standing there for a second as he starts to walk off again. A few quick steps bring her along side the man. "Um.. so?" She doesn't see what the big deal is. She eyes him, her expression for the moment guarded and cautious. "Normally, people don't catch that."

Adam nods a bit, of course they don't. Normal people are too busy thinking about themselves. They don't have that knack for catching the cues others give off. Even in his state of moral degradation, he could see the signs clearly enough. And all he says to the girl is, "What's your name?"

There is a small frown as she debates whether to say anything, but then there is a shrug. "Kaylee." But that's all she offers as she just met the guy. She casts a look at the ground as they walk, watching the cracks go by and actually avoiding them.. amazing how little things don't change. "I wanted to thank you for your help. Normally, I don't needed it… but… " She trails off not sure how much she should say to him. "Anyhow, thanks."

Adam nods again, Kaylee. Did he name any of his kids Kaylee? He doesn't think so. That's a modern name. No Ambers or Britneys or Chads here. But he glances at the girl again and says, "My name's Adam, Kaylee." entirely ignoring her thanks. Instead, he says to her, "I want to tell you a story…"

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