You Show Me Yours...


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Scene Title You Show Me Yours…
Synopsis I'll show you mine.
Date January 26, 2009

Minea's Safehouse

Messages are fun. Expecially when they contain an address to a new place. New place that turns out to be Minea's elusive small loft. The one she'll have to abandon soon. So she's deemed it fine to bring Conrad there. There's her work station, a true light set up, computer system, backlit drafting board, tools of all kinds for her work. Her gear prepared for the upcoming job, guns laid out, cleaned, having been to the range and gotten a little bit of practice in with each to ensure that she's not going to be having fucking up weapons. So it is, that she answers the door in jeans and cotton shirt, reading glasses on her nose and a keltec pointed waist hieght to whomever would be on the other side when she answers the door.

Once he sees what state Min is in on the other side of the door, Conrad grins, hands in pockets. "Is that a pistol in your hand or are you just glad to see me? Really, the glasses? That is the sexy librarian look. All the way." He's chosen a Denver Nuggets jacket this time.

"Pistol. Though I'm happy to see you. welcome to casa de la Min. Get in." The doors opened fully for the criminal terrorist. "Figured, I might as well show you this place now. Not going to have it for much longer since I believe they're transferring me out somewhere. For now I'm parked and waiting"

"Yeah. Well…I'm glad to see you too." offers Con with calm sincerity as he walks past her and inside. And he looks around. "Man. Got enough hardware?" he asks, pointing at the guns she has laid out and grinning. "So that's the reason you called me over? Because you're supposed to leave town?" Like he's fishing for something.

"No. Not really" The door's closed and locked, not uncommon for her to do with him. Habitual. "Tell me about Phoenix. Because, I went to a very interesting meeting on Friday. And your name and your face appeared on the screen Conrad. If I'm going to be putting my life on line this Wednesday, I'd like to know if these kids are worth it" No anger, just curiosity as the reading glasses are taken off and laid over on the work table along with her pistol.

He doesn't turn to look at Minea. Instead Conrad walks toward the guns to check them out, hands clasped behind his back. "You know, I didn't know you were gonna be part of this until about a week prior to the meeting. Just so you don't think I've been keeping you in the dark about it the whole time. Not that you're the type to get all bent out of shape about it. I know you're a pro, Min."

"I'm bent out of shape for other reasons. My partner kept.. a lot of information from me. I knew about phoenix and about three quarters of it's members. Your name and a few others were conveniently left out of it all" Minea joins him by the guns, her MP5 there, another keltec this and that. Knife, mace, even a taser. 'My partner was involved. Einliter. I was providing him document support for some individuals and surveillance when needed. One Teo Laudani and Abigail Beauchamp were the two I was supposed to babysitt if needed. He's dead now, Einliter and once I'm done this, then i'm pulling out. My head and my job. I just wanna know Conrad, if these guys are worth it. So far, I've met everyone on my group. Harrison looks to have a firm head on her shoulders, and Mr. Faulk can't obey a simple request"

There's a pause before responding and it's clear that Conrad's actually thinking of the proper answer. "Some of em are worth it. Brian Fulk is not one of those. Harrison isn't really one of us. She's not truly part of the group proper, though I guess she might as well be. Teo's a good man. And there are other good people there." He glances at Min and grins a little, "They're the kids I told you about. On that date we had." Grin fades then, "Sorry your people haven't been good to you. Can't say I'm surprised, but I'm still sorry about it."

"Trust runs both ways. I guess my views of evolved ran counter to his, I don't know, i'll never know. That's in the past. Right now, there's a fucker out there witha virus in his hand that will kill us all for glee" She starts to assemble one of her guns, tidying up and getting it situated, pieces fitting into thier appropriate places. "I already talked with Harrison. Audiokinetic as well, Officer in SCOUT. I'm thinking of getting my hands on vests for the other two. I highly doubt that if there's evolveds where we're going that they're not going to use guns. Your thoughts on Owen whitcomb?"

"Owen…he's a good kid. Not really cut out for all this. In an ideal world he'd be going to school, chasing girls. If we didn't have this giant to kill, he'd just keep being our tagger, which I think is pretty lame, honestly. I'd rather he just helped move furniture and leave it at that. Though he did save my life." So long as they're baring facts here, Conrad decides to share, "Remember the incident with Rickham?"

"Gas explosion"is Minea's answer, though it's filled with skepticism.

"Yeah. Not." Con looks significantly at Minea and points at his chest and says, "Apparently I'm a gas explosion." then he explains, "Kazimir Volken's group was trying to assassinate Rickham. We tried to stop it. I guess we succeeded, but it wasn't exactly smooth going. Some asshole dropped a grenade on my head after I tried to bring a building down on a sniper's head, and I got pretty hurt. Owen hauled my ass out of there. Probably wouldn't have made it if not for him, so Owen? Good kid. I'll never say different."

'Think he'd be able to handle the thermite, and not bow under the pressure? He's confessed he's never fired a gun and I'd like to not put him that position. Spare the kids where possible from post traumatic. Not that anyone's going to escape this without it" Her gun's put down wandering away from Conrad back towards her work space. "Take your jacket off. we're not going to a hotel tonight, unless you have other things you gotta go do?"

"Oh, I was just waiting to see if there'd be another shoe dropping." answers Con, shrugging off his jacket. "Not that I want it to. Fact is, Min, Phoenix is a group made of good people. They're not even terrorists. Now PARIAH…those were terrorists. Phoenix is mostly a bunch of idealists who'd really like to be heroes. That's what you've got. Some have a clue what they're doing. Most don't. But they all have their hearts in the right place." Except for one. But Con's not mentioning that one.

"They're… terrorists. Not in the sense of PARIAH or what i've seen down in south america, but they are. They're little ones that frankly, your better not touching, there's bigger fish out there. I've seen what they've done, I heard about the miracle project" The reading glasses are plucked back up and put on her nose. "But, I needed your opinion. I don't know how long i'm going to be here and I can't use the government supplies i have. They keep track of whats sent to me. But I have other sources to access the necessary papers. Do you have anyone that needs ID's? I don't know how long I'll be, but I can make birth certificates and drivers licenses. Just this once. A bath order"

"Huh." Well that's something Con didn't expect! "Uh…well…yeah, actually. That'd be handy for a couple. But just to lay it out for ya, no. They're not terrorists. Not by any book definition. A terrorist uses terror to affect political change. Outlaws, sure. I'll agree that they're outlaws, but that's very different and less specific than terrorist." And that whole line of reasoning makes Con shake his head. "Sorry, you don't need my preaching. I know what you think and generally we're not too far from the same place here, mentally. Anyway, yeah if you're wanting to help some of them out with making some phony documents, I can definitely provide a few people who need it."

"They'll pass everyone but me, if I have enough time Conrad. I hear you have a technopath who can make them real. Tell them to go get passport pictures made. Choose a name. Get me the information and i'll tuck them in" She sits down at the chair, elbows on the table and regarding him. 'But no, i don't need that lecture. I got it, from my partner. But to the government, they still are. Doing what I'm doing, I'm helping. I'm walking away from it after this. After this, if the worlds still here, your still Conrad my booty call and i'm still Minea your booty call until I'm yanked from this place"

That makes Con laugh a little. "Man. I love it when you whisper such sweet words to me." He grabs another chair to sit on and does so after draping his jacket over the back of it. "So…I wasn't at the meeting and I haven't gotten up with the others yet. I know who I'm going with and where we'll be headed. What's your part gonna be?"

'Won't you miss it when I'm gone" Minea points out. "Abandoned womens hospital. Harrison, Faulk and Whitcomb. Deposit thermite, eliminate who we can, get out. Keep the virus from dispersing. Mr. fulk is the canary to our miner. If he goes down, we've failed" She motions for him to pull the chair over as she gets out some ink and a well pen, working on some foreign looking document. France for sure if you could read french. Her gaze goes often between the sheet of information and the document itself, steady hand working to keep the calligraphy perfect.

Con could probably tell that it's in French, but he couldn't begin to read it. But pull over the chair he does. "Frankly I miss you already. Wish you didn't have to go, but that's how it works I guess." He's not used to using last names only, but still most of what she's saying makes sense to him. "I'm supposed to go to Edison Power Plant with Ygraine and Brian…who's in every team, mind you…and stop the operation going on there. Hopefully it's not gonna be that hard a target."

"We live, I'm taking your ass back to the Ritz and screwing your brain out, you realize this right? Full blown hotel affair" There's a corner of a smile. "Who knows, they tend to not move me around much, I can do what I do anywhere. But my cover's been blown by one of Phoenix's associates and my partner met his end in a motorcycle accident, everything's up in the air"

"That sounds damned good to me." says Con with an approving grin. "You know, I never told anybody about you. They still don't know about this." He gestures between the two of them with a finger. "Won't, either. But yeah. Hey, I gotta favor to ask so long as we're bearing all and everything…"

'I gathered as much. I didn't tell them I knew you. Harrison knows because of her little bubble thing that you do. Just that I know you" She glances up, looking over the rim of her glasses. "Oh father, forgive me I have sinned?" Minea asks, a smile on her face.

"Oh no, don't stop sinning." begs Conrad, grinning. "No, I was gonna ask if you have an assault rifle I can borrow. For when this goes down. I'm shit-ass with a pistol but I know my way around long guns. And I dunno. It's kind of next-level and while I make it a personal philosophy not to kill anybody ever, I'm willing to renegotiate that when they're trying to kill me."

'Get it back to me when your done" She gestures to the area of her weapons and gear. Gun cases there. 'Try not to get it captured. The paperwork will be disgusting to get it reported stolen. Stuff that's cleaned and assembled, don't touch, that's mine. I don't have an extra vest though, sorry"

"Wouldn't fit me if you did. I don't have perfect tits." says Con with a grin. "But thanks. I'd have gotten my own but when it comes down to it I really don't wanna have one. Not to keep." He sighs. "Guess I'll have to see about some appropriate clothes. I don't have BDUs anymore."

'it's called a surplus store Conrad. Or do I need to take you down to one? I'm already going to be hitting there to get the others some things to wear." Its teasing, not patronizing, as if the man should have known better and where to find it.

Sounding (and looking) a little chided, Conrad grumps, "…hard to rip off surplus stores." It's not like he pays MONEY for things. Jeez!

That earns him a look. "leave me your sizes, I'll pick you up stuff, I'm running out tomorrow morning after I kick you out"

"Medium regular. Get em black or navy, please." No need to waste time with that lame ineffective forest camo or indeed any other camouflage pattern. They don't actually work anyway in a non-foliage environment. Conrad leans forward and says, "You're such a good sugar momma."

"Anything for my Conrad" She answers back with a grin. 'Let me finish this line and I'll join you in the bedroom. Leave me your shopping list and i'll see what I can get you from the surplus store. Same for your teammates"

"You got it, babe." Con says, getting up and pausing. "I'm gonna go through your things. Promise I won't steal anything though." At least he gave fair warning. And it's toward the bedroom he goes!

"all you'll find is birth control Wwozniak. Maybe a twenty" Which means he's free to take either. "Don't steal any of my pantie's, that's so high school"

"Birth control? We use rubbers!" he says from the other room.

"Same name!" And with the final letter carefully written, the papers tucked away once it's dry and the brunette heads towards the back rooms, glasses tossed onto a couch.


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