You Talk Like A Recruiter


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Scene Title You Talk Like A Recruiter
Synopsis Liz and Gavyn meet for the second time.
Date Oct 24, 2010

Nite Owl

The blonde in the corner booth reappears at the Nite Owl periodically to reassure the owners that she hasn't fallen off the face of the planet. She's settled in her seat with a cup of coffee and a plate that may have held pie, along with a laptop that she's reading things on. Occasionally she touches the touchpad on it, apparently to scroll, but other than that she's mostly just relaxing. Whenever the door opens she glances up absently. Today she's dressed casually — a pair of jeans, a heavy red sweatshirt, her blonde hair loose, but it's clearly the same blonde that Gavyn met yesterday at Redbird Security.

Having found the Nite Owl to fit her tastes, Gavyn decides to visit the diner once again. The door opens and she enters, dressed much as she was the day before in khaki pants and sunglasses. The shirt has changed, though, to a non-descript green t-shirt over a royal blue hoodie. She takes a menu while making her way to a booth along the wall, eyes scanning over the rest of the patronage. When that shaded gaze passes over Elisabeth, there's a touch of recognition, however the airman only offers a passing nod as she claims a seat.

Elisabeth meets the shade-covered gaze and there's a tilt of her head. Her expression remains neutral, but just before Gavyn moves to sit, Liz offers, "You're welcome to join." She glances toward the counter and gestures for a refill of the coffee, as well.

For a moment, Gavyn appears caught off guard at the offer, head coming up to look at Elisabeth. She's lingers, half way between sitting and rising again before moving to join the other woman. "Thank you," she says as she slowly slides into the seat across from Elisabeth, curiosity in her tone.

Liz offers a faint smile. "Gavyn, right? Liz Harrison." They just met yesterday, so it's not like she expects the woman to remember her name or anything. As the waitress comes to refill Liz's coffee and asks to take Gavyn's order, Elisabeth is quiet. She closes her computer and sets it aside studying the other woman.

"Yes, ma'am," Gavyn replies. She takes a moment to look over the menu then offers it to the waitress along with her order. Grilled cheese and fries, please. And just water to drink. She then watches while the waitress moves off behind the counter, turning back to Elisabeth with a questioning look. "How are you today, Ms. Harrison?"

"Well enough," Elisabeth replies easily. "I wouldn't normally have bothered you, but … I have to admit that I'm curious as hell." She grins a bit. "I'm dying to know what happened that has both Elle and Richard turning that cute shade of pink every time the run into one another."

Gavyn pushes her glasses further up onto her nose as she studies the blond. And true, her expression becomes more curious. "Who's Elle," she asks, "and how would I know her?" Far from acusitory in her own questions, she sounds quite confused.

"Madison," Liz corrects mildly. "You know… Madison Avenue Princess, queen of the high-heeled shoes. So I used to call her Elle, like the magazine?" She smirks. "Pisses her off, though." Her tone is casual enough and she smiles. It's a tease between friends, see? "She rarely turns that shade of pink, though."

Gavyn nods slowly, though with an air of uncertainty. She'd already heard the receptionist call the red head Ms. Bishop but had been introduced to her as a Ms. Cole. Still, no questions are asked. In fact the airman goes on to answer, grasping at an equally casual manner. "She just let slip that she had some feelings for someone else. Nothing big, really."

For a moment, Elisabeth looks… surprised. And then she snickers. "Oh God," she murmurs, scratching the back of her head. "Awkward much? Wow." There's a shrug. "Well, at least I have something to tease him about." She tilts her head. "So… why don't you tell me a little about yourself. I gather you aren't still active duty in the service if you're here in the city." It's not like there's a military base around here somewhere.

"Active reserve," Gavyn replies, though again her demeanor ventures toward uncertainty. That seems a rather random question to ask. "Technically I work full time instead of your typical 'Weekend Warrior'."

It's perhaps not as random as Gavyn seems to think. She smiles slightly. "The reason I ask is because you didn't sound like you were enjoying it much. I figured it couldn't hurt to feel you out on the topic of shifting your job focus, honestly. Redbird is not where I work, you see… I'm a logistics officer for FRONTLINE. Most of the squad is military personnel, so you'd fit right in, and we're always on the lookout for people with talents that could prove helpful." She shrugs. "It's not like I'm offering you a job, mind you. I don't have the authority for that. Just wondering if something like that — and the commensurate paycheck — might be something you'd be interested in talking about."

Gavyn goes very quiet as Elisabeth begins explaining her questions, sitting quite still. Save for her eyes. Though her head never moves, her eyes flick toward the counter and nearby stools to see who might be nearby. Silence lapses on for another good moment or two after Liz has finished speaking, then finally, "I was told that's more Government work."

Elisabeth shrugs. "Some yes, some no," she admits. "It's what amounts to an Evo SWAT team. We back up the NYPD when they request it in situations where Evo powers are in use." Noting the woman's flickering gaze, the blonde smiles faintly. "They can't hear a thing. I'm an audiokinetic. It means that I can control sound waves. Our conversation isn't carrying beyond the table."

That definitely surprises Gavyn, enough that her mouth opens and then closes wordlessly. "That's good to know," she decides, in deadpan. Then moving on, once more into conversational tones, "So, could be better than what I'm doing now, which isn't as glamorous as what I'd originally signed up for."

"And what did you originally sign up for?" Elisabeth asks curiously. "I warn, it's not terribly glamorous," she adds with a grin.

Sunglasses don't allow for studying others very well. Yet Gavyn at least tries before answering. "Originally, I was suppose to be a linguist, airborne. Things happened and now I fly a desk inside a glorified closet and work intel on a computer." There is some scorn in her voice. Certainly, sitting behind a computer wasn't what she'd expected to do.

Elisabeth purses her lips. "Not exactly sure that we'd have a lot of use for a linguist," she admits mildly. "But an intel officer? That could potentially come in pretty useful. The question is…" The blonde trails off. "Would you be any happier working with us? I'm sure you can look up in all manner of places what FRONTLINE does. We've definitely been in the papers enough. But none of us do what we do for glory. We do it to protect innocents." She pauses. "When you walked into Redbird, you said you weren't really looking for a job, though. So what are you looking for, Gavyn?"

"I'd gone with Madison because she'd asked me to, because of what /I/ do," Gavyn says. She folds her hands, resting them on the table in front of her, eyes again turned downward. "It had nothing to do with wanting another job, Madison letting us know about her secret feelings about Mister Cardinal was my fault." She pauses, a hand raising to rub at the bridge of her nose. And while those sunglasses are dislodged from covering her eyes, she keeps her gaze on the table. "I signed up for the same reasons so many others did, because some group of radicals came in and killed a lot of innocent people. And I stayed on after coming here in hopes of continuing that."

Elisabeth manages to keep her amusement mostly contained. Oh, she feels bad for Elle — it's truly embarrassing to have your crushes exposed to the object of them. What surprises the blonde officer is more her own gut-level reaction to the comment. The rather visceral she better not ever even think about it response that she bites back. Her attention remains on the woman, not so much the other part. "Seems to me that if you want that, FRONTLINE might be a valid avenue of exploration for you, then," she comments mildly. Reaching into her pocket, Elisabeth comes up with a small notebook. She always carries it, a holdover from cop days. She jots down an email address and passes the sheet over. "Send me your information if you're interested. Assuming your military record comes up clean…. you might get a call. Can't promise anything, though."

Gavyn takes the paper, giving a quick look to the address on it before slipping it into a pocket. "Sounds good. Any specific information you need in that email?"

Elisabeth shrugs. "Just your resume. A lot of it will obviously be in your military files, but …" She smiles slightly. "I'll be interested to see it." She moves to finish her cup of coffee as grilled cheese arrives for Gavyn. Sliding her laptop into her hands and scooting across the booth, Elisabeth says easily, "It's a good job. Not easy. And definitely not glamorous. But if you're in it to keep people safe, lady?"

"Yes, ma'am," Gavyn answers with a nod. A quick righting of her sunglasses as she looks up at Elisabeth, offering the other a small smile. "You sound like my recruiter. I'll think about it and decide soon."

Elisabeth laughs quietly. "That kinda sucks. Cuz they always give you a line of bullshit, don't they?" She winks as she stands. "I can promise you that I won't pull that shit on you." She moves to leave, leaving money on the table to cover her own check as well as Gavyn's. "If you need to find me, you can leave a message at Redbird too."

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