You Wanted This


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Scene Title You Wanted This
Synopsis Niki decides she cannot do what needs to be done. But she knows just who to count on.
Date June 28, 2009

The Apartment of Niki Sanders

In the days that followed since Niki was at Mount Sinai there have been brief conversations with Micah over Cat's iPhone. But lately, he's gone silent. Things to be done, he said. Missions that required his attention. As if he were a soldier. She's gone to work. Heard condolences, yet again. Tried to move on with herself, her life.

Sometimes it seems that the line between Niki, Jessica and Gina — that line was becoming larger, overlapping. Between the tears, the anger and the angst, Niki knows what needs to be done. As she gazes down at the iPhone and speaks, she knows that the one she's addressing is listening.

"I can't do what needs to be done and you know this. But, I don't want it to be like before. Uncontrollable. I want justice. And as much as I want it, I just don't have the heart for it. It's not in me, as much as it is in you to get the job done. For Micah. He deserved better than this. They had no right.."

She pauses as her eyes tear up. She stands and places her hand against the dresser to steady herself as she steps from the room. She walks into the bathroom and up to the sink. She takes a moment, a very long moment, before her eyes finally rise and look into the face that looks back at her in the mirror.

"You'll take care of this, right?"

It takes only a split second as we move from the image of Niki looking at Jessica in the mirror to the imagine of Jessica looking at Niki into the mirror. There's a brief glimpse of Niki with a slight look of fear on her face before it melts into acceptance and relief. Jessica can only give Niki that smirk of hers as she turns to get ready to go out.

"Just remember.. you wanted this."

Jessica turns and walks out of the bathroom, leaving Niki to look after her from the mirror as she goes.

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