You Were Leaving


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Scene Title You Were Leaving
Synopsis Helena runs after Hana in an attempt at forestalling her departure.
Date January 5, 2009

Outside the Primatech Paper Facility, Staten Island

Hana never uses the driveway. It's an obvious place to leave a vehicle and the one where everyone else would look. Her bike is around back of the facility, shielded from the street by an unkempt screen of overgrown shrubbery. The evening's gloom is a dull and dreary contrast that does nothing to soothe her bitter, burning anger. Not so strongly directed, now, at the ex-agent left in her wake, but turned within, upon the Israeli herself. The sharp and energtic motions it lends itself easily to do successfully roll the motorcycle down over the grass, but at a price of ungracefully snatching twigs, their knobby fingers plucking at Hana's hair and scraping over the leathern jacket.

Helena is running, and skids to a stop on the other side of the motorcycle. "Hana?" She looks urgently into the woman's face, and can't even fight back the distress that slips into her voice. "If you go, it'll all fall apart. You know that, right? We need you, and we need the Ferrymen, and if you go away, it'll all fall apart."

Hana pauses, the slowly turning wheels of the bike coming to a complete stop. She looks across its back at the girl, her expression resembling a stone mask more than anything else, jaw set against the woman's own vitriolic emotions. She can't keep the scornful anger, the undercurrent of biting pain, out of her words — but none of it is truly meant for Helena. "When did I say anything about you?"

Helena doesn't flinch, which may be a miracle. "We're tied to the Ferrymen. So is Bennet, and you want nothing to do with him. If I didn't come out here and beg, then there was a risk of losing you. What was I supposed to do?" Pale and chin-lifted, Helena faces down Hana's wrath. "You were leaving."

And maybe it isn't — miraculous, that is. Time and again — Matt Parkman, Noah Bennet, Teo's probing questions… Hana has demonstrated a lack of desire to direct her displays of violent behavior at the members of Phoenix. They seem to fall in a different category, and that category holds true now. "Am leaving," the woman corrects, shoving her motorcycle forward and resuming motion. "If I breathe the same air as Bennet for a heartbeat more, I will kill him," the lioness growls.

That doesn't make Hana's ire any less considerable to face. "Just…don't leave us." Helena's tone is quieter now, but Hana's already implied that's not a concern, so her panic has subsided somewhat.

"It's not even about him." Helena says. "Just don't leave us." Don't leave me. She takes a step back, as if to somehow withdraw whatever psychological restraint she's been capable of inducing with this conversation. "I've heard about a vision that Eve's had involving the Hudson bridges. We can talk about it later."

Leveling a pointed gaze upon Helena, Hana silently disagrees. It is all about him. But she lets that look be the sole disagreement. "It's not like you don't know how to talk to me," she reminds the girl, pervasive self-recrimination doing nothing to soften the edges of her voice. Rather the opposite. Hana turns to face forward again… but for the moment, she stands there, unmoving.

That's not entirely what Helena meant, but it's doubtful she could articulate what she did mean. "I know." she says tentatively, backing away some more, a wolf cub who's backing down from alpha female.

The girl's retreat forces Hana to turn around a little more than previously in order to actually look at her. "Is that all?" The question isn't gentle; 'gentle', in that sense, is quite possibly beyond the woman's capability. Definitely not a tactic she employs very often. But her voice does manage to be so neutral that it's hard to tell which answer Hana would prefer to receive.

Helena looks up at that, and then somewhat ashamedly, "Yeah." Now she's embarrassed, and looks just about anywhere but Hana. "I'll message you." she says, not that Wireless needs any assurance. Helena remains standing there, though, at least in so far as to watch Hana drive the bike away.

Hana lets Helena's reply hang in the air for a moment, then dips her head once in a stiff nod. Since the girl is now behind the bike, the woman seats herself atop it, kicks the engine on, and heads off towards the city proper without anything resembling a backwards glance.

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