You Were Missing?


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Scene Title You Were Missing?
Synopsis Now on top of her own issues with a serial killer (and the more personal ones), Liz feels like a complete putz for not knowing Abby ran off!
Date Aug 17, 2009

Police Precinct

Elisabeth is standing in front of Coren Shelby's desk staring at him, a small card held in her hands. "What the fuck does this mean?" She holds it up and gestures with it, pissed off beyond belief. The best part about it is that her tirade is entirely silent — at least to those in the squad room. They've got to be sort of used to this by now; it's the best silent movie ever when Harrison gets pissed. When the Captain was pissed, he'd pull you in and close the door and yell — you can actually sort of hear what's going on in that case. But this way, the whole room gets to speculate! "Shelby, goddamnit, how the hell did that fucker know???" She points at him and glares. "He's tapped into you. I'm telling you right now, that's exactly what it is." Her hands are shaking when she throws the small card with 'Congratulations' onto his desk, dropping the silence field. "Bag it, have it dusted for prints," she barks at him, like he doesn't know the job ten times better than she. "Not that it'll fuckin' well GET us anywhere. Have them do a saliva test on it too."

He very well does know his job. Coren is already opening an evidence bag and, with a gloved hand, deposits the card and envelope into bag, seals it, and fills out the necessary information. All in silence, because he really doesn't have anything he can say, and he's partially incensed that she might think this Azrael person is linked to him somehow. Linked like Cassidy. Once Liz has finished her tirade, or seemingly has, Coren looks at her, "They said a girl dropped it off at the front desk." This is the part he never had the chance to tell her with all her screaming. "I brought them a photo of Jessy Delany. This," he says, holding the bag up, "Proves she's still alive."

Abby's never really been on the other side of the silence bubble.

This seems to be a month for firsts. Blue eyes look from Liz nad her movement, her obvious raised tones and then to Coren and his body language. This must have been what it was like that time at the Orchid lounge with Conrad. She'd knock but… she has a feeling that they wouldn't hear it. So Abigail, at the door, digs around in her bag and locating a hanky, does something with it that involves folding it to make it into a ball and tosses it towards the two.

Elisabeth throws her hands in the air. "A fuckin' missing person waltzed up to the desk sergeant with that card and then waltzed right the fuck back out??! Jesus fuckin' Christ, are we the Keystone Cops here??" Incensed. That's the word for the blonde right now. She's not shouting, but there's a low-level bass rumble in the room for a long moment that thankfully dissipates when she's distracted by getting hit on the shoulder with the hanky-ball. Enraged baby blues turn to the source, ready to rip them a new ass, only to pause when she sees Abigail. And it takes every bit of effort to rein it in and force a smile for the blonde. "Hey, Abby," she greets tightly. Their last meeting wasn't so good either, and she'd rather not lose it in the squad room any further. A number of cops are already looking disappointed that it's not going to continue, heading back to their work.

He doesn't mention the fact that the girl had dyed her hair red. That might be too much for Liz right now, overprotective bastard he is. "An oversight I don't think will happen…" Coren never quite says 'again', for Abby has interrupted them. He nods his head to her, "Abigail," and like Liz barely manages anything resembling a smile. The fact that it's Abby there does very little for his already thinly-spread nerves. That's when a uniformed officer comes by.

"Shelby," he says, "You might want to check out CNN."

"Bugger, now the media's gotten hold of it. I'll get this to processing," he says of the evidence baggie, and heads off to an interview room to check out the news in private. It can't be good.

"Detective Doctor Shelby" There's not really a heaping smile on Abby's face either, weird moods for all my friends. But she looks to Elisabeth after glancing at Corens retreating form. "He's still upset with me. I uhh, came to check in, and see if there was anything else that I needed to know about.. what you told me in Louisiana"

Well, as she bends down to scoop up the hanky, Elisabeth looks toward Coren's retreating back. Good… yet another person she's going to owe an apology to. "No," she says as she straightens. "I'm afraid it's me he's peeved at this time. And probably rightly so" She moves to offer Abby the hanky back, her hands still visibly shaking from the shock of seeing the note inside that card. She searches Abby's face briefly, and then says gently, "I don't have anything that'll be helpful, no. That's actually what … that … was all about. Bastard sent in the girl who kicked off the case as a courier to the front desk." She shakes her head. "We're chasing our tails," she sighs, shoving both hands into her hair and leaving it a wild mess.

"Wow" Abigial murmurs, taking the hanky back and stuffing it in her bag. "I just came to see about, that. That and just in case someone might have.. contacted you about me disappearing on thursday" Abigail's forefinger scratches at her temple. "I just wanted to check in and make sure you knew that I was okay. That nothing had happened"

Elisabeth goes very still at that news. "Disappearing?" Her gaze on Abby sharpens a bit and she says, "No… no one said anything." She's not sure what else to say to that — Abby already answered the main question: Are you okay? "Are you holding up?" she finally asks quietly. Being as the last time they saw one another was the information about Ariel Martinez.

"I kinda, broke. But I made sure to leave a trail that a blind man could find. Our friend Mike was with me too. Richard sorta, I guess made him. We went to Milwaukee and came back. I think the worst of it is over really though. I hope so"

Abigail tucks the flap of her bag down how it should be and looks for a place to sit. "And no, he's.. He found out I got shot on Staten Island and he wasn't happy about it"

Mike… It takes Elisabeth a minute to put the name 'Mike' together with Deckard, and then she nods. "I'm glad you had company," she says sincerely. "And I'm glad that you're doing all right, Abby." She too moves to sit down. "Oh Lord…." She glances back toward where Coren went, and she sighs. "Yeah… he's got a lot to be peeved about lately," she admits to Abby quietly. "Right now, he's just pissed because I …blew up at him like that. He's a good cop with more experience than me. I'm just…. eh, you know me. Sometimes my temper gets the better of me."

"He's.. he's got a lot of anger Liz. It's just the way he is" Abigail's seen a lot of anger from the man over the last while since she's come to know him. "Add in you and… there you go. Listen, I won't stick around. I got a final tonight at like 6, so i have to go cram some more studying in and make some more apologies"

Elisabeth smiles at Abby. "I'm glad you took the trip. You look… better." It's about the best she can offer at this moment, but it's a good thing. Really. "Give me a call when you're done with finals? I'd like to take you to dinner to celebrate."

"End of the week. We'll see. I don't know how good I'll be" Self doubt creeping back up. "Tell the detective Doctor that I'll see him around, if he wants" She looks better. Maybe. Maybe not. Abigail just feels much less fragile. More made of wooden support beams, than the threads of glass that she was built on before. "I'm uhh, moving out of the village renaissance. You should know that. I'm gonna move in on top of the bar. It's not that far away but you should know that too. See you around Liz"

Elisabeth looks surprised at the move, but honestly? "Good for you," she tells Abby quietly. Mainly because if Abby feels safe enough to do it, it's something that is just plain HERS. "If you need help moving, let me know. I'm a fine hand at carrying boxes," she smiles. She stands to walk Abby out, trying not to burden the other woman with her concern — Abby's an adult taking control of her life again.

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