You Were Never



Scene Title You Were Never
Synopsis Eve mourns the loss of her gift and the lie (life) that she led.
Date January 1, 2020

Manhattan Exclusion Zone

The scream pierces the night as up high near the ruined rooftop of a skyscraper, the figure known as Eve holds her hands to her face. Screaming her lungs out, throat hoarse and rough by now.

She had to let it all out.

She's falling, long black dress whipping back and forth behind her as well as her wild mane of the same shade.

Bright bloodred lighting sparks off of her body, her barefeet. Tears fall upwards from her cheeks.

You were never…

All of it lies.

I don't want to talk about it to you

I'm not an open book that you can rifle through

The cold hard truth that you'll see right to

The blood red light within her begins to shine brighter, illuminating the shadowy areas of the Manhattan Exclusion Zone below.

A charlatan.

You're a fraud.

Burn the witch!

Her body hurtles closer to the ground, it was rising to meet her. They would meet in the middle she thought. Eve's body curls in upon itself, briefly hugging herself before she throws her limbs out wide.

Down the middle.

She welcomed it.

Closer the ground rose.

Brighter Eve grows.

Her shadow grows larger on the ground below.

A soft intake of breath, eyelids flutter shut.

She's stopped screaming.

I'm just a basket case without you


Manhattan Exclusion Zone

Minutes earlier on New Years Day

The sound of rubble being moved can be heard echoing around the Ruins of Midtown. Rats scatter from the added noise that sounds like a circuit box on the fritz.


A violent red light washes over the weathered stone, pale barefeet with black nail polish on the toes peek around a corner as a large rock falls with a crunch to the cracked pavement. Eve stands there with a lost sort of expression on her face, eyes the same color as the light within her pass over broken storefront to broken storefront. Office buildings half destroyed with the upper floors exposed to the elements. This use to be her home.

What's a home?

Something you don't have…

Do you have a past? I don't know…

You're on a loop. Loopy Loop. Can't hop through.

The voice that sounds like her own taunts her, an icy chill blossoms from the bottom of her spine. The words ringed true, echoing through the recesses of her mind.

Lost in her wandering her feet nudge a fallen piece of debris and her eyes shift downward.

AsS Mechanics.

Somehow the sign had survived and someone had vandalized it. The M broken off and a S added in bright purple spray paint, edges burnt from the explosion that had taken most of the building. Eve's body knew the way home even when she didn't realize. Crouching with her arm outstretched it allows her to graze the top of the sign slowly, reverently. "Here lay your roots, the strongest of them all," Whispering to herself, mist forming in her eyes. "Nonna mi senti? Padre? Madre?"

There is no answer.

Closing her eyes briefly she bows her head, she doesn't want to see the rubble of the place. Where she had a paradise, sanctuary.

Eve's body glows and she sniffs, feeling a shift in her bones, a pull down her middle. She explodes into the bright crimson cloud where she feels free, where she feels nothing. There she bops up and down as lightning sparks litter the floor, she shifts and angles upwards before she floats in the direction of a dilapidated skyscraper.

I won't cry. I can't.

But you will when you turn, don't you wanna feel the broken earth beneath your feet?

You know… you always want to save the world, what if you shocker, saved us.

Us now?

You know what I mean.

I had-have a purpose.

You have only lies.

She drifts, metal filaments tangle and untangle within the swirling nimbus of energy.

You could just end-

Later that day…

The cloud makes impact with the ground, spreading out violently leaving scorch marks and smoke as it moves.

If you're gonna drag this out, be interesting.

When did you get so fucking boring?

Change. Adapt. Ascend.

Or die.

Eve pushes herself forward, driving herself under the pavement pulling from her own energy. Lightning crackles, pops on the surface but underneath, through the cracks in the street her light persists.

Maybe you will live.

But you were never a seer.

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