You Were Right


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Scene Title You Were Right
Synopsis After a brush with future Kasha, Sam calls Brian with an update
Date April 14, 2011

Bay House and Eltingville Blocks — Brian's Apartment

The sun has set, giving way to darkness in the Bay House. It's not super late yet, although it's getting late-ish. Sam had excused herself to the attic to 'check on Kasha' and make a phone call. It's easier to make calls when no one else is around, it doesn't call their attention to the fact that things aren't normal. And lately, more than anything, Sam has been trying to feed everyone the illusion of normalcy. She'd finally caved today and bought some maternity clothes, so as she peeks over into Kasha's crib, her own belly shows off the baby she's' been growing. It's still smallish, but it's growing. Slowly.

With a tight-lipped smile, she draws out the cell phone she'd bought at the grocery story earlier today. Disposable. She tried to follow Brian's directions. She waits and lets the phone ring as she leans over the crib to peek at the baby, who, reaches up to grasp Sam's finger, earning her a big smile.

Eyes go extremely wide. Brian stares through the open doorway. The phone on the kitchen counter buzzing all by its lonesome. Brian lets out a groan. He's going to have to get up. And get all the way to the kitchen. The burn victim forces himself to a sitting position on his mattress, eyes going to the phone longingly. His legs swing over the side of the mattress, his elbows going to the wall and helping force himself to his feet. A long groan emits from the young mans lips as he manages to gather himself to his feet. "Shit." He squeaks out weakly.

Padding his way through his room, his features twist into a grimace. Every step brings pain with the ridiculous amount of shaking his skin does every time he takes a step. His bandaged hands go to the counter trying to recall the phone. But those palms and giners still hurt a little too much to do anything fine motor like pushing a button.

Brian leans down as he pins Koshka's phone in between his wrists. Tongue extending and pressing down against the send button. And then to the speaker button. His tongue is slid back as he pushes the back of his wrists around his phone to take it back to his bedroom with him. "Hello?" Brian asks, sounding somewhat pained.

"You don't sound so good. Something wrong? Ohmygosh you can't be sick can't you?! If you're sick cough once and if you're not, cough twice!" There's a pause as Sami shakes her head, "Sorry that makes no sense. Cough twice if you have pneumonia. And once if you're regular sick and say something if you're alive because if you say nothing than I'll assume you died. Sorry I'm a little hyper. Sorry. I just— it's been a crazy week." There's a pause as she shakes her head a little.

"I mean.. Baby I'm glad to hear your voice," even if she hears it in the form of teenage-Brian. "I miss you." It's true just the same. This Brian is her Brian. While she likes the rest, this is the one she likes the most. Because being remembered means something. "So. You sick? Hurt? Dying? If you're dying I'm coming there. And I mean like today. Because I walk through things. ANd… stuff."

Carefully pressing his backwrists together he manages to get back into his room and kick the door closed. Lowering himself to a seat on the edge of his bed, he goes to place the phone on the mattress and push it away a little bit. Giving himself room to lay back. Scooting over, Winters half turns and lays back on his pillows. A growl emits from his bared teeth as he slowly eases himself onto the bed. Not yet speaking to his wife to be on the phone.


It's let out in relief as he manages to relax against the bed. "I'm not sick. Just sprained my ankle. Hard to walk." He lies blatantly. "I'm glad to hear your voice too. I'm not dying. I'm fine. Relax honey. I miss you too." He murmurs softly. "Don't worry about me. How are you baby how.. Sorry I know I should ask more about you. But.. I kind of want to know what happened. What happened?"

There's a dramatic wave of Sami's hand. How she is, is, momentarily, irrelevant. "It went terribly. But you're right." She sighs heavily as she nods, "It was Kasha. I mean the gardener was Kasha. I think, anyways. And Lance. Ugh. It couldn't have gone worse or better at the same time. Like I couldn't do what I'd intended." There's another sigh while she runs her tongue over her lips. "Not even remotely. Like.. Okay. So I thought I was all alone wandering to the Corinthian all on my own. Not the case. Lance followed me."

"And then when she saw Lance she freaked. And she knew this allergy I didn't know and Lance didn't even know and then she ran away and I couldn't follow her because I had two kids with me, but there's something going on." She takes a deep breath.

"It was insane." A hand slides across her belly as she steps away from the crib.

"Terribly?" Brian asks, concern touching his voice. Though when she murmurs that he's right a smug smile lights up his lips. That feels good. "She was." He repeats contemplatively. "Lance?" His head rolls to the side some, eyes squinting as he waits for the explanation. He remains quiet for a moment to let her explain. A slow nod is given. "Lance followed you?" He frowns deeply. "What did you do to him? Punishment wise, I mean."

But then he skips ahead. "Well.. In this picture. Kasha is standing next to Lance. Like a couple. So.. they get together in the future apparently. If she freaked around him." Dark thoughts come in, but are quickly dismissed. "That is crazy, babe. Well you did good I'm sure." He clears his throat. "So.. are you going to try and track her down again?"

"Um…" Sam's gaze turns back to the crib. "I took him for ice cream?" Her lips twist to the side. "I felt bad that he was all sneezy and I was craving ice cream for weeks. Ice cream and pickles. Which Lance refused to eat. I seriously love pickles." Her cheeks flush a pale pink. "I gave a talking-to. Isn't that enough?"

There's a small sigh as Sam nods, "She definitely freaked," and then a pause, "And I went back." Her lips press together, "She's gone. I mean, she's not at the Corinthian anymore. I must've spooked her."

"Sam. What." Brian chides, frowning deeply at the ceiling. His eyes go wide some. And then water starts to fill his eyes. "You're craving ice cream and pickles." And suddenly he sounds choked up rather than angry. "Sam.." He murmurs quietly, sounding rather put out. "Sam.. That's what happens to pregnant ladies in movies. And… And I'm missing it. I'm missing your weird cravings." He lets out hallowly, sounding as if he might burst into tears at any moment. He doesn't answer her question, because he's too busy dabbing at his moist eyes with his bandaged hands. "Fuck.." He lets out weakly. "I miss you so much…"

Swallowing hard, "She left the Corinthian altogether?" Brian frowns deeply. "I.. I might know someone I can ask about her. I.. I will check but. God. Sameye. I wish I could be with you right now. I'm so fucking sad I can't be there to feed you pickle ice cream."

The chiding has Sam's cheeks flushing a brighter pink. "I know! I know it was like the worst move ever because Lance probably needed something that will keep him from following me, but I think he thought I was going on a date or something because I dressed really nice. I wanted to blend in with the Corinthian crowd— " she shuffles back towards the wall away from the crib. Slowly she lets herself slide down into a sitting position as her knees are drawn equally slowly into her chest. "— so I dressed nice. I.. I haven't really shown off my baby belly. At all. And when I put on that dress it was all so real…" it's an odd moment to share her random realization, but she snaps out of it easily enough. "Anyways, I don't know if grown-up Kasha would've been so… vocal if Lance hadn't shown up."

Her own eyes burn with tears that mirror Brian's. "I.. I'm sorry. I wish you.. I wish you were here too.. to feed me pickle ice cream.. I swear Lance looked ill.." as he watched her eat it. With a faint pop, she stretches her neck as she peeks up at the ceiling. "I traded in my pants today. They were so tight. Ugh." There's a brief pause before she adds, "But. Adisa and Tahir are going to help me now…"

Brian starts to weep freely, body convulsing a little bit as the grief hits him fully. "Sam.." He murmurs, the word itself grief-stricken. "This fucking sucks." Most of the time he's been strong for her. Brave in the face of this terrible circumstance. But the fact that he can't be there for her weird cravings seems to have pushed him over the edge. "I'm sure you looked beautiful Sameye.." He croaks out at her admission to going to the Corinthian. "Baby. I want to be with you so hard.. Bad. Whatever. I.. I miss you." Winters lets out quietly into the phone.

"Tahir and Adisa shouldn't have to help you. I should be there. I should be with you." He groans weakly, glancing down at his bandaged chest. "I.. Samara. I.. I have to get out of here. I need you, baby."

Brian's tears have Sam's strength faltering. She bites hard on her bottom lip as her own shoulders bob against the emotion. There's a faint squeak as she presses her free fingers tightly over her lips. With a quiet hiccup she gasps for a breath. "I know, Brian." She shifts her position to allow herself to curl against the wall, a kind of prop to keep her up as she tightens her knees to her chest. "I.. wish .. you were… here." Her cheeks flush a brighter red under the duress. "Our baby is going.. going to move soon.." She hiccups again.

"I want to fall asleep in your arms… and take care of you.. and make you soup… I can make soup now…" she sniffles loudly as she chokes back the words and the tears. "I need you too," she admits quietly. "I can't do this."

Brian takes a slow breath, bandaged chest rising and falling. Her hiccups cause his own crying to slow. Mouth closing, he begins to get a grip on himself. Her sadness brings out the strength in him, as per usual. His eyes squint close for a long moment. Finally his eyes creak open, his teeth baring for a moment. "It's… It's going to be okay, Sami. Our baby? What? like.. Kick?" Brian shifts on his bed some as if trying to get closer to Samara.

"I'm so proud of you baby. I knew you could make soup. One day you're going to be a gourmet fucking chef soon." He smiles weakly, trying to let his smile be heard through the phone. "You can do this.. You're strong. Have you.. Is the little me, there?"

As per usual, Sami struggles to put a cap in her own emotions, squeaking around the fingers pressed against her lips rather than really letting herself feel out anything. "That's what the books say. Kicking. Moving. Anytime now." Almost immediately, she feels weird about saying it, "Sorry. I.. it was weird. It's weird. I'm not sick anymore but…" she shrugs. Apathy has to be better than squeaky hiccup crying. "I just feel so tired." And that's the truth.

"Thanks~" there's a small smile that edges her lips at the chef comment. "I made Tahir and Adisa a pickle, cheese, and spices omelette this morning. I don't think the world likes pickles very much. First Lance with the ice cream. Then the Dunham kids with their omelettes…" Her cheeks flush a little at the question at the end. "Yeah. Little you is here. Along with the boys he fixed the attic so Kasha can sleep here and I can sleep more… I don't think she sleeps the night because I accidentally wake her by checking on her. I swear I'm paranoid…" There's a pause as she adds, "I'm not that strong. I lied. About being strong. I'm scared."
"No. You're lying now. You are strong enough." He admonishes, frowning some. Brian gives a light sigh. "I want to feel our baby kick." He whines some. "And i will. I'll find a way out of here. I promise." He quiets down for a moment, pressing the back of his head to the pillows down to him. Winters closes his eyes for a moment. " I… I can't wait to eat your cooking again baby." He murmurs. No matter how bad it is, he would eat only Samara made meals for the rest of his life if it would just get him next to her again.

"Good.. They fixed the attic? He did? I didn't even know I knew how to do shit like that when I was… Well I guess I helped on construction back then." He frowns gently. "But still. I'm impressed by me." He gives a sad smile. "Is he helping you enough baby? He can do more, just push him."

"I want you to feel our baby kick," Sam confesses quietly. "It's weird. It's like an alien. Or a parasite." There's a distinct pause as her face contorts into a frown, "I don't think good mothers call their babies parasites. I should really back to that doctor again." She chews absently on her bottom lip, "I went to a different one because I figure it's safer or whatever, but the first place didn't ask for anything fancy last time and I think I have a pretty good exit strategy if I need it. Walking through walls is pretty fortunate." Again her teeth toy at her lip, "Also. I thought I should let you know.. if you don't like get home when this kid is born and it's a boy I'm naming him Lindsay," there's a quite obvious change in her tone, somewhere between teasing and playfulness. "Or Courtney. Because.. clearly these are boys names." There's another twitch of a smile as she stifles a giggle, but then, in all seriousness "For a girl I was thinking MacKenzie. MacKenzie Winters. It's not like she'll have a birth certificate, right?"

Silently Sam nods. "Yes. They fixed it. He fixed it. He was being sweet. I needed it." There's a pause as she shakes her head, "The entire thing was called Operation Make Samara Stop Frowning. I didn't even think I was doing that bad. I mean.. I never frown."

"He's a good kid. You were a good kid. All of these versions of you make me love you more. You know that? I feel like a crazy person. In love with three versions of the same man." But not Agent Brian. He pointed a gun at her. "And I don't know what else to make him do. He's trying."

"You should go to the doctor." Brian affirms gently, pushing the phone over on the mattress. He adjusts himself some on the mattress, hands folding over his stomach. Brian's mouth parts some as he squints. "Lindsay? Sam. I love you. I will become a fucking woman murderer if you name our son Lindsay." Brian growls lowly. "Or Courtney. You will be murdered for either." Before he comes out of it with a little grin, chuckling quietly. "You never frown." He agrees, frowning at the thought that she might be frowning now.

"I love you Sam I.. I think I'm going to start falling asleep now." Winters murmurs gently. He grins broadly. "You're not crazy. This situation is crazy. Sami.. Stay on the phone with me while I fall asleep?"

"Lindsay and Courtney are perfectly good names," if Brian could see Sami's expression he'd know for certain she was kidding, but over the phone half of the message is lost. And then, more seriously, as if she hasn't said it enough lately, "Even with this young version of you around, I'm lonely for you. I know that sounds really silly, but it's true." With another quirk of a smile she tacks on, "I think I make him nervous."

Ordinarily it would be her turn to return the wishes of love to her fiancee, but instead of her usual fare she opts for, "I love you more." And then, curling into a more comfortable little ball on the floor, she offers, "I'll stay on until the minutes on this phone run out."

With the decision made, the conversation ceases, but silence doesn't overtake the room. Instead, while sliding a hand over her belly, Sami hums a song— a song her own mother had hummed to her when she couldn't sleep as a child— Somewhere Over the Rainbow to the babies in the room and her love over the phone.

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