Your Attention Is Needed Here


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Scene Title Your Attention Is Needed Here
Synopsis Abby breaks some bad news to Ryans but reminds him of where his head is needed.
Date November 20, 2010

Pollepel Island

When Ryans heads out, Abigail's just outside. Cowl necked sweater and jeans, the now Brunette had been parked. THe murmured whisper hadn't been about Huruma or much less about anything concerning others but more concerning the man's daughter. "Hey" She levers up from the floor where she'd taken to reading again, book closed with a soft thump. "Has anyone talked to you about Delia yet?"

Pausing just outside the door, Ryans brows furrow a little at the question. When someone asks you something like that it sends a chill through you, and it does with him and settles in his stomach like a brick. He turns slowly to look at the small brunette curiously, though it doesn't show on his face. "What is wrong with Delia?

"She — she hasn't exactly been talking to me. Seems to be avoiding me as well." The man's mask breaks a little to show his concern, some of the pain that dealing with his girls can cause. "What isn't she telling me, Abby?"

"She's not avoiding you. If you go by the last few days well, then she's avoiding everyone but she really isn't" There's a step forward, bible tucked under one arm, the other reaching out so she can set a hand on his upper arm and draw him in. "She's with Jaiden right now, I believe they're going to move her to Richard.. Richard Cardinal's place so that she'll be near a doctor, just in case. I visited Jaiden just before I came here and she was with him. I guess…"

It's hard, to relay what's happened when no one really knows. "Benjamin. Jaiden says she crawled into bed with him one night, after helping take care of folks and she's not woken up. She's alive" She feels the need to stress that. "She's well, they have an IV going and making sure she's got all she needs and all her bodies needs are taken care of. I checked on her myself before I came"

Her grip stays firm on his arm, just in case - as if - he might faint or collapse. "They think she's lost. Like, she went off to visit someoenes dream but she got a little turned around"

A hand goes out to catch to keep himself upright, flesh slapping on the mossy stone wall, when his world seems to twist around him, visibly he sways a little, but doesn't fall. Unlike what his children might believe of him, those two girls are Benjamin's world. They are his flesh and blood, his legacy. The last part of a woman he loved dearly.

He still remembers them as new born babies.

So Abby's words cut him deep and leaves him speechless. His baby girl was in trouble and no one told him. Eyes close and brows furrow as he works to control the storm of his emotions. "How — did I not know about this?" His words are strained, worry and stress completely crumble away the mask of the normally controlled man.

Before she can answer that he lifts his hand to stop her, "Don't — " The word comes out sharper then he planned, so he take a moment to collect himself continuing much gentler. "Don't answer that, it's here nor there. At least I know." Plus he did threaten Jaiden once, so — after a moments thought it makes sense, whether it is true or not.

He says not to answer but… "Probably because there's nothing that can be done for her right now that's not already being done and you're attention is needed right now, on other things. Like that Danko was on a helicopter, out here. Because you're part of a council now, the council and you need to focus on helping us rebuild. Delia's safe there's people working on it. Apparently Hokuto is involved in helping too" To a degree that is.

It's hard to think, but a part of Ryans brain knows that Abby is right. He hates it, but she has the right of it. Just like in the past, he had an important job to do and people counting on him… "But this is my little girl." He doesn't even try to hide the pain.

It's not the fact that Jaiden is taking care of her, it's the fact that Hokuto might be there helping, that allows him to settle just a little. His face working to close down again, regaining control of himself. "I will need to see her for myself…" He glances up and down the hall, "but it has to wait til I get this mission done." He needs his head in the game.

"And it's my husband that I had to leave behind in New York if I had any intention of not making him a widow Benjamin" Her hand grips tight, fingers digging in, giving him a bit of a shake. "

And your daughter will be better served if we get all our ducks in a row and have something for her to come back to when they managed to tether her back into her body. If anyone knows how to do it, it's Hokuto. Where she is, where she's likely to be, there's a doctor who comes round, and I'm sure that when there's time, you can hunt on down there and go to her, but right now" Abigail makes sure his eyes are on hers.

"Right now, we're all fighting to survive and not find ourselves in some cell, or on the business end of Danko's gun again. Just.. watch out for her in your dreams ya?"

"Your right." He finally admits, head nodding in short jerks. There is still a part of him that is fighting this rational thinking, the lion in him that wants to protect his family. It's a harsh emotion that batters at the cool headed part of him. "There is still work to do."

He looks like he wants to say more to the girl, but instead the older man does something rare, he reaches out to pull her into a half hug. "Thank you," he says softly, meaning those words and letting her hear it in his voice, before releasing her and turning to go.

As he walks away, Ryans falls into that familiar neutrality, trying not to think his little girl. "Let medical know to have beds ready… we may end up with more injured before the night is through."

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