Your Colossus!


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Scene Title Your Colossus!
Synopsis Harrison drops by to check on Melissa and meets Kendall instead…
Date July 4, 2010

Little Green House

This house is set back from the street slightly. A stone wall, made of black stone largely covered by dark green ivy, separates the tiny front yard from the street, though it's more a retaining wall than a wall meant for privacy. A small black iron gate does a pitiful job of blocking the stairs that lead to the walkway that leads up to the small porch, one which is accessible by two small sets of steps on opposite sides. The back yard is much larger than the front, and is fenced in, though the fence needs repair in a number of places. It's largely grass, though there are a few medium sized trees which provide shade. At one point it looks like part of the yard was a garden, but it's long since grown over and been claimed by weeds. From the back yard it's possible to see the harbor.

The house itself is largely a gray-green with white trim, and looks to be at least several decades old, and a century wouldn't be out of the question. It's two stories, though there are windows which seem to belong to an attic. The house as a whole has seen better days, though it looks like it's structurally intact. At least for the most part.

It has been a few days since they returned from their mission, and Harrison has kept to himself. The young man wanted to check in on Melissa and make sure she was ok. He makes his way to her house dressed in black t-shirt, jeans, and a pair of sneakers. As he walks up to the yard he looks over the house, and stuffs his hands into his pockets making his way slowly towards the door.

Kendall had just been unceremoniously kicked out of his room by said Melissa, amongst much whining. 'Get your ass outside!' was more or less the message he was given, so a sulky Kendall opens the door and scowls around. The light! It BURNS! After his eyes adjust to that thing called 'sunlight', he squints around, then blinks. "Ah… you're the guy who gave me the iPhone for my birthday, right? Thanks again."

As he continues to walk up the path towards the door, he stops short when he sees Kendall appear. Harrison gives the young kid a wave as he begins to walk towards him with a weak smile and says, "Thats me. How are you liking it? I love mine." Harrison's eyes move towards the house and then back on Kendall.

"Oh, I love it. There's an app for… everything. even YuGiOh, I use it all the time. And there's lots of stuff that can be put on it." Kendall is totally geeking out, and pulls his out of his pocket, fiddling with it. "It's so awesome."

"Good I am glad your liking it." He runs a hand through his tosseled hair as he says, "And how is getting use to…well your ability." He remembers the boy creating some vivid illusions that threw him off guard when he saw him last. Harrison takes out his phone and says, "A great one is…" He presses a few buttons and Kendall's screen beeps with Harrison's phone info on it, "Its called sync up. That was you don't always need to enter it in manually."

Kendall blinks and looks at the phone. "Huh? You can call people with it too?" well duh, Kendall, what part of iPhone do you not understand? It actually is a phone. "That's neat." seems like he's been using it for everything except calling people. "Ah, yeah, I've been trying to see just what I can do, at first it was just one thing, but now I can do other things too…"

A soft smile escapes the young man as he nods, "Well I feel I need to apolgize. I did not mean to offend you if…well I was not expecting it thats all." Harrison looks down at his feet as he says softly, "I too have an ability." He shrugs slightly, "I just am not use to seeing other peoples ability so…openly."

"Well…" Kendall shrugs his shoulders uncomfortably. "I'm not really either. I just… well, it was my party, right? I definitely wouldn't do anything like that where normal people can see, and I got the feeling that there weren't many normal people at the party." he shifts his feet, looking around. "I… well, most of the time I wish I didn't have it, you know? I mean, my parents kicked me out because they found out I was Evolved, and basically disowned me for it."

A soft sigh escapes Harrison's lips, "I am sorry that happened to you Kendall. No one deserves to be punished for being different." He runs a hand through his hair before looking at the house and asks, "How is Melissa?"

"Oh, y'know, same as always, I guess." Kendall doesn't actually know since until just recently he's been in his room playing video games. "Why?"

"Oh nothing. I just had not seen or spoken with her…" Harrison pauses as he looks towards the road, "Well since your party." Thank God Kendall's power is not knowing when someone is lying. As he turns his eyes back at the young kid he smiles, "I just wanted to see how she was yet if your out here I can just assume she has kicked you out of the house." He smirks, "So she must be ok. Your lucky…I can tell she loves you alot. I could see it in her eyes at your party."

Kendall looks a little uncomfortable at that talk of 'love' and stuff. "Well, uh, I guess so, I mean…" oh wait, he probably means maternal love, right? "Oh, do you like her?" Kendall asks suddenly as something clicks, which could be correct or could just be…. jumping to conclusions.

As he blinks, Harrison takes a step back from Kendall and raises his hands up as if in defense, "No no…I don't like her…" He begins to talk quickly, "Well I do like her. I think she is a very awesome chick but I don't ya know…like her like her. I just don't have many friends and well I just wanted to see if she was ok. That is all."

"Oh." guess he missed the mark. "Why wouldn't she be ok?" Kendall pauses. "Did something happen? She's not secretly a superhero or something, is she? A vigilante, out fighting evil and stuff?" such an imagination.

If he only knew how much of a superhero or vigilante she really is…depending on how you look at it. Harrison makes a chuckle and does his best to make an attempt at a change of subject, "So…aren't ya gonna ask me what I can do. It's only fair I guess since I saw what you can do."

"Well, ok." AHA! That guy just changed the subject! That totally means she is! Kendall will have to keep track of her comings and goings from now on. "What can you do then? Is it something you can show?"

As he looks around, he sees that no one is around and Harrison looks back at Kendall. He nods and says softly, "It is." He takes a deep breath and closes his eyes. As he takes in a few deep breaths, Harrison's exposed skin, and hair begin to shift from soft flesh to harden stone like flesh to glittering titanium. He opens his silver eyes and looks at Kendall and says, "I can shift into an organic form of metal." He bows his head slightly his silvery body shimmering slightly against the light.

When Harrison's skin becomes metal, Kendall gapes for a few seconds. "AWESOME! You're Colossus!" he's totally fanboying over that right now. "That's a million times more awesome than mine! I can only make things that aren't real."

A chuckle escapes Harrison, as he shakes his head. His skin begins to lose it's glimmering luster turning back to it's fleshy tones and softness. Harrison says, "You have the ability to create things from your soul Kendall. I think what you can do is much cooler man. I am basically a meat shield." He cracks his neck slightly after walking out a building that exploded. He is more then a meat shield.

"Meat wouldn't break your teeth if you tried biting it." Kendall points out. "And mine could be beaten by the mere fact that if people don't believe in it, it disappears."

"Yes but the ability to create something beautiful like those wings you did was just awe inspiring." He looks down at his watch and then back at Kendall and says, "Listen I need to run. It was really nice chatting with you Kendall. Maybe we can do it again real soon. Will you tell Melissa I stopped by and just tell her I was asking for her?"

"Yeah, ok, I'll tell her you were worried about her too. And I'll find out if she's a superhero or something." pause. "Or supervillian, I mean, it could go both ways." and apparently… Kendall is okay with that?

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