Your Company Is Not Welcome Here


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Scene Title Your Company Is Not Welcome Here
Synopsis Veronica returns to Old Lucy's but with Winters in tow. Winters doesn't know how to act like Brian and Abby catches on and kicks them out with an ultimatum to never return.
Date March 30, 2009

Old Lucy's

Old Lucy's has a vibrant and lively feel to it, from the dark wooden floors to the shady crimson walls lit up by neon lights and many times, the flashing of cameras from the oft-crowded floor. The mirror behind the bar reflects prices of various drinks, bottles lined up, as well as the entire saloon as seen from the bartenders; bolted-down stools line the other side, and there are loose tables and chairs placed all around, though many times they find themselves pushed back for more space within the center of the saloon. A few speakers are placed at strategic places and around a raised stage to the far corner from the bar. Above the counter, an obviously well-used bar is hung; it is this that the girls working will use should there be dancing, which is one reason many patrons choose to come aside from the drinks. Across the bar and near the back, there is a door that leads to the owner's office and just inside a stairwell that leads a apartment on the floor above the bar.

There's a leopard print topped dark skinned woman who is not huruma, up and yelling on the bar, throwing bottle sof beer into the crowd as they're caught. Music blaring at a ridiculous level. A couple others are around, tending bar, watering the masses. Must be the end of it because the cocoa skinned woman jumps down to a chorus of groans and the music goes back down to a reasonably expected level. Abby comes out from the back once it's calmed back down, a styrofoam cup with what looks like something green in the straw, taking up her corner of the bar again. Work night!

Another day down — any day without an injury in their line of work is a day to celebrate, right? Veronica and Winters decide to head to Old Lucy's to do just that — and possibly check up on Abby. The door opens and Vee leads Brian in. She's apparently in a playful enough mood with her partner, as she has his hand in hers, holding it against the small of her back as she leads him toward the bar, watching as the dark-skinned woman hops down and Abby takes her place at the bar. She murmurs something to Brian over her shoulder, then slides onto a bar stool near Abby's corner. "Hey, Nun," she says pleasantly enough, a genuine smile bringing about those dual dimples on her cheeks.

As soon as his foot hits the ground of the establishment, he is assaulted once again. Not by physical force, but by the vague blurs of memories which feel more like dreams, stinging into the back of his mind. The agent following Veronica's jaw goes slightly slack as he enters, his gaze glossing over for a moment.

A woman climbing into his lap, people cheering, heat all over him…

His hand comes up quickly to briefly touch at his forehead, a little groan passing his lips for just a moment. Those can be annoying. But it is quickly shaken off, his gaze going down to the woman with him, his lips growing into a broader grin. His hand going to escape hers and climb all the way around her waist as they make their way for the bar. The young Agent is dressed as per usual, a black suit, no tie, of course, and is well kept, freshly shaven, and neatly trimmed, unlike his counterpart. Going to sit at the bar next to Veronica, he goes to give a nod to the woman known as Nun. Not without a barrage of memory dreams though! And after another hand coming up to his forehead, he shakes his head and smiles brightly. "Hey."

'hey" Veronica? "Veronica" Broken ribs. "Hows your ribs" She's settling into her spot, about to welcome the woman when in walks winter. Though to her, it's Brian. "har har Brian. I told you not to come in while I'm working. Go make yourself scarce. I don't need babysitting while I'm here. they got me covered. I'm not about to have get snatched while working" Har har, unamused look on the woman's face. Abby's now a redhead, not a blonde anymore. "Ignore him. What can I get you today?"

"You okay?" she asks with a glance toward Brian when she sees that now familiar dazed look coming into his eyes. "A martini will fix you right up," she jokes, before Abby is greeting them… and seems to know not only Vee but Brian as well. Oh shit. Veronica's eyes widen and she glances at Brian and back to Abby. How to handle this? Now that Brian knows there's another him out in the world, what worked with Deckard most likely isn't going to fly here. "Ribs are fine, thanks to you," she murmurs. "Love the new hair." She glances at Brian again, to see how he's going to take this. "We should go, maybe…" she says in a lower voice, pulling out a cell phone and opening up an message field.

A bewildered look is cast to Abby for just a moment, before the agent covers it up quickly. A little grin is given to Abby, and a soft chuckle. That would be the expected reply right? From who she thinks he is? His gaze slowly rolls over to Veronica, his brow turning up somewhat expectantly. He frowns lightly, at her suggestion. There was another him running around out there, one still under some under very naive modes of thought. One still bowing to this group. So how well does she know him? "I'm here on a date." He ventures, is that okay? Does the other Brian do dates? He gestures with his head to Veronica.

"A date. Right. Without Kameron" Skeptical. The redheads brows furrow when Veronica starts digging out a phone saying they should get out of there and Brian's … not Brian. She takes him in, the whole of him, after she's spoken. Suit. Does Brian even own a suit? The skepticism turns into something else entirely. Brian's missing one? He'd got taken, she knew that much. Which gets Veronica a suddenly new look. Abby is decidedly not dumb so she leans over the bar, voice dropped low enough for the both of them only. "Get out of the bar. Your not welcome here. Neither of you. Don't come for healing, don't come for anything. Your company is not welcome here. Ever" pointed blue looks to both of them. "Do we have an understanding?"

Veronica slips the phone back in her pocket, and gives Abby a quizzical look, her brows furrowed, her lips slightly parted, giving her a more youthful and more innocent look than she had a moment ago. "Company?" she asks with a raise of her brows. "I don't know what you're talking about, but we'll go if it makes you feel better. We work at the ad agency a couple blocks over. Out celebrating the new campaign we just landed, Nun." She glares at Brian. "Who is Kameron?" she asks, grabbing him by the arm as she slips off the stool. Shit. Of all the bars they could have gone into … small world and all that. Just one moon and a golden sun and two Brians causing a hell of a lot of trouble.

Who is Kameron? Hell if he knows! Abby is sent a decidedly hurt look, pained, enough to make a puppy feel guilty before returning his rather fearful gaze to Veronica. Allowing himself to be dragged off his stool, he has a mix of confusion and fear painted on his face as he follows Veronica begrudgingly as she tugs him along. Sending one glance over his shoulder at Abby, he gives a frown then looks back to Veronica. She knows him. As in currently, as in… He wets his lips. He may have to return on his own at some point… But for now he looks back to Veronica. Shit.

"and i'm Mary Magdalen" She's not buying it. Abby's not buying a drop, especially with the mix of looks Brian is throwing her. No religious sayings, no telling her to calm down, nothing. No instant telling her how Kameron is, or when his hand was to his head, no offering it to her so she can heal it. "Get out, Company is not welcome here" With that, satisfied that they're taking off, the blonde snatches up her white cup with a scared scowl and heads into the back.

"Out," Vee hisses to Brian, and once they're out and far enough down the street that no one is close enough to eavesdrop, even if they happen to have super-keen Evolved hearing, Veronica pulls out the cell phone and calls Goodman's voice mail. "Bartender named Abby, also goes by Nun, recognized Winters. She musta put two and two together, told us Company is not welcome at the bar. Place called Old Lucy's." She hangs up, and then hails a cab. "You okay?" she finally says, turning to look at her partner, something like worry in her dark eyes as she surveys his fearful face.

Brian frowns back at the establishment the two left, "I'm fine." He says icily, watching her quietly and coldly as she talks on the cellphone to Goodman's voicemail. Bringing his fingers up he places them on his lips for a moment. "What should we do about her?" The younger Agent asks, tilting his head at her. Taking a breath, he pauses his fear fading away instantly. All a show, "I wonder if Kameron's pretty." He gives a teasing grin to Veronica, tucking his hands into his pockets.

"Kameron could be a guy," Veronica points out, slipping the phone back in her pocket as a cab pulls up to the curb. "Come on. Goodman'll tell us what to do — maybe they know about her, because she sure as hell knows about us. And knows you." She heads to the cab and pulls the door open, sliding in. She gives the address to Dorchester Towers. "So much for the drink. That's okay. The last martini she made was only mediocre."

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