Your First Lie


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Scene Title Your First Lie
Synopsis Not as memorable as your first kiss, but since Rebecca hasn't had that either, she's going to remember this moment for a very long time.
Date August 29, 2010

Magnes and Elaine's Apartment

Cat had said they needed a mirror. Elaine had gone out to Goodwill and picked up a full-length mirror and placed it in the kitchen near the fridge. She sits, nervously on the couch, a book in hand that she attempts to read as she waits for the door. When the knock finally comes, the book is set aside without even the care to put a bookmark in and she hurries over, opening it up. "Miss Nakano?"

The call from Elaine was an odd one, but not atypical really. She made a few phone calls, a pretty standard procedure and found nothing out of the ordinary, so decided to come by to try and relieve Elaine of her worry. Everything appears to be on the up and up with Varlane's trip to Atlanta. She remembers him from over a year ago when he popped in on her when she worked in the forensic unit at NYPD. She hasn't really seen him since, however. When Elaine answers the door, Rebecca pulls off her sunglasses and lets them hang around her neck, "Ms. Darrow? Rebecca Nakano from Redbird Securities." She steps in after flashing her identification, "Thanks for letting me come over. I could tell how worried you were over the phone and felt like coming in person might be for the best."

"Yes, thank you." Elaine moves, stepping aside to let Rebecca in. "I'm not trying to be the paranoid girlfriend, this just felt… off." She chews her lip. "That's why I talked to Cat. Catherine Chesterfield? She said you could help. She said you were a postcognitive? That you could use mirrors and maybe see what was going on when he left the note for me?"

Offering a sympathetic smile, Rebecca moves deeper into the apartment and she sets down her bag. She sees there's a mirror already set up. "I don't like to go there, use the ability without doing a little bit of footwork to see if there's anything suspicious to really even be concerned about. I did make some calls, and Magnes did check into both the hotel and the Con. There's even some video footage I was able to acquire that shows him wandering around, though it was a little grainy." Right now, all Rebecca sees is that Elaine was ditched by Magnes so he could go to the Con alone instead of with her. It's rude, to be sure, but not that unusual, as she's found out in her tenure as an investigator. "I believe he's where he says he is in that note. But if it will make you feel better, I can do a look back."

Elaine purses her lips. "Again, I don't mean to sound paranoid, but there's something off. Magnes makes costumes. A lot of costumes, comic books are kind of his thing, but he made a pair. A set of characters that kind of went together. One costume was for him, one was for me. You don't put all that work into a costume for someone and then just ditch them to go to a con. Maybe he did go to the con, but I need to know if there's more going on. I need to know for sure that he's being honest with this. Because he has a habit of getting himself into trouble and I want to make sure it's not over his head. Because honestly, I think I'd be the only one looking into this if he was in trouble." She gestures to the kitchen. "I really appreciate it."

Elaine's words make sense. Either Magnes is going to have a lot of explaining to do to his girlfriend, or something is amiss. She knows from talking to Elaine on the phone that the note was found on the fridge, so she adjusts the mirror enough to get a good view of it and then the flashback begins as she 'rewind' to the morning that Magnes left for the Con. She talks to Elaine, telling her what she sees. She actually notices that Elaine leaves the apartment first that morning, and then she sees Magnes leave as well. What causes her not to stop the vision right there is that Magnes didn't leave a note. Just slipped out of the apartment. She lets the vision run for a while longer, just in case he decided to come back and leave one but then..

There's almost a pause in Rebecca's speech at what she sees, then she says, "Okay. Here it is." That's definitely not Magnes leaving the note, but she does recognize who it was from seeing him at HomeSec on her frequent dealings with the agency. This puts a different spin on this, however, she's bound to assist HomeSec with this, which means she just lost a paying customer. She breaks the vision and smiles, turning to Elaine and shrugs. "Looks like he came back and left the note. I don't really know what else to tell you, but he did decide to go on his own. As for why, all you can do is wait for him to come back." She's not happy at all having to lie to a client. Not happy at all.

Elaine's face crumples, and she swallows hard. Why would he do that? He said they'd go together. It's clear that the news leaves the redhead torn. "Does… he look upset about it, at least? I mean, the note says he'd make it up to me, but…" She swallows hard. "Be honest. I need to know if he at least seems like it's hard on him. I need to know the truth. Don't just spare my feelings if he's just happy to be going to the con."

Rebecca is not very good at lying. At making up stories on the spot, and she wants to spare Elaine's feelings as much as possible, so she nods her head. "It's really hard to say, but for whatever reason it seems he decided on the spur of the moment that he needed to go. Maybe he felt that after all he couldn't afford the extra ticket. You may just have to ask him when he comes back." Rebecca tries to derail further questions by interjecting, "Look, I really haven't done a heck of a lot of work on this, so I'm not going to charge you anything. Really it was just a couple of phone calls and a short detour on my way home." She's not going to take Elaine's money here, but she will get paid for this and she knows just who's going to pay. She reaches into her pocket and pulls out a card and hands it over, "If he doesn't return in a few days, give me a call and I'll see if I can track him down."

"Doesn't make sense, he has the money for it…" Elaine murmurs, but the interjection distracts her, and she nods slowly towards Rebecca. "Right. I'm sorry if I wasted your time. I appreciate the answers, at least. I really do."

Rebecca just nods her head and offers her smile, then excuses herself, stepping out of the apartment. She gets to the street and that smile fades. Her first lie. Perhaps that's an exaggeration, but for all purposes it's true. This one will stick with her for a very long time and she doesn't like it at all. She's going to be compensated for her time, that's for sure. She'll be making a visit to a certain HomeSec agent in the morning.

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