Your Life Is What You Make It


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Scene Title Your Life Is What You Make It
Synopsis It's the Veronica Mars/Lily Kane reunion! Well, it's actually Helena making Elle an offer, no strings attached.
Date May 23, 2009

Village Renaissance Building, Fourth Floor Safehouse

This may be quite a nice prison by anyone's standards, but then again, so was the one Elle was locked up in back in September. Besides, a prison's a prison. Living under technical house arrest only leaves room for so much to do without going insane. Having cooked an early lunch for them both, Trask is currently off doing something in his room, leaving the agent to kill time by herself in the apartment's main area. Lips in a thin line, expression bored, Elle shifts the way she's situated atop the couch. By the sheer languidness of her position, it's probable that she's been there for a long time. She's on her side, one hand cradling her head, with several fingertips resting on the remote: the TV is chittering away in front of her. Tum te tum.

Helena makes her way inside without much to do, lifting her voice to call out a hello to Trask. Other than that, she simply flops down on the armchair adjacent to the couch, regards the tv for a few moments, and muses, "You know, you struck me as more of a Days Of Our Lives sort of girl."

It's a plainly irritated look that Elle shoots at Helena when the other girl wanders in and plops down beside her. Hooray for uninvited, unwanted guests. "I've never seen it. And hi. Can I help you?"

"I have an offer for you to consider." Helena says plainly enough. "Don't worry, I'll keep it short and sweet. This doesn't come with any strings, there's nothing you have to do for us if you want to take advantage of it, other than not double-cross us."

Of course. After a pause, Elle does extend the courtesy of bleeping down the volume several notches. With the television now operating at a quiet, inoffensive murmur, she turns her focus back to Helena, eyes flat and a little sardonic. "What." What kind of offer might Miss High-and-Mighty have for someone as lowly as her?

"What was done to you - the memory loss primarily? Is from what I understand, kind of like scar tissue on your grey matter." Helena says, tapping her own temple before relaxing again. "There is a chance that an Evolved healer could fix it. If you want, there's a healer willing to try. The damage is pretty long done now though, so it might be that it's not repairable, but there's a chance that she could fix it. The question is whether or not you want those memories, or if you feel like who you are now is who you need to be without them, if she's able to do it." She regards Elle equally flatly, but she's being up front about what she has to say.

Whatever kind of offer Elle had been expecting, this… wasn't it. Eyebrows furrowing, she pulls herself up an inch or two on her elbow, staring rather critically at Helena. "I. That might be something I'd like to try, actually." But not before—

"No strings attached." she parrots the words skeptically. "If this is some lame attempt to get me to sit with someone who'll screw up my mind even more, you can say so now."

Helena shakes her head. "No strings attached." Helena confirms. "Like I said, don't double-cross us, and control yourself with the healer, because I imagine those memories are pretty traumatic and I could see how they might make you lash out." It's not an accusation. Helena could see herself in the same position. "If it were me, I might. But if you're agreeable, then I'll set it up. If you need time to think about it, that's fine."

Elle remains looking somewhat disbelieving, but after a while, she seems to accept the face value of Helena's words. She closes her eyelids, then reopens them with several quick tense blinks, lip curling. "I don't need time to think. Those memories are something that've been owed me for years. If you'd do that for me— and if it works," nudge nudge, "— it might as well be sooner than later." The process might not even strictly necessary, given what Noah had told her, and there's the risk that Phoenix still could have something up their sleeve. But it'd be a way to establish truth once and for all.

Helena nods. "I'll set it up, then." She starts to rise, pauses, and considers. "If it works? I'm not going to lie to you. I'm hoping that if you regain your memory, you'll be willing to do what needs doing to take down the Company. But we're not going to make regaining your memories the price tag for it. You're right, you are owed them." And with that, she rises.

"It's not a favor you're doing me." Still watching the other blonde, head tilted, Elle quirks a tiny, humorless smile with one side of her mouth. "I want it to happen, but like you said, I'm not sure other people would— and if you're fishing for ways to get me to hate the Company, it's been done." Though Helena no doubt knows it already.

"Do you hate them enough to want to bring them down?" Helena asks her seriously. "Would you be welcome back into the fold?"

Elle's smile grows larger at this, wryer, and her gaze shifts to a point beyond Helena's head. "Yeah, see; this is a hard spot you're putting me into, barbie. I might not be happy with the Company — but if I lose it, it's all I have. My whole life." She's a little bitter now. More and more, the truth of Bennet's words is playing itself out. Twenty-plus years of dependency on her father indeed. "Get me your healer. Then we'll see."

"Your life is what you make it." Helena says as she walks to the door. "Especially for you. Your life could be whatever you want to make it, instead of whatever it is other people have given you whether you wanted it or not." She shrugs, leaving the other blonde to think about that, and slips out of the apartment.

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