Your Mission If You Choose To Accept It


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Scene Title Your Mission If You Choose to Accept It
Synopsis Adam asks Cardinal to break into Primatech
Date May 24, 2009

Staten Island Riverside

Adam has called Cardinal to the shoreline of Staten Island. He's waiting there, hitting golf balls into the river. He glances up as the other man arrives, "Ah, hello Richard. How are you settling in?" he questions.

"Not bad," Cardinal admits as he strolls along up after the other man, looking over the edge of the rise that leads down into the rather horrid waters of the river, hands tucked into the pockets of his jacket, "All my contacts seem to still be alive, which is a plus. You?"

Adam mms, "Oh, very well." he says as he pulls back and takes a swing. He has a little bit of a slice, but he does hit the ball rather well. "Well, Richard, thanks for coming. I've actually had a thought.." he pauses as he hits another ball out into the water. "I'd like you to pull a job for me."

Cardinal's head tilts a bit, regarding the other man questioningly. "Alright," he asks, "What's the job?"

Adam nods, "It's dangerous, hence why I'm asking you." he takes another swing and then slips his club over his shoulder, "I want you to break into the belly of the beast. I want you to break into The Company and steal files from them."

A brow leaps up, well over the edge of the thief's shades. He whistles under his breath, looking back over the waters of the river and bringing one hand up to scratch beneath his chin, "You don't mess around, do you… what sort've files are you looking for?"

Adam shakes his head, "No, I don't." he pauses, "They'll have files on Evolved. I want to know who've they've bagged and tagged. Also, those files /should/ also contain their agents and what they do. You can see how these would be helpful." he pauses, "The Company is well protected, but I don't think they have anything that can stop you. You might well be able to sneak in and out without them noticing."

Cardinal's head tips in a slight nod. "I can get in," he admits, "But chances are? These'll be on their computers… I'm not sure I can do shit about that. I can barely check my email." Dry, the latter.

Adam frowns a moment, no good with computers? For shame. He pauses, "The majority of their files, yes. But I also know they keep paper copies, usually in the office of the director, whoever that might be right now. I imagine, then, you won't be able to get out with all of them, but some information is better than what I have now, which is none." he pauses, ,"I should warn you, they may have negators around. There was one gentleman that I knew of, but I don't know if he's with them right now. They might have others. I would understand if you thought it was too difficult."

"Any other good news?" It's a sarcastic and rhetorical question, Cardinal's hidden gaze out on the river as he considers the challenge placed before him. Finally, he grunts a bit, "I'll give it some thought, do some initial recon. What's the address?"

Adam gives the address, it's in the Bronx, under the front of 'Primatech Paper'. "Alright, Richard. Do get back to me." he says, "Are you guys still gearing up to take out the zombie?"

Cardinal tugs a Chicago Air business card from inside his jacket, scribbling down the address. "Mmhm," he allows, "Just really got back, so I haven't had much of a chance to talk to people, but it's on the agenda."

Adam nods, "Alright. Let me know if you need me." and swings to hit another golf ball.

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