Your Offense


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Scene Title Your Offense
Synopsis Detectives Nash and Damaris both wonder what the other did wrong to get assigned to them.
Date May 30, 2010

NYPD Headquarters

The New York Police Department Head Quarters is an old stone building, rennovated many times over the years. The plaster walls are not as cracked and in need of repair as the various Precinct buildings around the city. The fluorescent lights give the room a rather sterile glow. Old posters, civic reminders, duty rosters and newspaper clippings are tacked up on the walls, rustling every time one of the doors opens. A high, wooden desk sits on the north wall, manned by two clerks, who records all visitors and arrests.

The way out to the street lies to the south, while doors to the offices of the Head Quarters lie to the northwest.

There is so not enough coffee in the world to jumpstart Detective Damaris this morning. There hasn't been enough coffee in the world to jumpstart her for the past several months, but it's getting closer to an obtainable quantity the more the temperature heats up and the snow clears away. This day, however, promises to be especially vexing. Kaydence Lee has been assigned a new partner. And the new commissioner, unlike the departed Commissioner Lau - whom Kaydence never thought she would actually miss - said something cute like it's a surprise, when she asked who she was getting hooked up to.

There were apparently concerns about the zeal with which Detective Damaris and Detective Grimes performed their jobs. Or at least the fact that they kept encouraging each other to pull doubles. Once in a while, that's all right. But the two were taking it to unhealthy levels. Kaydence has a sneaking hunch her fiancé called the new acting commissioner and asked that she be reassigned so the two would actually see each other once in a while. The hypocrite.

The desk across from hers just doesn't look the same, all emptied out like that. Not that Ezra ever kept his desk too cluttered, but it reminds her of when she lost Demsky.

Silently, Kaydence curses herself for her melancholy and takes a sip of coffee from her dark purple mug. Maybe her new partner will add something to her work that she didn't get from Judah or Ezra. Something other than a headache. She finds herself glancing around quickly. Peter Pan's desk is still set up over there, right? Good.

"You do know there are places that make far better coffee than they can drudge up here?" Christopher Nash sets the coffee on her desk as he rounds the corner of her cubicle and plops down into her 'witness' chair, propping his elbow on her desk and taking a swallow of his own coffee.

Nash has sorta been in the doghouse as of late. First of all, he didn't know the commissioner was standing behind him when he dubbed her 'doable' and he may have used a few verbs and adjectives that might have given some offense, but seriously… well, she was kinda hot. Henceforth, when Nash is given the orders that he's been reassigned to a new partner he gave high praise to the Good Lord for getting him away from fat Sanchez.

He does wonder what crime Damaris committed to be assigned to him. Considering he's been in Siberia for a bit, it's a curious tugging at his brain-strings that causes him to blurt out. "What was your offense?"

"Coffee's from the Nite Owl," Kaydence clarifies, opening up the bottom drawer of her aging desk and holding up a large Thermos for him to see, then tucks it away again. "But I appreciate the concern." She smirks faintly and sets her cup down, tipping her head to one side as she regards him. It takes all of a few seconds to register his question, and understand its true meaning. To her credit, her face doesn't fall. She keeps her poker face in place. "So, Irons has put us together, has he?"

"Yeeeaah-no. I think it might have been from higher than that. So, I'm thinking you really pissed off someone or someone's looking out for you." Despite his arrogant demeanor, underneath Nash really is a good cop and the brass knows it. Perhaps of the two options, it's a little bit of both. "Whatever the case may be, looks like we'll be riding together for the foreseeable future." He pulls the second cup of coffee closer to himself, not like he'll let it go to waste. "I just wrapped up something, so I've nothing on my plate just yet. You got anything we neeed to take a look at, otherwise, I'll go see what's on tap."

"Ezra took dibs on our cases when he was reassigned." Kaydence manages to keep herself from staring forlornly at was once his desk. It will be Nash's now. "So, that means I don't have anything for us, currently. By all means, partner, go ahead and dig us up a case."

Huh. Nash can't imagine for the life of him why she wouldn't like him. He's charming. Well, he's charming anyway. He pushes himself up off his chair, taking his coffee cup with him, leaving her to her own devices for the moment. While he's gone, he finishes off his coffee and tosses that cup into the trash. He nearly bumps into a desk sergeant who was just on his way to deliver an assignment. "Hey Nash, already put it in the system, but she needs you to check this out. Convenient store robbery, owner was shot, though he's hanging in there — they got video. She wants you and Damaris to go check it out."

Nash takes the slip of paper from the cop and walks back over to Kaydence's cubicle. "We got something, let's roll." Without waiting, he's leading the way to the motor pool for a vehicle.

Kaydence drains the last of her cup and checks her firearm in its holster before she heads off after Nash. He's no Demsky, and he's no Grimes, but it could be worse. Maybe this won't be as bad as she fears. "I'm driving," she informs him when she catches up. "You can take the lead. I want to watch you in action." She shoots him a grin and bounds down the stairs to the motorpool. Nothing like a case first thing in the morning to wake a woman up.

"I bet you do," she might here as she passes him up. By the time Nash's there, she's requisitioned the vehicle, so he climbs into the vehicle on the passenger's side and buckles up. She's no Elisabeth Harrison, but she's tons better than fat Sanchez, so he's not going to complain all that much. She's definitely worth looking at. He hands over the slip of paper with the address and reaches for the com and calls in that they're heading out before placing the transmitter back in the cradle. He glances over at her for a moment, "So, you never told me how you ended up with me? I mean, I understand 'trading up', of course, but still," he grins over at her.

Kaydence reads over the address and nods faintly to herself as she puts the car in gear and pulls out onto the city streets. Trading up, huh? "I suspect my fiancé called Acting Commissioner Irons and said he wants to see me at home a little more often. My last partner and I were taking extra shifts as often as we could. So yes, I suspect the command comes from higher up." If you can call a concerned husband-to-be that just happens to be a Homeland Security bigwig higher up. "I suspect you're the one being punished here." She doesn't have the nickname The Bitch for no reason. "Did you really say Lau was fuckable?" So she's more crass than he is, but if he's paid any attention to he reputation, that shouldn't surprise him much.

Nash is watching out his side window when she starts to explain her impression of things. "Well, considering I just spend the last several months with Detective Sanchez, you're actually a step up, so I was just starting to think I was getting out of the doghouse." Then of course, she asks the question, "Not that I had any personal knowledge, mind you. I was just expressing my opinion, and in a far more polite manner than you just now." He lifts his eyebrows and gets that smug little look on his face. "I mean, I call it as I see it." Of course, she didn't find it very amusing at the time. "I'm just saying.."

"Oh jeez. Sanchez? Really? Damn." Kaydence shoots Nash a sympathetic look out of the corner of her eye, but keeps her attention on the road. "The department probably figured Grimes and I would end up eating our own guns if we kept this up much longer." She deadpans it, like it's far less serious than it is.

Not to dwell on the subject, Kaydence is quick to move on. "I have this tradition, I guess you could call it. Before my shift, I get coffee at the Nite Owl. After, it's the bar for a beer. You in?" It sounds less like an invitation and more like a test of some sort. Or maybe a demand. An ultimatum of some sort.

Nash doesn't mind moving on. Honestly, he's not one for depth or character, so anything that scratches too far below the surface makes him uncomfortable anyway, so he's not going to pry. He glances over at the invitation and grins, "Yeah, I'm in. At least for the 'after' portion of the shift." He can never promise where he's going to wake up each morning, if the rumors that circulate about him are at all true. "As long as you bring your own ride." He glances up and points as he sees the flashing of lights ahead as several patrol cars are already on scene at the gas station. "Here we go."

"Always," Kaydence murmurs in response to having her own ride. She pulls the car as close the curb as she can manage with the lingering snow, putting it into park and shutting it off. She steps out of the vehicle and pockets the keys, flashing a grin to Nash. "All right, partner. Show me what you've got."

Even as the car is coming to as stop, Nash's seatbelt is off and he's got the door open, so her words barely make it to his ear and he turns and catches her with a grin. He walks up to the first uniformed cop he sees and flashes his badge and he's directed to the first responder. "Detective Nash, this is Detective Damaris. Walk us through what you know."

"Sure, Detective. Suspect came through and for a typical beer snatch, but the owner had already had one and took exception and tried to stop him. Suspect shot the owner, then he and his buddies in the car came in and looted the place even further, probably as retribution for trying to stop them. Mostly just goods, since they couldn't get into the register. The victim has already been transported to the hospital, but his wound went right through the shoulder, so we're not expecting this to become a murder scene."

Nash glances at his new partner before turning back to the cop, "I hear there's a tape? Probably not necessary, but let's see if we can get some prints on the register. We'll take the tape back with us and go over it, see if we can get a useful shot of the perps face," he turns to Kaydence, "Unless you think there's something else we need to do here?" Obviously, they'll go question the victim when he gets settled in.

Kaydence doesn't necessarily look impressed, but should she really be impressed that her new partner knows how to do his job? She nods approvingly. "I want to take a quick look around inside if CSU doesn't mind." She's already pulling shoe covers from her jacket pocket. A pair is handed over to Nash.

"Hey, get that tape and get it back. I want as many shots of the suspects as possible ready to distribute. We might also corrolate some footage for the media." Not necessarily his job, but if they wait too long on this, there's going to be little chance for getting these assholes. Nash takes the covers and slips them on before walking inside and looking around. There isn't going to be much to find, at least that's his opinion. But he will placate his new partner. "Looking for anything in particular?"

"Not really," Kaydence admits with a shakes of her head. "I just like to walk the layout of a crime scene when I can. I like to survey damage." She steps around a crime scene photographer, careful not to get in her way so she can peer behind the counter, see the blood for herself. "I don't know why I do it this way, I just always have. I like to feel more connected to my cases. I don't get this some feeling just from watching a video." She shrugs and turns back to walk down an aisle with bags of chips and cans of soup strewn about the floor from careless, grabbing hands. "God damn," she mutters under her breath, disgusted.

Nash doesn't seem to mind. In most cases, he would probably have been more involved, but he's starting to find his patience being tested by small things. His cases get dropped due to technicalities and it seems to be an every day thing. The winter vacation gave him some time to recharge his internal batteries, but still. He walks over and finds the door to the beer fridge pulled off the hinges with bottles strewn about the door and a can or two spraying out its contents. He makes a loop and winds back up next to her. "They made one hell of a mess.."

"Sure did." Detective Damaris shakes her head. "Poor guy makes it through the winter without getting looted, only to have those little fucks come in and do this now." She purses her lips and fixes Nash with a serious look, "We're going to catch them." One way or another, she seems to suggest.

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