Your Princess Is In Another Castle


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Scene Title Your Princess Is In Another Castle
Synopsis Kendall wakes up from his 5-day coma to find himself in a castle with Valerie. And a brain-killing migraine.
Date November 13, 2010

Makeshift Clinic on Pollapel Island

The makeshift clinics on the island have been moderately crowded the last few days. So many people with injuries, minor and severe, but one bed in particular has not been left for the duration of five days. An IV in the arm keeps fluid going into his body, and nutrients that he can't eat, but the fact he hasn't woken up has worried a few people— especially the young blonde girl sitting next to his bed in a chair with some cushioning. One of the few chairs with cushioning in the whole castle!

"You're gonna have to wake up eventually," she says in a soft voice, hugging the blanket that covers her lower body against her chest.

It's really a coincidence that Valerie says that, and Kendall's eyelids flutter. Although, odds are people have talked at him over the past five days many times, uttering similar words, so it could just be happenstance. Or maybe five days was just enough time, but Kendall shifts a little in place, although he doesn't quite open his eyes just yet. He never was a morning person.

It would be more of a coincidence if she hadn't said it, or something similar, like ten times and it never happened. This just happens to be the one time it did work. And it's the last time she'll have to say it, it seems. "Kendall? Oh my body you're moving! I should call for someone— you're probably starving!"

Hmm. Someone's talking. Who is it? It's someone familiar, that Kendall wants to talk to, but it's kinda nice just floating here in darkness. Except she keeps on talking, which brings him a little closer to the light. No, not that light, the light of man-made devices. He squints his eyes open. "Hnnh?" how eloquent he is.

"You've been asleep for five days and you've worried me so wake up already!" Valerie says in a louder voice. It's a good thing she can still raise her voice after being shot in the back. Though how bad the shot had been wasn't really known, and even now, there's little they could do to tell how bad it was. Place didn't have x-rays or MRIs set up.

Kendall's eyes jerk open at that and he blinks at Valerie. "Huh?" ok, fine, now he's awake. "F-five days?" he repeats, lifting a shaky hand to rub his eyes. They've got all sorts of gunk on them from five days of secretions. "What day is it?" well gee, 8 plus 5 equals 13, Kendall.

"The 13th, but don't worry, it's a Saturday," Valerie responds, looking relieved that he's awake and speaking. "You weren't injured so they couldn't figure out what happened to you, but someone guessed it might be exhaustion from overusing your power, but five days is a long time."

Kendall lifts a hand to his head and grimaces. "I think something died in here." 'here' referring to his head, of course. "Last I remember, my Red-Eyes Black Dragon was trying to eat some soldiers."

"If you're awake that's a good sign. Someone kept saying the longer you were out, the less likely it would be you'd wake up…" Valerie's voice softens. It's easier to say now that he IS awake, but… she'd been really worried. "No more sending dragons to eat soldiers for you."

"Well considering how I'm feeling now, I'm wondering if oblivion isn't a better alternative." Kendall struggles to sit up, even while the OMFGMIGRAINEFROMHELL attacks his brain. "So… what's going on? Are we safe, or…" pause. Last time Kendall saw Valerie she'd gotten shot. "…are you ok?"

"I've… been better," Valerie says with a small grimace, not wanting to think about the pain still lacing from her lower back. "My legs are a little numb, but… they think my spine got hit when I got shot, but they can't really see the extent of the damage. I can still move them though." She shows by shifting the blanket. See? Not too bad. "But it's hard to tell… I'm used to this, though, I've had seizures and stuff all my life." A little numbness in the legs is nothing. "Do you need me to get someone to bring you pain killers?"

"Is Melissa here?" Kendall asks Valerie instead. "She's practically a walking painkiller. "Oh… wait, probably not a good idea to bring her here, since she wants to interrogate you and stuff." peer. "You sure you're all right?" well she's not paralyzed, that's good.

"I don't remember anyone named Melissa checking on you," Valerie says in kind of confusion, trying to remember where she's heard that name before. "Oh, is that your mom? The one who you mentioned adopting you?" Now she's picturing a woman in her head. And that woman is a lot older than Melissa is. "Why does she want to interrogate me?"

"Well kinda. I mean, mom-sister-aunt sort of thing since I'm a little old to be adopted and she's a bit young to actually be my mom. I call her mom to annoy her because it makes her feel old. And… that's why she wants to interrogate you." Kendall closes his eyes. Less light = less pain. "She's a bit overprotective and thinks you're some kind of succubus trying to corrupt me with sex and stuff."

There's a sudden reddening of Valerie's cheeks and she looks away rather abuptly. Embarassment? Surely. "I— I'm not trying to corrupt you, and I think you could draw yourself a succubus that would be a lot prettier than me." Not that she thinks she's ugly, or anything, but she's definitely not a succubus type of person. "Do… do you want me to meet her when we get back? Maybe once she sees I'm not… unless you think she's going to hate me…"

"She won't hate you if she doesn't want me to hate her." Kendall tells Valerie firmly. "And naw, I don't need to draw a devil when I have an angel with me right now." oh god that's enough sap to drown a fish.

If she was red before— there seems to be another shade of red past that. Ducking her eyes down even further, Valerie is smiling more though, and less worried than she'd been for a moment. "Well, I'm not a very good angel. I wasn't of much help when we were getting attacked. You and Yoshi did a better job at fighting than me." She remembers Yoshi, even if she was out for the dragon fight. "I hope she likes me a little bit," she adds on, tangenting back.

"At the very least, she'll have to get used to the idea that we're friends. Besides, it's not as if we've done anything but talk and play video games…. huh?" ok, so Kendall sounds a little disappointed with that, but.

"Yeah, just video games so far. We haven't even danced or anything," Valerie says, though for a moment she hesitates and looks down at her legs. Maybe dancing will be more difficult, if what happened to her legs gets any worse. "But— does that mean you want to? Um— do more than play video games? We can't really play video games anymore…" Since they evacuted.

"Well, uh…" now it's Kendall's turn to blush. "It's perfectly natural, right? I mean, people our age are doing it all the time, hell, some girls even get knocked up and stuff and have babies by this point, so…" ok, so he's babbling a little. "Or… shit, did you mean something else? Forget what I just said."

"Uh," Valerie says, looking embarassed. It's probably that embarassment that made him realize that what he said probably wasn't the right thing. "Well, I meant… we should go out on a date or something, maybe. I've never been on a date before." But she's seen them in movies. Especially the ones she recently watched with her sister.

Kendall coughs. "Ah…. right." yeah, that oblivion thing is sounding pretty good right about now. "Can the floor just open up under me nowahhhhgh!" damn that power of his, because that's what just happened, and Kendall's head just split open. Not literally, of course, but it feels like it. The entire bed just fell through a hole in the floor, and the screaming was from the pain. And now, Kendall suddenly reappears, and he's clutching his head in pain. "Fucking fucker shithole arghh!" oops.

And while all that happens, Valerie's covering her mouth in worry and panic, and jumping to her too weak to be used feet. Yeah, now they're BOTH in a little bit of pain, though hers is shooting down from her lower back. When he returns, despite the really heavy cursing, she looks relieved and reaches forward and grabs his arm. "Don't do that again!" And his head is probably telling him the same thing.

"I won't." Kendall whimpers in response, still clutching his head. "I didn't do it on purpose, it just happened." yeah, that's the part of his power that he hates the most. "I can't control it sometimes."

"My dad taught me a lot about controlling my ability," Valerie admits, aware not everyone had her unique upbringing. "Just— try not to use it right now. If you go into a coma again I'll be really worried." Again. "So… a date maybe? When we can go back to the city again— though exploring the castle could count, when we're both feeling up to it. That's where we are, you know— a castle. A real castle."

"We are?" Kendall squints one eye open to look around. "And yes, a date would be awesome. We could go for, uh… dinner, and stuff." awkward! He's been on two dates, true, but he wasn't him for either of those, really. "A movie, maybe?" that's what people do on dates, right? Dinner and a movie?

"I don't know, I've never been on one," Valerie says again, shaking her head as she settles back onto her chair and the cushioning. "But dinner and a movie sounds like a good idea. Something simple— but that'll definitely have to wait til we get back…"

"Well yeah, we'll definitely have to wait until you're better." and for Kendall to get better too. No more using his power for a while! "I mean, you got shot. I'm kinda used to it since Melissa gets shot all the time, and technically I've been shot in the chest myself only not really, but… uh…. yeah." he had a strong beginning but it failed towards the end.

"It's not as bad as a lot of people," Valerie says, touching just below her rib cage. She doesn't try to rub the wound itself, cause it would require too much twisting. And that wouldn't help with the pain much. "But the city may need a few days to get better too. It's… kinda crazy down there."

"Yeah, I imagine…" Kendall looks nervously towards the windows(if there are any) and shrugs his shoulders. "I guess things are going to be really bad for us from this day forward, huh…" he glances towards Valerie. "Well, if you feel like you need a new identity, I could probably provide you with one. I mean, I can hide myself forever if it comes to that. They can't hunt you down if they never know what you look like…"

There is a window. And after mention of the castle, it's easy to see how the quarters he's in could be in a castle. No electric lights. Nothing too modern. The window is a rectangular hole near the ceiling that lets in all the light they've been seeing by, and the room looks like something out of a video game. Exploring the castle could be BETTER than a video game, actually.

Valerie's hand shifts, moving to touch his. "Thanks. We'll figure something out… I should go get someone to bring you a painkiller or something, though, and food."

Kendall's stomach rumbles stereotypically, and he grimaces. "Yes on both accounts. I guess I've been…" he eyes the IV, and gingerly pulls it out of his arm. "…surviving on this, huh? No wonder I've got a bad taste in my mouth."

"They're gonna be so mad if they need to poke you again to give you your painkillers, you know," Valerie says, pushing herself to her feet and using the chair as support. She can stand— but needs a bit of help. Now it becomes obvious she has a crutch near the door, which she makes her way slowly to. "Just means you'll get pills instead of the really strong stuff… I'll be back to check on you," she says in assurance, before taking up her crutch.

"Strong stuff? They'd put me on real drugs?" Kendall contemplates the IV drip. On the one hand, do they have a legitimate doctor to administer said drugs? On the other hand, who hasn't had a secret desire to try drugs, at least once in their life?

"I think they have some morphine at least," Valerie states with a grin, as she dimples a bit at him, before limping away out of the 'cell' to get someone to bring him food and medicine.

"Yeah, ok. Anything sounds good right about now." Kendall sighs and slumps back into the pillows, closing his eyes. Ohgod the pain.

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