Your Voice Again


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Scene Title Your Voice Again
Synopsis Elaine hears a voice she never wanted to hear again, and Quinn helps her recover.
Date July 3, 2010

Quinn's Apartment, Gun Hill

Sitting on the couch in Quinn's apartment, Elaine's more than happy to spend time chattering with the other woman. Peering at Quinn, she recalls the Irish girl's original plans about a party. "So how's the planning for the roof thing going?"

Quinn snorts, looking a little red - but this time, for different seasons. "Swimmingly," she replies dryly. "I forgot to see about flyers again from Tasha, I still haven't talked to Doyle about permits, I haven't gone out and gotten any food drink as starters. I did make sure the roof was safe enough, though!" That's something, at least. "I'm thinking about still having something tomorrow, kinda impromptu, and then having a real party next week end."

"Sounds fun. If you need help with stuff, you've got me. I'd love to help. I'm a helpful helping-type person." Elaine giggles. "I really do like living in this complex, though. It's made a good home, really. Got everyone here who matters."

"I went around a bit earlier, no luck. No sweat, though. We can at least get everyone in the building together for a bit. And if not, eh. I just hope there's no noise complaints." Quinn shrugs again, laughing. "I agree. I had no friends in my old place, not in a few years. But now I have m' band mates, my friends, a lovely lady-" that's said with a wink-"A teacher, and a wannabe superhero. And whatever Jason is. It's a wonderful little place, if… bizarre. I think I'd add Ygraine if she didn't already have such a nice place, and just never leave. 'Cept for work."

Elaine raises an eyebrow. "Oh, so you've been to Ygraine's place?" She seems amused. "I'll try not to tease you about that. Cause I know you've been good.." She laughs. "But Ygraine's here often enough to be part of the little Gun Hill family, y'know?"

"Oh, totally. Doesn't hurt that she knows Colette an' all. She definitely has a good in here." Quinn nods confidently. "And she'd been t' my place, so. You'd love her place, though. Books everywhere, it was so awesome." She smirks, leaning back in her seat. "But yeah." She doesn't really follow it up with anything. She just kinda looks ahead, smiling.

Elaine shakes her head. "I need to buy more books, if there's any room for them in the apartment, sheesh, with all Magnes' comics. You work at a bookstore too, so… you should get me the employee discount." She winks. "I'll take over Magnes' apartment with mounds of books!"

"I need bookshelves. The only reason I don't have a book collection is because I didn't have space." Quinn laughs, shaking her head. "I could probably put in a word for you there, if you just want a job. But you know I'll lend you my discount, we went over this the other day."

"Bookshelves would be good. I mean, you've got space now to put 'em up. Maybe we could go find some cheap ones or build our own for you or something. Sable's been decorating her place a bit with all these fabric squares… I kinda like it." Elaine laughs. "I know, but I dunno how much of a job I want. I like my translating for now and I wouldn't wanna pick up another job if I ended up getting a great deal to go to college or something."

Bzzzt. Elaine shifts, dropping Quinn's hand for the moment as she fishes around for her pants pocket. "Gah. I'm vibrating, hold on." Within a few moments, she's got the phone out, peering at it to see the number, but it doesn't come up. She presses a button, lifting it to her ear. "Hello?"
There's a long pause as Elaine listens to the other end, but her actions speak louder than words. Quinn can feel her muscles stiffen a bit, as if on edge. After a moment, Elaine speaks into the phone again. "Why are you calling me?"

"Ooh, vibrating?" Quinn teases at first, with a wide grin and a quirk of her eyebrow. When Elaine's posture shifts so noticeably though, Quinn's eyes narrow, focused on her phone. What's up? she mouths, with no sound.

Glancing back over at Quinn, Elaine takes a moment to just put her hand on the Irish woman's leg, squeezing a little as she looks away, phone still up to her ear. "I don't think you need to be worrying about me anymore, anyways. I don't need someone looking out for me, I look out for myself." She pauses, glancing over to Quinn. "And you are interrupting something, t-thank you very much." Her voice catches a little.

Quinn's eyes narrow further. If she was more impulsive, she's take the phone from Elaine and hang it up for her - but she's not that rude, at least not when she has so little information on who's on the other line. Noting the hand on her leg, Quinn reaches out with her own and takes it, turning a bit to face Elaine better. "If you don't wanna take, just go," she whispers, she hopes not audibly enough for whomever it is to hear. Who could it be anyway? She'd heard about Elaine's parents, so…

Elaine's hand stays firmly in Quinn's. She's not letting go at the moment, it almost seems like she needs it there to be an anchor. "No one stole me. I can make my own choices, and I don't belong to anyone." Elaine's voice is stern on this point, but after a second her voice softens. "If you want my thanks for what you've done, you have it. But thanks is all I have to offer you." Her eyes flicker to Quinn at her whispered words, shaking her head a little as she glances back towards the other woman. "I can't.." She murmurs, low in her throat.

With each bit Elaine says, she begins to form an idea of just who might be on the other line, and that doesn't sit well with her - not because of the interruption, but because this was clearly someone Elaine didn't want to speak to, and she thought she knew why. So instead, she holds up a hand. "Let me, if it's someone you don't wanna talk to."

Elaine grits her teeth, breath escaping her lips in a slow hiss. "I'm not going to make any deals. Not with you. Especially if you try and get them involved. You can threaten me, but you don't threaten them. Do you understand me?" Her eyes, once more, flicker to Quinn, though this is more of a horrified look at the suggestion. She shakes her head again. "N-No… you don't wanna talk to him."

"Let me hang up on him," Quinn says, making it a bit clearly. "I have no idea who that is, but if he's making threats…" she's still whispering, but at this point it's clear she's kinda pissed, without even knowing who's on the other end.

Elaine's eyes flicker to Quinn before she looks down. "You won't. And you'll never be able to be that because you aren't even worth of being called a man. You're much less than that. And you're wrong, you won't see me later." Her eyes go back to Quinn's, hand visibly shaking, eyes questioning. She's not sure that just hanging up is a good idea, even if it seems that their conversation is clearly almost over.

Quinn's expression turns to one of worry as she watches her friend, squeezing her hand and tilting her head. She keeps the hand out, giving Elaine the option if she chooses, but says nothing further.

There's a moment of silence before Elaine pulls the phone away from her ear. She didn't hang up, he did. The hand that holds the phone trembles, then just releases the phone, letting it drop to the floor. She clears her throat, trying not to look at Quinn. "So, uhm, maybe I'll buy a bookshelf too and find somewhere to squeeze it in to fill up with b-books.." She says, trying to resume the conversation.

There's a hesitant moment, before Quinn reaches out, just as she had earlier, and tries to pull Elaine into a hug. "I have- well, I have an idea what just happened. I've had enough straight friends in the past to be able to venture a guess," Quinn says, eyes narrowed, trying to comfort her friend. "But if you want t' talk about it, we can."

Elaine's arms move to cling to Quinn almost desperately, seeking merely to be held for the moment. "I couldn't hang up on him… because he told me I knew better than to." She focuses enough to stop her hands from shaking, taking slow, deep breaths in an attempt to focus herself again.

"What kind of a feckin' bastard do you know who'd says somethin' like that? And threaten you?" She sounds surprised, more than anything. "You're too sweet for that Elaine, I can't imagine you having done something to warrant that."

"I dunno, maybe I did warrant it?" Elaine shakes her head a little bit. "But I do know better than to hang up on him." She murmurs. It's clear there's an ounce of fear in regards to whomever he is.

The frown on Quinn's face is clear and obvious one of worry, but after a moment she nods. "Alright. I'll keep that in mind if I'm around next time he calls." Her hand runs down through Elaine's hair a kiss placed on the top of her head. "Just… let me know if you ever want to talk about it."
She quirks her lips, willing to let the subject drop there, for now. A moment of silence passes, and she shrugs. "We can go bookshelf shoppin' sometime soon, if you want."

Elaine falls silent, shutting her eyes as she just lets herself be held by the other woman. "That might be fun. Just tell me when you're free." It's clear, at least for the moment, she's struggling just to pull back the look of everything being normal.

Quinn nods. "Pssh. Like I do anything during the day. Just call me." She aflls silent herself, and after a moment, her hand moves to the back of Elaine's head, trying to lay Elaine's head down on her shoulder. She just runs her hand through her hair, silent and comforting.

"Quinn… you trust me, don't you?" Elaine peers up, not really asking it as a question, but more as a confirmation. She rests her head in against Quinn's shoulder, eyes shut, her breathing steady once more.

"That's a silly question," Quinn is quick to reply, quietly. "Explicitly. I wouldn't be here right now if I didn't." She states it very matter-of-factly. Hand continues to stroke, Quinn shaking her head. "You're one of my best friends, Elaine."

"Okay. Don't let that change, okay? I don't know what he'll…" Elaine shakes her head, eyes shutting again. She's calm, but her mind is trying to work things out. "You know who I am. Don't ever doubt what you know, okay?"

Quinn snorts and chuckles, tightening her grip on Elaine a bit. "I'm not going t' let someone I don't know doubt anyone I know without good reason, Elaine. I trust you more than that." If her honesty can be properly conveyed in her calm tone, then she's trying to make it so. Her hand finally stops, resting on the back of Elaine's head. "You don't have t' worry about that."

Elaine murmurs, almost like she's in a daze. "Don't even trust myself sometimes when I see him. Don't wanna see him. Ain't gonna let him see me. He can't find me…" The last part, almost seems an attempt to reassure herself.

Quinn's worried expression returns, hand lacing into Elaine's hair again. "Elaine, we won't let anyone mess with you who shouldn't. I sure as hell know I won't, and you have Magnes for a boyfriend, and Sable as a friend. Anyone else'd be crazy to fuck with us. So please, just… don't worry."

"I'll try not to worry. I trust the three of you." Elaine's managed no tears, though it's sounded, at least once, like she was close to them. "I just… that was a voice I thought I could get away from."

"Who ever he is, he sounds like a dick," Quinn intones simply, trying to draw a laugh out of Elaine. "You don't have to take his calls. You don't have t' hang up on him when you do, but no one says you have to talk to him. Don't let him tell you otherwise. It's your choice, not his."

That seems to get to Elaine a little bit. "You're right. It is my choice. I'm not fucking his." She sits up a little bit. "I don't want everyone to worry about this, though. I hate making people worry. If I don't pick up my phone, it shouldn't be too bad, right?"

"If he doesn't take t' it, he can take it up with us," Quinn remarks, squeezing Elaine. "But I won't tell anyone. I promised you that before, an' I know you don't want everyone t' worry. Just don't put off askin' for my help if you need it."

There's a nod from Elaine. "Mmkay. If… if he calls again or something, I'll let you know. I feel a little better with at least one person knowing about it." She lets out a deep breath. "Thanks, Quinn."

Quinn leans down again, a quick peck on the top of Elaine's head. "Don't worry about it. Just as long as you're not upset."

"I'm not upset. I'll be fine. Just got a bit unsettled, is all. I'll get things back together." Elaine sits up a bit more, mostly just to try to resume some semblance of normalcy. "You always get to see me at my worst, you know?"

Quinn laughs, giving a very casual, almost exaggerated, shrug. "And?" She again takes Elaine's hand, squeezing gently. "I like being there when someone needs me. And it seems like you have. So, it's fine. I get to help, and you get to feel better."

"You're good at that. At least I know you'll always pick up the pieces when I fall apart." Elaine smiles, then leans in to sneak a kiss. "I do need you, so you can always feel like you're important in my life, in case you were worried." She's teasing a little, so it's clear she's at least feeling better.

When Quinn sees the smile, she starts trying to speak, but is immediately silenced by Elaine's kiss, causing her to jump a bit in surprise. "You're going to give me an ego," Quinn remarks afterwards with a chuckle. "But I never doubted it," she continues, beaming a warm smile at Elaine. "Come on. What can we do t' cheer you up. Bookshelf shopping?"

"Call me paranoid, but… I'd rather not leave the building right now." Elaine smiles weakly. "I dunno. Could we watch a movie or something? I'd even let you drone on to me about music I don't know, and there's a lot of options since I don't know much."

"Fair 'nough," Quinn replies with a gentle smile. "I've mostly got action flicks for movies, a little sci-fi. And Doctor Who and Sliders." She looks around the room, scratching her cheek. "The one downfall of my place… is that it isn't very non-musician friendly." Spotting the bass she had left beside the sofa, she reaches out with her foot and pulls it closer. "We could go to the spare room; I could play you a song or two. I don't think you've ever heard me outside'a practice and the gig, have you?"

Elaine grins at the idea. "Play me a song or two, then, Quinn. People don't ever play music for just me. I'd love to hear you." There's a laugh. "And it's not like I'm not a musician. I can still play the violin. Just not the drums, so I think I'll always be a disappointment to your band in that respect."

"That's right." She'd totally forgotten Elaine played. "I'm sorry, didn't mean to insult you or anything," Quinn says apologetically. She mostly disengages herself from Elaine, keeping hold of one of her hands as she stands. "Careful, though. Last person who told me they played that got taken back there was forced t' follow through."

"It's been years since I've touched a violin. You'd be amazed at the skills I'm mediocre at, but have tried. I'm kinda a verifiable jack of all trades, so long as you don't want them to be well-done." Elaine insists, getting to her feet with a smile.

"Doesn't mean anythin', but I won't force you. And… people don't play songs for you? When you know so many musicians? Yeah, I'm gonna fix that." And with that, Quinn grabs her bass with her free hand, practically dragging Quinn to the spare bedroom door, practically kicking it open - not that it was even closed, Quinn just felt like being dramatic. Stepping in reveals that what should be another bedroom has been converted into a makeshift music room and studio in the making. On the east wall rests her piano, synthesizer on one side, keyboard propped up against the wall beside it, and two guitars, one electric one acoustic, and a bass on the other. The far wall sits a computer, a studio quality mic on a stand adjacent, and the west wall has a digital console and several turntables - Quinn's DJ equipment. In the centre of her room sits a comfortable looking chair, violin case resting in the seat. Foam lines the walls, acting as soundproofing, among another, unseen measures.

"Pick something, and I'll play you somethin' on it." Quinn says with a flourish of her hand.

Elaine is full on laughing, now, as she's dragged to the 'studio'. She does stop, looking around with a grin. "This.. is impressive, actually. You're a real musician, Quinn. I've met all kinds of kids who play at being a musician, that play at forming a band, but.. you're the real deal." She moves through the studio for a moment almost reverently. While it seems she doesn't know a lot of music, it's clear she has respect for it. "I vote the guitar. If you played the violin, I'd probably never want to pick it up and play it again because of sheer embarrassment after hearing you."

Quinn beams at Elaine's compliment, a wide smile on her face as she drops her bass back on its stand. "Thank you, Elaine. I've worked on it for years. Some a' this stuff I've had since I was in high school. Or a kid." And then he turns back, bopping Elaine on the head gently. "Don't be daft, I'm sure you play fine. its silly t' hear people say that. But if you wanna pick it back up, I might be able t' teach you some." With that, she turns to the guitars, hand to chin. "Electric or acoustic?"

"You should teach me. I wanna like.. get good at it and then just be playing it or something in the apartment and just kinda knock the pants off Magnes and Sable." There's a pause. "Not literally. But you get what I mean." Elaine looks at the guitars. "Acoustic. There's something captivating about an acoustic guitar…"

Quinn snickers at Elaine, shaking her head. "I'd be more than happy too. I'll ahve t' see if I can get some teaching aids, but… yeah. I did piano once, and that sucked. But you're not a kid, so I wager you'll actually practice." Grabbing the stool in front of the piano, she drops it down in front of the guitars. Pulling the read acoustic up and over her knee, Quinn retrieves a pick out of her pocket. "I… usually end up playin' sad songs on acoustic, and nows not the time for that, so… I guess this one's happier." Her hand moves up the neck, a few idle strums for practice, and then she begins in earnest playing - and after a moment, perhaps a surprise to Elaine, singing.

"I will, but I'll have to sneak in here and do it. If Sable or Magnes catch me, then the surprise would be ruined. Plus you've got the soundproof studio." Elaine grins, pointing out, "Plus I don't have a violin of my own anyways so I'd have to borrow yours." She does quiet down, however, as she begins to listen to the song. Her surprise is evident when Quinn begins to sing, but the surprise ends up merely as a warm smile on Elaine's lips that lingers as she listen. She moves to sit on the floor, leaning against a bare spot on the wall as she listens and watches, eyes following fingers on strings.

The song - her version of a demo take of the song "Rooftops and Invitations" by Dashboard Confessional - isn't picked for any exact reason, but once she starts singing, she realizes that parts of it were far more relevant than intended, something brings a smile to her face - sometimes, music is funny like that.

As the last note is strummed, she makes a dramatic, rockstar motion with her arm, an intention exaggeration as she finishes, and for no real reason sticks her tongue out at Elaine. "There. Now someone's played a song for you. I've got hundreds of 'em of you want more."

Elaine's got a smile on her lips, one that's a little more unique than normal. "I like this. I like sitting and watching you play guitar. I don't know. I'm not as crazy about music like you guys but… you get the real simple stuff, a guitar and a voice and a song. Then you make it all silent otherwise… that's something that speaks to me. That's the kinda reason I really like music." She laughs. "Don't offer hundreds more, because I'll sit here all night and just listen."

Quinn laughs, and shrugs from her perch on the stool. "I can do that, you know. I love t' play for people. Just… don't forget that Magnes still needs his steak, and we're good." She chuckles again, idly strumming on the guitar as she talks. "Throw somethin' at me. Happy, sad, love song or something angry. I'll oblige, now that the sound proofing's all up. I think I owe a little concert t' Ygraine too. I'll have t' get everyone in here some day."

"I liked the tone of the last one. Something… thoughtful. Not necessarily sad, but a mellow tone?" Elaine suggests. "I'm not really good at describing music, so I dunno if that helps." She nods. "Give me one more, then I should go off and make sure my danger-seeking boyfriend is only seeking danger in his dreams."

"Thoughtful? How about… thoughtful, and heartfelt. Sad, but for all the right reasons. I think I have the perfect song for something like that. It's… actually kinda one that makes me tear up with how touching it is, sometimes." Quinn looks down at Elaine, and eyebrow quirked. "It's called 'I Will Follow You Into The Dark', by Death Cab For Cutie."

Elaine smiles a little bit at that, giving a small smile, and she nods. "I think I've heard it once…" She leans back against the wall. "I liked it last time I heard it… go ahead." She urges, leaning her head against the wall and shutting her eyes.

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