Zombie Wannabes


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Scene Title Zombie Wannabes
Synopsis Some people are afraid of zombies other people just want to BE zombies.
Date November 7, 2010

Coney Island

On his hand Brian had written a tiny message to Sami, where to meet, when, and that he had an idea. Or something like that, symbolized by the lightbulb on his hand. And his meeting place just happened to be an extremely creepy location. A lot of Astroland has been destroyed, but still some of it remains. And Brian had scribbled that Sami should meet him 'BY THE BIG HORSE'.

Late on Coney Island. It's dangerous here. police rarely respond to the calls out here since the land is mostly lost. Vagrants and gangs and other seedy individuals mostly populate this place when they want to. But a dangerous place is no problem for a couple of folks who have already died.

While BIG HORSE isn't the most helpful bit of directions, the young man was confident that a ghost girl with nothing else to do would eventually find it. And since he's several places at once, it's not like it's rough on him to just relax for a little while. Or a long while.

On an old and damaged merry-go-round, Brian could be found mounted on the largest and most regal of stationary steeds. He wears a black backpack and a silver grip pistol is holstered on his chest, out in the open. Just in case some of the more homeless and mean residents of coney island should happen upon them.

In his lap rests a handhold mirror. Probably one that he took from one of the Lighthouse girls, being that it's pink and has Disney princess decorations on it. Every now and then he glances down at it.

Within the handheld image a redhead appears. Sami explicates one word within it, "BOO!" but the scariness of it is lost thanks to her inability to make sound. She shrugs a little as she glances at the pistol and cringes, but then, she's in no danger here. No one can see her let alone hurt her.

She glances at one of the horses next to his and points to it in the mirror before stepping out of the reflection and mounting the horse all her own (which is a task thanks to her incorporeality). Her lips quirk into a small smile, sad in a way. There was a time long before the bomb Samara had come here with her parents; well before she was too cool to be seen with them, but then, that was a long ago.

She rolls her tongue over her lips as she glances around the merry-go-round; there's no doubt it's seen better days. Her hands grasp the pole of her pretty steed, one of the smaller ones as if gearing herself for the ride to start up, even though this is likely an impossibility.

Catching her in the mirror Brian lets out a super scared slash monotone, "aah." That really does justice to being scared by a mute reflection. Watching her point, Winters slides off his own steed and follows, well tries to follow. His mirror held out and head cocked to the side he inspects two horses until finally finding Sami's. Inspecting the prettier albeit dusty horse Brian smirks.

Watching her quietly in the mirror, he gives his own sad smile beffore… "Deee na duh dee nah duh deee~" It's carnival music, namely the song that plays on every single merry-go-round in the entire country! He moves the mirror around theatrically as if to give her the impression that she's actually moving. And then after his second verse off the song he gets bored.

"Come on."

"I've got something to show you." With that, he's jumping off the merry-go-round and jogging off to a dark corner of the old park.

The sadness in the smile melts at the song, and that bright sparkle returns to Sami's eyes. The memory gains strength, losing any of the bittersweetness in the song. In fact, as she closes her eyes the ghost can almost make herself believe she's there, in that memory. She can almost feel the movement of the horse, smell the cotton candy and popcorn, and hear the laughter of her younger sister and older brother fooling around just away from the ride.

But then the music stops, pulling her out of her short-lived reverie, back to reality. With a quiet albeit, heavy sigh, she sinks through the horse rather than sliding off it. Curiously her eyebrows pull together at the statement. She steps after him with those ghostly paces that keep her just above the ground. She'd ask where they're going, but it'll do little good as her words will only fall on deaf ears.

"You're probably wanting to ask where we're going."

Skipping over a pile of degree, he glances in his princess mirror to make sure she's still behind him, and then presses on. "I would answer you but I don't want to." He murmurs, rounding a corner of a collapsed hut before he nears his apparent destination. A mostly dilapitated building, the doorway leaning in on itself. "You're going to have to squeeze.. Or just be a ghost." Brian himself takes the first option, clambering through the debris into the darkness. Things are shoved out of the way, and then he trips.

"God fucking damnifu—" The curses continue as he rights himself, getting back to his feet. The mirror is temporarily lost, but a little scraping the fground with his hands brings it back up. Waving it like a torch. "This way."

Bullying his way into the tangled mess of this old building, Brian ffinally steps out into an opening. His boots clapping on mostly debris-free surface. Stepping out into the open, the backpack is lowered and unzipped. Quickly a few things are taken out. Stumbling this way then that, a few things are set down then..


Two portable construction lights are flicked on, revealing the room around them…

This must have been an old funhouse and this the hallway off mirrors. Despite a few cracks in the glass, Sami and Brian are surrounded by reflective surfaces, giving the impression that they are both really there.


And then he's back in his backpack, shufffling again.

Brian's response actually earns a miniature glare, not that Samara's glare is particularly heavy. In fact, the glare slips away as quickly as it came, particularly at the notion of having to squeeze. She grins brightly as she just walks through the wall of the old building. Sometimes being dead has it's advantages; particularly as she silently giggles at his battle with the building— for once being dead is total win. Nothing seems too unsual as she looks around the dark room.

But then the lights turn on. Everything looks different in the light.

Her eyes widen, her lips curl into a large toothy grin as her mouth opens. The expression says something that she can't, and the message is more than clear, "WOW!" She hasn't seen herself as a person in a long time. Death had a strange effect on her. She half-smiles as she shuffles around the room, her hand laid to rest on one particular mirror. For the first time in a long time she can be seen all at once.

She steps away from the mirror and the dancer in her takes over. She does a flawless pirouet, watching herself spin in a tight circle. She braces her second leg so she doesn't loose her balance, even if it's a physical impossibility for someone so intangible. She mouths a few words to her reflection, intended for Brian, but she can't peel her eyes away— she looks alive, "This is a-maz-ing."

Once she realizes where she is, he can't help but watch her. A small smile forms as she starts to spin around and otherwise act like an excited little kid. He pauses in his backpack shuffling to watch her, grinning at her mute exclamation. He then returns to the mission in his backpack and pulls out surprise number two. An Ipod station is slapped over-loudly on the ground. An Ipod quickly follows, being stuck into the portable player. Clicking for a few moments he presses play.

A few moments will pass first to build tension of course. Standing up, he kicks the backpack out of the way and turns to face her. With mirrors on both sides it's a little easier to figure out exactly where she is. So he goes to stand with her, raising one fist to his mouth he lets out a cough as if clearing his throat and then… BONG…BONG…BONG

The universally known intro to the one and only Thriller by Michael Jackson.

"Would you like to dance deadface?"

The sound of the Ipod station being put to the ground causes an odd quirk of her head and a knit of her eyebrows. Samara is moderately confused by what Brian is doing. The cough earns a wrinkle of her eyebrow, but the intro to Thriller brings a new light to her eyes. She is a proverbial kid in a candy store. She opens her mouth and actually speaks without annunciating, this place has already made her forget her troubles as the dead. But then at the words, she remembers and merely shrugs.

Back to her mime act, she nods over-emphatically, she will dance. And it will be awesome. Her head twitches in a pseudo-zombie way, it's ironic really, the dead playing the dead-ish. More than anything she'd like to be a zombie, aside from the eating of brains… but to come back to life….

Her on-beat twitching stops as she turns her head to look at him, again her curiosity is piqued.

Throwing up his own zombie hands, Brian walks towards one set of mirrors. Finding one that is crack free he smiles lightly over at her dancing. Pausing in his own AWESOME routine. "Lily had a vision of you. In that purplecar." He informs gently, folding his arms. He swings his eyes over to the other mirror wall, watching her back. It seems more natural than turning his back to face her face. "She said you were going somewhere. And that grown ups wouldn't let you go, then you talked about some guy with a funny name and they said you could go." He smiles slowly. "She said it was a happy vision. She doesn't get those all the time."

"Lily doesn't usually see just random interactions with one's parents." He falls silent as if to give her time to explain herself. Though while he is waiting he does do a little dancing of his own. He's mostly terrible, but very enthusiastic.

Sami freezes at the memory, swallowing hard — it's one she carries with her. Ironically, it had been the last time she'd spoken to her mother, even though it had been only hours before the trip. She shrugs a little as the smile melts again, that melancholic sadness washing over her. Her father had driven her to Rue's and from there she didn't see them again. It was, in fact, the last day her family had seen her alive, and Tahir — her brother couldn't even be bothered to be around.

She sighs heavily before showing three fingers and then lying on the ground with her arms around her chest, positioned like that of a corpse.

It had been three days before she'd died, and the last time they'd spoken to her before she blew up into a million little pieces; it was the last time they'd even seen her — there hadn't been a body to recover.

His dancing, however, earns a flicker of a smile again as she pulls herself to a standing position.

"I don't believe in ghosts." Brian remarks abruptly.

"So… I don't think you're dead." With that casual comment, cool as butter, he starts his zombie walk again. Throwing his arms this way then that, he attempts to copy the famous dance. It is at that point he realizes that having a gun digging into your side is really detrimental to the creative process of dancing. Undoing his holster, he goes to set it with the rest of his belongings. Gently, on his backpack beffore straightening back up. He glances over his shoulder to see what Sami is doing in the mirror.

"Whaaaaat?" Her nose wrinkles and her face contorts with the silent albeit obvious objection. Samara holds out her hands in protest, both held up high in the air as a kind of what do you mean? position. Her teeth graze her bottom lip as she shakes her head. There was a funeral! She was there! There was a ceremony. She walks through things and only her best friend can see her without aid of reflection. Defiantly, she freezes in spot and crosses her arms over her chest. The question goes without saying… if she's not dead, then what is she?

"I think you're evolved. Like me. Like my kids. Like everybody in this city."

He walks a few paces as if to come closer to explain it to her. "Did you ever see your body? Even if you did, it doesn't mean your dead. I mean.. I'm not really sure what your power is. But I'm pretty sure your power isn't being dead. Listen, I've heard of people with powers who have been like stuck. Like there was this guy who possessed people's bodies. His original body died so he was just constantly going on to the next one. He was alive but he didn't have his body. So he was kind of stuck. Not saying you're like that." He gives a light shrug. "I've heard of like technopaths that lost their bodies. And were stuck in science forever." He looks over at her refflection. "Again, not saying you're stuck forever. Just saying, things like that have happened before."

"And if you were dead… I mean come on. Have you met any other ghosts? Don't you think there would be more than just you? I've died plenty of times, have you ever met me in GhostLand?" He shakes his head, he's fairly certain she hasn't.

Samara gapes at Brian blankly. Her body continues in its stiff way, frozen in place and stuck in a way. She moves her lips, but she can't even string syllables together; it's all too impossible. She shakes her head a little, while it might make some odd sense in a wayward world, it doesn't account for Rue and how Rue can see her while no one else can. And besides… she approaches one of the mirrors and scribbles across it with the oil in her finger, If I'm stuck I am nearly dead anyways. It's the truth, isn't it?

Her chin drops to her chest, as she struggles to process the information. Her lips press together as she begins to shuffle back away from the mirror, only to be confronted by another. Her image is everywhere at once.

"Think about it this way. You died in the bomb right? Maybe you didn't. Maybe you manifested in the bomb. A lot of people survived the bomb because of their abilities. But with the given circumstances you thought you were dead…" He walks up to the mirror to breathe on it fully. Reading the message he frowns lightly, "I'm not saying you're stuck. If this is an ability. Maybe you can learn to turn it off." He looks at her. "So either you're the only ghost I've ever met, or you've been wearing the same clothes for four years." He murmurs, giving her a mock look of disapproval. Then he shakes his head mightily, all the while Thriller playing in the background.

"Say you're stuck. Look at you. You know how much good you could do? There's a lot of bad stuff in this world. And you are one of the most undetectable people, I've ever met. You know how good of a spy you could be? You could really help people." Or something like that. "But listen. I know somebody who knows a lot of shit. And a lot about powers. Maybe we could go see her. If she thinks you're dead. Ok fine, you're a ghost. But if not, maybe she knows some way to help you?"

Samara stares at him, it's rather comical in light of Thriller playing in the background. Her head tilts as she watches him with that still-unbelieving expression. She's lived the last four years as a ghost, it's hard to envision how she could be alive after so long. She frowns for a moment before shrugging.

Despite it all, Sami thinks she's dead, but then she can't begin to hope either. With a heavy sigh, she lifts her chin to meet his gaze, even if he can never really meet hers. And in that gaze,s he nods. She'll meet this person.

Brian gives his most reassuring smile to her reflection. "Okay. If I'm wrong you can haunt me forever." He walks over to the iPod and crunches to one knee. "We can go see her tomorrow. Or today. Whatever time it is. We'll see her Sunday. Day before everyone thinks the world is going to end." And with that happy note he turns the song. "But first I thought we could have a little fun.."

The song is changed. Obviously it's changed to the theme of the movie 'Ghost'. Unchained Melody.

Standing up slowly and over-dramatically, he slowly extends one hand. The whole thing is corny off the charts and then beyond, which is most likely Brian's intention. "Dance with me?" His eyes meet the invisibleness in ffront of him, but then swing over to the mrrors so that he can track where she is.

She's confused, perplexed, and convinced that she's right, but Samara doesn't have many friends, and Brian seems so convinced… even if he did critique her attire for the last four years. The change in music earns a small smile, the gentlest, lightest pull of lips, but the overdramatic action actually makes her laugh and shake her head.

In the mirror image, the extended hand is taken, but if it weren't for the reflection, Brian would never know. She pseudo-rests her second hand on his shoulder and closes her eyes, trying so hard not to give into hope.

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